Do you give into your cravings or will they pass? I was reading something about the beck diet solution and she says they will pass.

I dont want to deprive myself of certain foods but I can get into bad habits fast if not careful. Recently gained 5 lbs and have 4 of it saying I would have that chocolate when I got my weight back down. I guess I will try to wait out a craving and see if it will go away, maybe distract myself and forget about it, who knows.


  • SnifterPug
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    They pass, same as hunger, although in my experience cravings can be a bit more persistent. Maybe try to have some better choices on hand to handle a craving. If you want something sweet, maybe some fruit and yogurt, or even just some fruit tea? Or even something like home baked flapjack with as little sugar as you can get away with.
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    it depends. some days they pass, but when i do give in, i limit the amount i eat. like stopping at half a candy bar instead of eating the entire thing at once.
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    Well..I took a peak at your food page...

    If I was eating like you are I would have problems in general. I make sure to get some exercise every day so I can eat more and get in my vegetables, fruit, protein, fat, nuts, beans, whole grains etc. I would be very hungry on the food (type and quantity) you're eating. So yeah, I'd be giving in to treats.

    I mean, I still do now and then and when I do it's 1000 calories or more so I can't really do it too often. One cookie or one chocolate I don't consider, "giving in."
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    cmriverside, you could be right, I love junk food and Mcdonalds but believe it or not I am better than I was, last couple weeks been trying to get that 5 lbs off. I need more vegetables but I dont do beans or fruit much because I do low carb which works for me. I love those chips, porkrhinds, I know. I cant do nuts, cant stop on them.
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    Now, after losing 20lbs and getting control of my diet, I tend to crave 'healthy food'. Cookies, cake, donuts, ice cream, chocolate, potato chips, etc tend to just make me feel gross, which deters me from eating them. They may sound when you are in line at the grocery store and you see Reese's Cups...I think 'yum, but I'll just feel gross'. I don't buy it and normally I forget about it and go eat some strawberries. Lol

    Learning how food makes you feel really helps, mentally, not eat the things that make you feel gross.

    wow, wish that was me, I lost 40 lbs but I don't crave healthy foods. I just make myself do it!
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    sniferpug, good to know. When I crave stuff I have eaten it and logged it but going to hold off next time. I do like you amusedmunk but going to try to hold off and see what happens. Thanks for all of your replies
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    I save enough calories for a LITTLE BIT of my cravings daily, like dark chocolate caramels or some lower calorie ice cream or chips and salsa...etc. The rest of my foods, I have been focusing on what provides me with the most nutrition and satiety bang for the buck. I DO have my days though that I want to eat everything in sight or use up most my calories before dinner!
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    What I usually do: I set a future date to have the food if I still want it. So if I'm craving a certain food on Wednesday, I'll make a plan to fit it in on Saturday if I still want it. Most of the time the craving passes and I wind up skipping the food. But if I still want it, I've got the time to figure out how to make it work.

    I also follow the method @MikePfirrman outlined: if I can help it, I don't keep certain foods in the house. Yes, I can usually say "no," but having them there just feels like stress too much of the time, so I avoid that stress by not buying them. There are some things my husband likes to have around. He keeps them in a separate cabinet and I categorize them as "his foods," and I just don't eat them (I know this doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me).

    It was important for me to learn how to acknowledge a craving without necessarily having to fulfill it. It's also important to eat enough! I can't resist cravings long term if I'm hungry all the time -- I'm just going to snap. So what delicious and filling foods are you eating outside of your cravings? It's important to enjoy your meals, not just get nourishment from them.
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    Now *I've* got a craving....Fluffernutters. :)
    I find that most of the time a craving will pass; sometimes it takes a lot of work and mind control though. :/ I try to have something similar to my current craved food but less in calories. I like nonfat plain Greek yogurt and it satisfies my ice cream cravings(sometimes) as will a 40 cal. fudge pop. I try to find substitutes, especially if it's a constant craving. :/ But then once in awhile I just indulge. :blush: But as was mentioned, many things I just cannot bring into the house anymore because once I start I'll eat the whole thing. :(
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    I try chewing mint flavour gum to distract myself from that post-lunch ‘I need chocolate!’ craving. It usually works.
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    Mike Pfirrman, laughing here, I dont even like peanut butter, we are all so different. I crave stuff like cinnamon buns which I cant have in the house and choc nut sundae or oreo sundae or cherry pie and ice cream from McDonalds, m&ms is another one. Yep I like junk, now I realize I am a sugar nut. It is a wonder I lost 40 lbs and maintained for last 2 years.
  • brenn24179
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    nighthawk, me too, I have my days when I eat all my calories early in the day, I thought it was only me. I guess we are so hard on ourselves. Jellyroll, love that name. Yes I will give it a few days and see. Sorry, Reeniehj, about giving you a craving, I do the same. Someone mentions a food I want it! This has all been so helpful!!
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    I’m great about not buying the chocolate and sweets but when they are given as a gift, say at work, often I cave and eat a ton. Cravings- big problem. Eventually I can say “no” but it might be a half a pound or ten pounds later. I might try gum.
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    Eventually I realized that food cravings have something to do with my daily macros intake. I have made small adjustments when necessary and haven't had cravings for a long time now.
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    In my case they don't pass. They are like brain parasites poking my brain until I give in to them. I am a food addict I and I am particular sensitive to sugar & carbs. I had to change my whole diet because living with constant sugar cravings was mental torture. First I went keto and then carnivore. Keto was good but I still craved nuts and dairy and gained weight because I couldn't stop overeating them and now on carnivore I feel more at peace with food than ever.

    I overeat on the rare day that my appetite increases but not on sugar or carbs. When that happens I don't specifically crave sugar & carbs - I just feel like I need a bigger amount of my regular food to feel satisfied. For example, the past two days I had a bigger appetite than usual because of my period and yesterday I went way above my calories but today my appetite is back to normal :)
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    Not in my case they don't. I keep obsessing for days even weeks until I have what I want. I have a mind of a 3 year old when it comes to food. Of course, that depends on the type of craving. In my case, one question is the ultimate answer to the type. If I ask myself "is this worth the calories, am I willing to reduce or re-arrange my food today for it?" and the answer is yes, then it's the type of craving that doesn't pass. If the answer is "I can't be bothered", then I sulk a bit and forget.

    Interestingly, cravings weren't a problem for me until my first time calorie counting and losing about 20kg. When I got to 'maintenance', all the foods I had had to decide 'is it worth the effort or not' became the only things I wanted. Eating less sugar, fat, within my caloric limit did not make me not want those foods; instead they became central to my diet in a way they hadn't been before the loss. It's like my brain thought I was using reverse psychology.

    So now (having regained about 15 of those 20 kg and now lost 11 - so about 4 kg from goal weight) I do much what @amusedmonkey does. I look at my cravings, look at my diary (both in terms of food and activity) and ask 'is it worth making this work?' If the answer is yes, I do. If no, I don't. In a lot of ways I'm lucky: my appetite plummets from about 6 PM (making me generally very light in the dinner category and rarely eating anything after the PM meal), but it does mean that I will go to the effort of buying whatever I'm craving during the working day.

    @brenn24179 you were spot on when you mentioned that we're so different. I'm sure there are those for whom the beck diet solution would work. But you and me? Quite possibly not.