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    I know alot of you are animal lovers and I stumbled upon on Facebook and YouTube
    They are in Texas and are a sanctuary farmers so they do not raise there animals for food,but take in animals that need help..
    They have had there fair share of heartache they lost a 6 month old goat last week ,and a pregnant goat and babies,its like you lose one of your own children.. but ohhh the funny stuff the animals get into is hysterical.. really brightens your day..I sent the owner who is a teacher the whole set of James Herriots books..
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    Barbara – I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before. But if you want to TEMPORARILY relive itching, put your blowdryer on the itch, get it as hot as you can possibly stand it. The reason this works is because the heat will break up the histamines. When I first heard it, I thought “yea right”, but decided to give it a try. And it worked!!!

    Anne DE – the masks I can live with. But are there any restrictions in DE about people from out of state coming in? I think technically the beaches are closed (is that right?) but people are still going to them. If the beaches are technically closed, doesn’t that mean that there aren’t any lifeguards?

    Pip – safe travels,

    Michele NC
    Who is off to the pool
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    Lol Rebecca! I lost 60 pounds and am laughing at what I lost.....I just can’t post it! >:)>:)>:)

    RV Rita
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    Rebecca Flowers in high heels in Hammond, Oregon. Now to most here that doesn't arouse any mental pictures, but for me, it reminds me of a couple of days I spent in Hammond back in the early 1980's. It was the start of our trek up the Columbia River to its source back down to where it meets the Snake and then around to Hells Canyon where we jet boated down to that point and then back up to Oxbow and followed the Snake River to its source in the Rockies near the Idaho/Wyoming border. If you saw a dark bushy-haired tall well-tanned lady and a shorter dark long braided haired naturally very dark skin lady both dressed in frayed short blue jean shorts and dusty rose wrap halter tops with running shoes, that was me and my long time Paiute friend, Blu.

    Awe, I would've smiled and said "howdy do", but we only moved to Hammond on 12-12-12, (never forgot that date), when we moved from Vacaville, CA to get husband on Oregon's liver transplant list. We might not have been living there long, but it captured our hearts.
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    kevrit wrote: »

    Lol Rebecca! I lost 60 pounds and am laughing at what I lost.....I just can’t post it! >:)>:)>:)

    RV Rita

    I know right???? I had no idea!!😁😂😂😂
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    @auntiebk ah! i'm not really big on mirrors but i guess that could help maybe
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    today i had renters in and renters out. the guy leaving is adorable. but did not do cleaning really wonderfully. the new guy seems ok but was a clean freak. usually it's good when people leave and i remind them several times to check washers and do a really good job cleaning. i think this guy didn't have a lot of experience cleaning and he wasn't trying to be careless but didn't think to clean fridge or defrost fridge. he had only lived in university place w no kitchen and then previously perhaps he lived at home w family....

    i met at 11 for 1st and 2nd took a long time so finished close to 3. kind of eats up much of sunday. i went for fast walk this morning (w heart rate monitor going up to 115at least at times - need to walk at a more than normal pace for that).

    Here they may be requiring masks to be OUTSIDE in the street or in a park starting tomorrow. it's up to each local government. that's too much for me. i'm gonna try to rent a car and house but have found nothing at present.
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    edited August 2020
    August Goals today
    Financial Goals:
    -As close as possible to zero-based budget. ok today, i got a rent check in and paid 5 euros for a tea (expensive i know but that's the price for tea these days in cafés here, more than coffee... i think they charge per volume, no joke)
    -No need to transfer money from one account for living or holiday expenses. ok today
    - Check what's going on in partially stock-based savings (i know close to nothing about stocks). (I know it had lost 90% COVID) but i see every thing is tanking and maybe i need to sell and put into cash---), not yet
    - keep making progress on filing nothing today so far
    - Pay billsnothing today so far
    - follow up rental repair (mild water damage last august, slow to solve partially due to covid)nothing today so far

    Spiritual Goals:
    -meditate 5 min per day not yet

    Health Fitness Goals:
    -Walk w heart rate monitor at least 3x a week, (w/rate above 115 for 20 min or so) (no more gyms here for the foreseeable future). done today
    -Track all and aim to lose 0.4 k per week. (a bit less than a pound) tracked, consumed 1300 net yesterday and 1500 net today. my WL goal is 1100 net average per day. at least i tracked. needing to eat so little to get light still gets to me. i'm not used to it.
    - Get progressive glasses. (finally, i've been able to get by without glasses for reading till now, but it gets tough on very fine print). not yet
    - Get hiking sandals or something close. not yet

    Educational Goals:
    -Work 4h a day on thesis after 2 week vacation break starting, so from Aug 19 later
    -read one of the novels I bought Aug 3.
    Family and loved ones Goals:
    -Read sister's emails not yet
    -Go to exhibit and do a writing session with M. not yet
    -Meet up with friend.s at 1x a week. well had a coffee with previous renter, at his suggestion, who said to stay in touch.

