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Are you over 200pds, let's diet together



  • metonymicalinsanity
    metonymicalinsanity Posts: 80 Member
    Can I join? My name is Alexis and I weigh 213.2 pounds. This is the heaviest I've ever been and about 15 pounds came during the quarantine. I need to lose weight but always lose motivation after a week. Seriously, I'll download apps and do at home workouts but a week later I just stop. I joined a gym today. I always feel pretty self conscious there so I'm trying to motivate myself to actually go. I was the only woman there and the only obese person there. There were about 5 men on the other side of the room and they were all in shape. I felt awkward. This time I'm trying to get into some fitness communities to keep the motivation going.

    You can do it! It helps to think about your plan in the big picture but also to have little goals and benchmarks along the way. If one week later you usually hit a limit, then how about making a two week goal? Number of minutes walked? Or number of days consecutively that you log in to MFP? Pick something meaningful to you and stick with it. You got this!
  • metonymicalinsanity
    metonymicalinsanity Posts: 80 Member
    strongjo89 wrote: »
    Hi I'm Jodi from IL I just want to say I am well into the 200 club I weigh 257 I have been a yoyo Dieter for years I work as a CNA at an assisted living place and I also work as a home care worker for one of the home care agencies I have been a CNA since 2005 I went up on the CDC.gov websight and used the bmi calculater on there and discovered that my bmi is dangerously high it is 40.5 which puts me at an even higher risk for critical illnesses so I am telling myself that now is not a time to procrastinate about losing weight and I am looking forward to seeing good results

    Hi there! I’m in the high BMI category too. I have a similar problem of spending a few months working on my weight and fitness, then stopping for whatever reason. This is the first time for me that I’ve really tried engaging in the community and so far it’s been helpful making connections with other people who are also making an effort. Let’s do this together!
    By the way I’ve also joined the f2f (fat to fit) group on MFP and they have team challenges and that sort of thing. Maybe that would be helpful for you too? Whatever works for you, figure it out and then stick to it. Good luck!!
  • gma38059
    gma38059 Posts: 25 Member
    Just joining today - this looks like a group I can relate to. I started my journey last year in September when I hit 233+. I've been feeling around for something I could stick with and think I've got it. As of today, I'm at 212.4. It's been interesting and I've found that I am sensitive (not allergic) to grain carbs. If I eat whole grain anything or bread of any kind, I bloat... and I do mean bloat. I'm not trying to get extreme on this weight loss - 2 to 3 lbs a week will be just fine for me and I'll be ok with no loss for a week or two while my body adjusts to the new me... as long as I don't gain any back. I tend to weigh every day, but only log it once per week - usually on Monday or Tuesday. I'm using MFP to track my progress and figured I'd try to make some new friends along the way.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • eminater
    eminater Posts: 2,491 Member
    Weigh in

    OSW - 257.7 lbs
    CSW - 211.8 lbs
    02/04/2020 - 211.8 lbs
    09/04/2020 - 209.2 lbs
    16/04/2020 - 206.8 lbs
    23/04/2020 - 207.0 lbs - I'll smash it next week, I'm sure! :wink: :
    30/04/2020 - 203.2 lbs - :sweat_smile: SMASHED IT!
    April Loss: 8.6 lbs
    07/05/2020 - 201.6 lbs
    14/05/2020 - 201.2 lbs
    21/05/2020 - 198.2 lbs
    28/05/2020 -
    May Loss-to-date: 5.0 lbs
    current goal : keep loosing!
    April goal - 20x.x ✅
    May goal - 19x.x
    Ultimate goal weight - under 150 lbs
  • angeloup50
    angeloup50 Posts: 54 Member
    It's encouraging to see some new members as well as the continuing group! Warm greetings to all.
  • jennifersusanmcdougall
    jennifersusanmcdougall Posts: 207 Member
    SW 210
    LW 199.5
    CW 198.5
    I'm happy with what I've been doing as long as it's going down and not up. Last week was kind of hard cuz I went over my calories for three of the days. Not by alot though except for one day. My body doesn't like the carbs anymore. I am enjoying food more now because I'm experiencing pleasure of eating it is instead of wolfing it down. Every bite counts. Also I drink mainly water no more sugary drinks I don't like Coca-Cola anymore yay! And this time I'll hit post instead of done grrr. Lol. Main thing that helps me is to always log what I have eaten. My peeves are that when you enter in food item it comes up with many different calories for the same thing. Not all brands are equal but all the fruits and vegetables are. That in itself tells you something right there. Anway cheerio have a good day. Oh and I put on shorts and I didn't have difficulty pulling them up or a zipper snag from the belly it will only get better!!!!!!! Eventually these shorts will fall off when I pull them up someday hopefully!!!!!!!!!
  • VeggieMeg71
    VeggieMeg71 Posts: 219 Member
    Jan starting weight: 239
    Jan ending weight: 228.5
    Feb ending weight: 219.6
    March ending weight: 215.1
    April ending weight: 205.2

