Bony to Beastly... A Scam?

I just heard good things about this program called Bony to Beastly.

If you look at the "transformations" page of the website, it shows a bunch of skinny guys who gained a massive amount of weight in a short amount of time, while seemingly keeping their body fat low.

The thing is that the program costs $200!

What are your guys' thoughts on this? Scam or not?


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    Do it on your own! Find a good MFP friend on here to help and go.
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    Check out StrongLifts 5x5. Simple exercises with a free app. Website has all you need. Videos on app for step by step instructions for proper form. No unrealistic promises, but it works. Testimonials all over the internet.
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    My view — you do not need supplements to build muscle. To build muscle you need to do to weight training and ensure you eat enough to fuel your body’s your body will gain muscle. Mike Matthews from Legion Athletics has some good articles on the muscle building process. He also has a book for men called Bigger Leaner Stronger (the female version is Thinner Leaner Stronger). I bought for $1 when he had a sale. I think the normal price is less than $10. Legion also sells supplements, but you don’t need supplements. You would be better off spending your $200 on a set of weights or resistance bands, read some free articles and add muscle to your body. Remember this is a slow process. Take your time.
    Good luck
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    7 years OP. 7 years of majoring in the minors. Imagine just eating at a slight surplus and killing it in the gym.
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    jseams1234 wrote: »
    7 years OP. 7 years of majoring in the minors. Imagine just eating at a slight surplus and killing it in the gym.

    I've been running StrongLifts 5x5 with accessory work since November 2019. When the quarantine hit, I bought a pair of adjustable dumbbells and continued the same workout, just with more reps. Went from 140 lbs to 147 lbs since I started lifting... However, most of it seems to be body fat, as I don't look any more muscular.
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    ccrdragon wrote: »

    Biggest red flag to me is the site uses somatypes to classify people and somatypes have been debunked for years. Also, skinny people do not have faster metabolisms than non-skinny people, they just tend to either eat less or move more.

    Just wanted to be THAT person and point out that that's not necessarily true. Some people have thyroid issues or metabolic issues.
    My mother is a prime example. 5'1" and 100 lbs soaking wet. Even pregnant, she couldn't gain weight.
    She wants curves so bad. She hates her body. She's even been prescribed, by a doctor, to move the absolute bare minimum and eat 3000 calories per day. She did this. And lost a pound. She's got a metabolism disorder and cannot gain weight. Its not always down to who's eating more or less.
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    TO the OP: remember that you CAN'T HAVE **FAST** GAIN that is not mostly fat gain. These guys are selling shakes and their program. Some very well researched programs do exist. A number of low cost or free ones are in the 'sticky post" section.
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    so many great free sources and videos online, it's silly to pay for these TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE marketing scams!