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What was the moment? When did you decide to take back control?



  • bombshellinprogress
    bombshellinprogress Posts: 125 Member
    mlrtri wrote: »
    I unfortunately have had multiple “moments” in my history of yo-yo weight loss/gain. This time - I have been doing a lot of video conferencing for work (thanks Covid-19). I saw myself on the screen over and over. I realized that I was fat. I always had excuses before but this fact was indisputable on the screen. Then I got down about it. Then I decided I either needed to find a way to be ok with it or find a way to fix it. I don’t think I can find a way to be ok with it. So I am fixing it.

    This is sooo me!!
  • AprilFire04
    AprilFire04 Posts: 18 Member
    Last week when I decided to put my navel piercing back in (just to see if the hole was still viable after 5 years of not having anything in it). I had inferior jewelry in, and leaned over the sink to rinse after cleaning it...and my belly hung over that edge no problem. I'm spending time now to clear my entire MFP history so I can start fresh.
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