    Career Goals:
    -Send email to required address for training period not yet
    -Disconnect till August 19 at least not yet
    -Update website not yet

    Home Goals

    - follow up repair water damage (here too) slowed due to COVID not yet
    -order big shelving unit to stock my masses of papers (for thesis, teaching etc) (ikea online) looked up and chose online, not ordered
    -maybe; order smallish sofa bed
    -order small, round dinner table (ikea online) looked up and chose online, not ordered
    -Get rid of Japanese divider if not fixed by end of august (very useful but fragile and broken)

    Weight AND SO ON
    I have not been sticking to tracking and keeping calories down. it's not really helpful when people say "just do it". it hasn't been working; it has sometimes in the past. I keep trying.[spoiler/b]
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    Machka: I’m sorry that you’ve had to clean up mold in your home. I’m glad it smells great now. YAYYY!!! In early married days, we had a duplex apartment with nasty mold. It was work to fix it, but the landlord didn’t charge us rent and helped with painting & plumbing supplies. He also had to dig up and replace the septic system. He owned a plumbing supply store. His personal skill wasn’t plumbing. It was schmoozing with the contractors. :ohwell: Luckily, DH had great plumbing skills. :smiley:

    Deliafaye: I am not a member of the Red Hat society. I don’t like to wear hats unless it is very cold outside. :noway:

    Barbara: The ice cream shop was closed this morning. I’ll stop by tomorrow. If they’re open, I’ll indulge in ice cream and find out the variety name. I already know that Tillamook is the brand. :star:

    Pip: Travel safe & stay in touch when you have the chance. :heart:

    Michele: Thanks for the tip on using the blow dryer to combat itching. :flowerforyou:

    2100k30: Welcome to a great group of supportive women. Stop by often to get and give support. :star:

    This is a quiet day so far. I went to two grocery stores to get two cartons of cottage cheese. Luckily, the second store had the cottage cheese that we wanted. The ice cream shop was closed today. I'll check back tomorrow or the next day to "taste test" and get the right name of the ice cream that I like so much.

    Katla in Beauftiful NW Oregon
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    :)Barbara I don't have a photo of me wearing the library reading challenge shirt but here is what it looks like
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    Whidislander I need to lose an elephants penis....LOL Loved your list and the laugh!
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    Barbara - welcome. Sometimes kids can be brutally honest. I'm sorry that happened to you but glad it brought you here.

    Michele NC
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    I want to lose a car tire more but would be happy with a short term goal of losing the equivalent additives average American eat (10 pound) in a year!

    My 20 for 20 wasn’t so good last month overall at 65% but stuff I slipped on was not food/exercise wise, just mental health wise. Gotta work on that! Reading biggest skip!

    So for August my goal is to up my total average goals to 80% of my goals.

    20/20 list
    [update webpage monthly by the 25th of month 6/12
    Create a monthly diary summary to include with Christmas cards for 2020 by last day of month 6/12
    Call Donat once a month on 1st of month 7/12
    Call mom once a week \4
    Get finances under control by focusing on paying off smallest debt and not adding to others 7/12
    Average 8,000 steps a day over next year. (Last year was 6,680 steps)
    Maintain my low carb eating habits 7/12
    Lose another 10 pounds by April 0/10 Gained 3
    Visit family in the spring of 2020-/“ CoVid-19 prevents this
    Clean camper weekly 28/52
    Read book once a day for at least 10 minutes 0/31
    Read bible by reading it 10- 15 min a day 0/31
    Keep carbs below 50 grams on average weekly 25/52
    Meet my macros of 5% carbs, 75% fats and, 20% protein of total calories weekly: 0/4
    Update budget spreadsheet at minimum every 2 weeks 27/26 %
    Set up Kevin’s health tracker for insurance by end of first week of 2020 Done in JANUARY
    Check health trackers on insurance website every 2 weeks beginning January 5,2020 24/26
    Replace air conditioning on camper by June 2029
    Replace front door rug by May 2020 ordered
    Clean car once a month, inside and out. 7/12

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