    May 7: 204.7
    May 14: 201.2 <= No longer obese!!!
    May 21: 199.2

    Still making steady progress. I'm pretty excited to have finally dropped below 200 lbs., but it seems like it's getting harder and harder with each pound! I've been spending A LOT of time on the treadmill and have finally started doing a little strength training. I have also been doing a pretty good job with healthy meals and snacks, but I'm still leaving some room for less-healthy treats. :) I hope the rest of you are doing well. <3
  • VeggieMeg71
    VeggieMeg71 Posts: 219 Member
    Welcome to all the new people. Can't wait to share this journey with you!

    @jennifersusanmcdougall It sounds like you have made some really healthy changes that are going to stick! So awesome! And congrats on the shorts!

    @eminater Congrats on dropping below 200! So exciting!
  • metonymicalinsanity
    metonymicalinsanity Posts: 80 Member
    Thanks @VeggieMeg71 and @angeloup50 for the warm welcome. I’ll be honest I’m pretty hungry today and the pretzels and chips are calling my name. But... I’m so close to hitting the 200s. I’m at 303.8 this morning and was dreaming that I might make it by next week. We’ll see!
  • gcreardon
    gcreardon Posts: 13 Member
    Hey all! I am going to join in on this group.

    My recent history: Prior to starting law school in August, I got down to 212. Then I took a hiatus from working out because it hurt horribly and I found out I needed an ankle reconstruction (which I got in December right after finals). Suddenly "bad eating" me came back without exercise to relieve stress. 2 weeks before COVID-19 hit here, I started going back to the gym (since this is my second reconstruction of the same ankle, I was encouraged to take it easy and use the elliptical because your feet don't leave the ground).

    Noticed I eat better when I can exercise, which is hard when they have closed the parks, trails, and gyms, and running is... well... not something I should probably ever do. lol Hoping sharing with y'all can keep me a bit more accountable right now.

    Goal: low 170s (which some doctors say is still technically overweight for me while others consider my whole set-up and say, "Don't go lower please.")

    05/21/20: 262.6
  • VeggieMeg71
    VeggieMeg71 Posts: 219 Member
    @gcreardon Wow! So sorry to hear about your ankle! I feel the same way about eating better when I exercise. I see the "calories burned" on my treadmill after I've walked an hour and think "wow, that would barely cover the calories in a candy bar." I'm less likely to overeat when I see how hard it is to burn it back off again!
  • asmism
    asmism Posts: 42 Member
    Sometimes working out has the opposite effect for me: I work out so I feel like I can eat way more and sometimes take it too far. I need to find a balance. Or maybe just don't factor in my exercise toward my total calories for the day? But that doesn't seem right either. Does everyone on here adjust their calories intake if they workout that day? I'm kinda new to calories counting.🤔
  • gcreardon
    gcreardon Posts: 13 Member
    I just have a mind where exercise seems to turn off my sweet and fried "teeth." I also put my kindle on the shelf of the elliptical and go to town normally, so the time flies. 8 miles down? One more chapter please!

