Less Alcohol - JUNE 2020 - One Day at a Time



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    I am Dawn. Turning 60 in September.
    I live in SE BC, Canada.
    I started on this thread November 28.18 - at that time I was having drinks every day. That first AF day was very hard! I vowed to have 1AF day per week to start, then progressed to 2AF days per week etc.
    My goal now (that is working for me) is 16-20 AF days per month. I have been keeping within that since last October. I am comfortable and happy with that goal.
    I have never ever been able to exceed 3 drinks or I throw up. There is moderation for you : - P

    I log in here every day with a running calendar/journal of the month at a glance. It helps me.

    Monday June 01.20 - AF
    Tuesday June 02.20 - AF - Very long, very stupid day, my first back working for a company that I loathe. This is why i always designated Tuesdays as my drinks days in the past. However, I am coming toward the end of a 100 day weight challenge thread, and that is my motivation to stay "dry" for at least the next 5 days. In the previous round of it I lost 1.7 pounds in 100 days. Hoping to lose 2 pounds this time. (I know, painfully slow, but better than gaining, and it really does get more difficult to lose weight with aging.)
    Wednesday June 03.20 - AF - Really wanted drinks after working hard in my yard. Didn't.
    Thursday June 04.20 - AF - Ditto to yesterday, really really wanted a couple of drinks. I hate being back to work, and thought a couple of drinks tonight would relax me. Hanging tough to hopefully lose another 0.02 pounds over the next few days.
    Friday June 05.20 - Having a couple of drinks. My last half hour digging and planting seeds was raining. I decided there and then that I would have a few drinks tonight. My weight was up 2 pounds today for no reason, so sacrificing having drinks really didn't appeal to me today. I have had my half a drink from my freezer lol, and have just poured a second. It is nice for me. Watching "Caribbean Life" on HGTV where they are always having yummy looking cocktails, and I am happy to not be white knuckling it resisting having some drinks today. All good : - )
    Saturday June 06.20 - Hadn't planned on a drinks day, started out at a friend's place (who is a wine drinker) with water, and then caved. First time to have 2 drinks days in a row since the beginning of the pandemic. I will get back on track.
    Sunday June 07.20 - AF - Feeling back on track, I think that I just wanted to be self-indulgent for a couple of days. Next planned drinks day is Wednesday.

    5AF day out of 7 days so far.