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Face mask or no face mask?



  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,767 Member Member Posts: 18,767 Member
    Watched many coming out of stores after touching dirty carts, surfaces, ect - can't wait to get mask off and watch them rub their mouth and nose.

    It's the whole mix of knowledge on how you transfer things to yourself, and to others, that is lacking.

    Flu season annually appears to have accomplished nothing for being prepared for the vast masses - no wonder the flu kills so many every season.
    I'm sure part of that is coming on in to work/school/other while actively sick and others get it, and C-19 being spread by those with no idea they are sick.

    I don't wear mask working out on rides/runs.
    My long bike rides are only as long as my 2 bottles of water will take me since I'm not going in anywhere for refill, because I don't bring mask or hand cleaner.
    Runs are easy for the rare person on the sidewalk, I can easily move to street.
  • Diatonic12Diatonic12 Member Posts: 31,485 Member Member Posts: 31,485 Member
    @Gisel2015 Think Ron White here.

    I had the right to remain silent but I didn't have the ability.
    You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever. :p
  • BoxerBrawlerBoxerBrawler Member, Premium Posts: 2,041 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,041 Member
    I only wear it when I need to go into stores that require them. Aside from that I don't. Medical personnel dealing specifically with highly contagious viruses and bacteria wear hazmat suits, full o2 apparatus and face shields. The virus easily escaped a high level bio-lab. A piece of cloth isn't going to do anything to protect anyone.
  • MFPUser73629MFPUser73629 Member Posts: 224 Member Member Posts: 224 Member
    Never wore one and doing fine.
  • Gisel2015Gisel2015 Member Posts: 3,816 Member Member Posts: 3,816 Member
    tittyman1 wrote: »
    Never wore one and doing fine.

    Why can't people seem to grasp that wearing a mask is to protect OTHERS from YOUR snot and slobber droplets exploding from your face while you are blabbing your uninformed opinions on wearing masks?

    Because few people seem to be able to comprehend doing something that benefits someone other than themselves.

    Well said, and I wonder where did they learn that..... >:)
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