    I never adjusted my calories when I worked out before, because I did not want to feel entitled to more. I knew myself and knew I would justify anything into the ground. But exercising did make me feel better about my small "cheats" or "mistakes" (if my mind was being mean label-wise). "I had 2 string cheese sticks (I'm obsessed) when I allotted none today... thank goodness for that mile earlier." I think it is about finding out what works for you and what you will try to justify.
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 239 Member
    Starting Weight: 271
    Total January loss: -9
    Total February loss: -10
    Total March - 10
    Total April - 4
    Total May -

    May 05: 235
    May 12: 233
    May 19: 235
    May 26:

    ok, that was weird. I could have sworn I put my weight in on the 12th. Oh well, here's the up-date. :(

    HEY !!!!
    WELCOME: escalada, Strongjo89, Alexis, Marcconley100, Erobertson1023, Mithridites, Mechdonna & gma38059.
    All I can say is WOW. This is incredible, Welcome to our board, I hope we can help you and be here
    when you have an exciting moment and just need to vent.

    Jason - my Christian brother, you are one inspiring person. The bible says our body is a temple, mine look more like a log cabin with plenty of rolls ( logs ) to go around. Can you tell me, what are planks ?

    escalada - by the way you described what you do it sounds like WW. I am working on the same idea. do what works.

    Strongjo89 - I was a caregiver for my dad for the last 8yrs. He was a Pancreatic cancer survivor, had a stroke, several heart attacks, punctured lung from getting rolled over by his ATV at age 81, Renal failure, diabetic, and had pulmonary Fibrosis. Little must I say....he kept me busy. So THANK YOU for being there for people who need it.

    Alexis - the first 20 days are the hardest, after that it pretty much falls into place, the first 2wks, don't be too hard on yourself. We've all been there.

    que - Great to hear from you !!

    Veggie - Congrats for walking into onederland. Nice picture, I hope I look that good when I reach 200pds.

    Jennifer, eminator - Congrats for reaching onederland.

    gcreardon - Are you going or going back to Law School ? I can certianly relate to reconstructed surgeries, I've had 2 so far, my right shoulder and my right forearm.
  • eminater
    eminater Posts: 2,491 Member
    Welcome to all the new people. Can't wait to share this journey with you!

    @jennifersusanmcdougall It sounds like you have made some really healthy changes that are going to stick! So awesome! And congrats on the shorts!

    @eminater Congrats on dropping below 200! So exciting!

    Haha - yeah -hope I am still welcome stay in this group! :joy:

  • VeggieMeg71
    VeggieMeg71 Posts: 219 Member
    asmism wrote: »
    Sometimes working out has the opposite effect for me: I work out so I feel like I can eat way more and sometimes take it too far. I need to find a balance. Or maybe just don't factor in my exercise toward my total calories for the day? But that doesn't seem right either. Does everyone on here adjust their calories intake if they workout that day? I'm kinda new to calories counting.🤔

    I don't really adjust mine, but I also don't have a super strict calorie goal. I set mine at 1800, which is quite high, but I'm usually aiming for 1500 or so. I work out daily at varying intensity so I never really know how much I'm burning. And every calculator I've used (including the counter on my treadmill) seems to disagree with every other other one, so it seems easier to just have a fairly generous calorie goal and know that every workout helps a little. But that may just work for me.
  • metonymicalinsanity
    metonymicalinsanity Posts: 80 Member
    Yep my body is a temple with too many rolls as well! Planks are a type of exercise when you go into push-up position but you hold it at the top. I do several modified versions like resting on my elbows and forearms instead of hands, or knees instead of feet. Or on my side. I basically just count each position together and I’m going for an accumulative 60 minutes in May (47.5 so far!). The longest I’ve done in one go is 45 seconds in elbow-plank. And I’ve been really lax this week, so I’ve only done it twice. 😬
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 239 Member
    Don't lack now Josh, I'm counting on you !!
  • saliwt4
    saliwt4 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm currently 229 but began my journey on 12/2/19 at 244 with a mystery illness that put me in the hospital. I'm 58 and diagnosed prediabetic, stage 3 kidney disease, high bp, high cholesterol, plaque psoriasis, osteoarthritis, and possibly congestive heart failure. I work fulltime (telecommuting since 3/23) in mental health field. Sitting way too much, tired of watching everything (sodium, carbs, fat, cholesterol, portions) and required to weigh daily. I want to get to 154 and ditch my 3 BP meds. My lowest weight was 220, so my cheating and malaise is showing.