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    Kim - Boules is a French game, played in every village. In some areas it is called petanque. Traditionally it was played by the retired men, under the trees. It has spread to other countries and there is a boules area in Brighton. Its advantage is that it can be played on any bit of rough ground, whereas our traditional English bowls requires a flat and velvet lawn which is hard to maintain.
    Both my boys have come over all nostalgic at seeing our set again. Memories of summer holidays in France.

    I'm going to make a veggie and lentil curry tonight. There's a small cauliflower in the fridge, plus anything else that's in the bottom drawer. :D I always feel so virtuous when I make it.

    Love Heather UK xxxxx
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    Barbara I am a bit curious about an intriguing statement you made. My mind has painted several scenarios concerning this. As a life long sportswear addict, one that loves living in a sports bra and prizes herself knowledgable in every aspect of sports bradom, you present a new category of sports bras that I am not familiar with.

    Quote: Note to self: Better not to shop when annoyed with hubs, came home with a bagful of “revenge” sports bras, but it didn’t make me any happier.

    I must know if revenge sports bras are cut scant letting the girls enjoy freedom with little coverage or if it was just spending money on something he deemed unnecessary that makes them revenge. Did I miss out on a fun aspect of marriage? Should I have married again instead of staying single? In my case, it might play out like this .........

    Faye "You annoy me one more time today Zek and I am buying a bag full of scant Rio style sports bras that only cover my nips and I will wear them everywhere."

    Zek "Go ahead, knock yourself out, you don't have anything but nips anyway so nothing new for the world to see."


    Growing hair long for fun
    Imagine me without dentures
    and gray hair in a bun

    I will not be deprived of my senior senorita rights because of my youthful personality

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    Lisa~ ha ha ha I can just see Egg doing that.. crazy cat...
    the graduation party was nice.. great to see the family again ,I sat with all the cousins and Tom and Elena sat on there own.. i rode up with them and back and Alfie had time at there house with Homer so all was well...
    came home and hopped into bed,,took the phosphates seemed to have helped but i get up 2 -3 times a night to hit the bathroom anyway but was able to go back to sleep.
    today I am going to try and do some laundry and clean up .. thats the plan anyway..
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    Barbara - lottery day for mum :) Mum does the lottery every Wednesday and Saturday, I help her fill out the cards and go to the shop for her. She often wins a lucky dip or a few pounds. Last month she won £140, but she's always hoping for the "big" one :)
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    Good Sunday!

    Yesterday was WONDERFUL! I shampooed carpets. Necessary evil with a senior dog. After that husband and I went to a car show in support of a fallen firefighter. We took the Thunderbird. Her plates read "his bird" as he bought her, but she is my baby. We started out with the top down, but had to pull over and put her top yo when it started to rain. This is only her second car show since 2004 and she had won a trophy at both. Yes we played hookie from work. Halfway gone we put her top back down. We made it home with 1 minute before the rain fell again. I really need water today......too much eating out this week, plus beer yesterday. When we got home from dinner, I got lost in "talent show" videos. Oops. Was quite a relaxing day! Also had three dead trees taken out yesterday. I really need to get some more trees!

    You all inspire me. I laugh, cry, and send prayers as I read your posts. I learn something as I read as well. I may not comment on individuals, but know you bring joy and happiness in my life.

    Have a blessed day! I need to accomplish a few things today(laundry) and some paperwork.

    Kylia in Ohio where we need the rain, so I am not complaining.
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    Did Yoga Cross train DVD. This is the new one. The plan for tomorrow is to do a uTube Body Pump video.

    Katla – any excuse to go to an ice cream store….lol huh? And while you’re there checking on the name of the flavor, I guess you’ll just HAVE to have some, right????? Lol

    Lisa – Clyde just loves those light balls that you get at WalMart. He bats it around. When he carries it in his mouth, he makes this sound that you swear he was dying, but he’s just having fun

    – do you have a rug shampooer? We have one small rug that Lexi many times will go on. She’s very fastidious and I think she’s somewhat embarrassed to do it. Many times she does go into the litter box, but she’s getting older and I personally think that maybe she likes the “softness” of the rug (versus the litter). She’s also deaf, of that we’re sure. She’s had such a hard life, at least now she’s happy.

    Michele NC
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    Rebecca Flowers in high heels in Hammond, Oregon. Now to most here that doesn't arouse any mental pictures, but for me, it reminds me of a couple of days I spent in Hammond back in the early 1980's. It was the start of our trek up the Columbia River to its source back down to where it meets the Snake and then around to Hells Canyon where we jet boated down to that point and then back up to Oxbow and followed the Snake River to its source in the Rockies near the Idaho/Wyoming border. If you saw a dark bushy-haired tall well-tanned lady and a shorter dark long braided haired naturally very dark skin lady both dressed in frayed short blue jean shorts and dusty rose wrap halter tops with running shoes, that was me and my long time Paiute friend, Blu.
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    Michele: “Katla—any excuse to go to an ice cream store . . .” Absolutely! :bigsmile: They won’t be open until tomorrow. :ohwell:

    Barbie: I’d pick Chihuliy Garden if I was doing a walk in Seattle. I’ve only been there once, and I’d love to visit again someday. It is a slow walk to see & appreciate all the beautiful glass art. :heart: I’d need to get my heart pumping either before or after visiting there in order to burn calories and build endurance. :star:

    (((Margaret))) Sending my love. :heart:

    Katla in Beauftiful NW Oregon
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    Red Hat Society Do any of you ladies belong to the RHS? I wonder if it disbanded with all this CoviD 2020 upset. I never joined but I am not a joiner of clubs and such. I am too independent and eccentric.
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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: got out there and walked the beach with Joe and the dogs, talked with and listened to Joe in the van on the way and back.
    Bonus: Fruit and veg prep.
    Get to do: Gold Beach, pooches to trial run, clean something, board meeting reminder, board meeting prep, email SDAO re meeting change notice requirements, practice new dances (Turning Tables, Nothing but You, Shake it like that, Larger than Life, Here I Go Again/Mama Mia, Real Deal, Get it Right); transplant bean, make garlic almonds for Barb and Dan; prep potato area and raised beds for beets, carrots, parsley root, parsnips, radishes and sow; finish weeding drive, continue weeding flower bed, mulch flowerbed; Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine. Reward: inventory seeds, plan fall cool season garden, order replenishments. Monday firehall apologize to Aaron, follow up on bay doors and site lighting
    Altruistic August
    1: Choose to be kind to others, including yourself, all this month. This will be a challenge.
    2: send a positive message to someone you cannot be with physically. Call Rusty, listen and lend support.

    Thanks, Tina, I’ll keep Allegra fexofenadine in mind if the drip gets too socially unacceptable. I’m one of those who gets pumped up then crashes on Benadryl but it sure keeps those mosquito bites from itching ;)
    Katla Umpqua Spumoni is my favorite, I’m only saved by it almost NEVER being available. ;)
    Heather I used to love to travel, and Joe is a great road trip companion, but he’s found his “place” and never wants to leave it. Have a few galfriends with whom I could travel statewide, and would journey solo back to Idaho for a women’s retreat or down to So Cal to visit siters and friend, but international travel is over for me. Makes me sad to see it written in black and white, but there it is.
    Kim brava for lining up new garden clients, such a shame about the camp’s mismanagement, ignoring your team’s suggestions.
    Barbie would love a pic of your reading challenge Tshirt.
    Teri :love: the pink flowered tree, or is that a shrub with a tree for backdrop?
    Rebecca “… and may your husband never know how much you spent.” Amen, sister, amen! But with me it's books and gardening supplies, not craft materiel. One automobile tire down, two to go.
    Tracey Joe is oblivious ;) . They’re revenge bras because of the $$$ I spent in anger.
    Faye Expect most will be returned. At a sedentary 4’11, 145 lbs, and 38DD I am envious of your sportsbra knowledge. Was unable to try any on as fitting rooms closed for pandemic, but salesgal and checker both assured me I could return those that didn’t fit. If any one does I will be thankful for the miracle. Love your poetic signatures!
    Machka “place is smelling quite fresh now”… made me smile. Sounds like you’re really enjoying your repaired sense of smell.
    Viv thanks! What a sweet image of you helping your mum fill in the lottery tickets. Fingers Xd for her!

    Sun never came out, actually rained instead. Hoping warmer today. Time to comb out some of Tumble’s tangles before today’s dry run with the pet sitter. Persisting against Joe’s strong opposition is hard. One foot in front of the other.

    Lighter, lovelies!

    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    August: better than July.
    daily: steps>5491=5534 vits=1.5 log=1 CI<CO=0 CI<250<CO=0 Tumble & Shadow 5=1 mfp=1 outside=1 up hill=1
    wkly: T’ai Chi or BB&B x3= rx=1 dance= clean 30 mins=
    mnthly: board mtg= grant= 20for20=
    bonus: AF= play= sew=
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    Delaware is still being very cautious, masks everywhere. I did have a meal on a restaurant patio, and that seemed okay. But in general I leave the house once a week or less.
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    OK, all you lovely Jills over the Hill Advanced Years Babes, I have lollygagged, drug my feet, dug my heels in, sat on my laurels, twiddled my thumbs, fiddled around, held down this chair, dawdled disproportionally, dilly-dallied, doodled noodled around, beat a dead horse, gilded the lily, committed murder against time long enough so time for me to go help a friend bring her yard back to a nice lawn instead of its current lush sheep pasture status before the impending heat spanks me like a stepchild. I can hear the baah baah and it is motivating ... not!

    Faye with short wild hair of silvery gray
    Sweating this multi bra heat rash fun-filled day
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