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Lose a stone in 21 days with Michael Mosley - opinions!

RockAndSausageRollRockAndSausageRoll Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
So ... thoughts?

It's TV show on Channel 4, it's not long started. As far as I can tell, he's recommended 800 cals & a keto approach. I've yet to watch it so l might be wrong!! I think it sounds hopelessly unrealistic and I'm not quite sure that anyone should follow such an extreme diet without consulting their GP.

However, my (usually thoughtful, sensible) partner thinks that it's perfectly reasonable, which has left me feeling 💩 💩 He's making weight loss sound so easy & he definitely doesn't mean to but he's completely dismissing my 1500 cal / 3x exercise routine because he's excited by the idea of this. My partner is 1000% supportive of everything I do but this has really rubbed me up the wrong way.

So, am I being too dismissive of the show? Have to admit, I've read about it and not watched it yet, though I intend to. What are your thoughts on Michael Mosley and this method? Would love to hear from someone who has actually watched it!
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  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Member Posts: 2,007 Member Member Posts: 2,007 Member
    I think you will find the participants in this programme are people with a significant amount of weight to loose. I remember this low calorie "diet" being advised in chronic circumstances so its far from being designed for those with the odd lb or even couple of stone to loose. In the first part, towards the end time wise, which was a few days in the participants had been tested daily to see if they were at the point of being in "ketosis" the state where a person is using fat as their fuel rather than carbohydrates, some participants were saying they had dizziness and other reactions so it is not for the faint hearted. Possibly it will be interesting to see the outcome, tomorrow.

    Mosley does take part in some "interesting" science/medical programs. He qualified as a doctor some years ago thought he has spend most of the recent years making and producing various health related programs. I have no idea if he has kept up his medical accreditation.
  • KerrieA87KerrieA87 Member Posts: 116 Member Member Posts: 116 Member
    I watched the programme and from what I understand the vlcd is going to be for a three week period and under regular medical attention, so not someone just deciding to do so without the added medical support that would be needed.
    I can’t say I’m a fan of keto diets so as to how that pans out after the programme finishes and they go back (if they do) to a typical carb heavier diet is anyone’s guess. The fact that the ingredients for the meals are currently being given/delivered to them means there’s the positive that they are cooking for themselves and learning what’s going in and more appropriate portion sizes, but the negative would be they’re not actually shopping for it themselves so whether they’d buy similar once the programme ends is a thought.
  • RockAndSausageRollRockAndSausageRoll Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Thanks for the comments! Glad it's not just me who thought this sounded a little too good to be true. I'll definitely be watching though to see what I think.

    Haha, cmriverside - I liked your sign off 😂😂 I've perked up a bit now!
  • RockAndSausageRollRockAndSausageRoll Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Kerrie, would it be possible for people to follow along at home? That's the vibe my partner got. Like a 'here's an easy way to lose the weight you gained during lockdown - do it along with us' vibe. Is that the case or are there things in place to encourage/discourage people from following along at home?
  • KerrieA87KerrieA87 Member Posts: 116 Member Member Posts: 116 Member
    Sort of, you essentially had someone cooking the odd meal but there was no measurement next to it, so for some mushroom pizzas they were making you could tell the base was a portobello, the woman spoke about 4 tablespoons of tomato purée (this was to serve 4 with one mushroom as a serving), but then she added oil and garlic to the mixture. There was grated mozzarella and fresh cherry tomatoes used but no amounts for each shown. Put it in the oven on high for about 10 mins (quite literally what was said).

    All 5 people seemed to be following the exact same meal plan, I did notice some would put a side salad or some fresh spinach with it but it’s all stuff that if you were wanting to lose weight you could more than likely find recipes easily enough.

    The second episode that’s upcoming spoke about how they’d be incorporating exercise in as well, episode one finished at the end of week one so I’m quite concerned that it’s going to promote following a vlcd then adding exercise and not eating those cals (or even a proportion of them) back.
  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Member Posts: 2,007 Member Member Posts: 2,007 Member
    I think there was some Channel 4 programme link to some supporting information possibly meal plans but if someone only has a few lbs to loose its probably taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Needless to say one should probably talk to one's doctor before embarking on something like this because there are health implications from being very low calorie..
  • RockingWithLJRockingWithLJ Member Posts: 206 Member Member Posts: 206 Member
    I didn't do it with that guy but i have lost 14lb within 21 days a few years back. Strict diet (high protein for sure, less than 25g of sugar), vigorous exercise and plenty of sleep did it for me. I was able to keep it off. Ended up losing 37lb in 3 months and kept it off. I restarted my journey but not so much to lower my weight but to gain more strength. I figure the scale will land where it is supposed to this time..
  • psychod787psychod787 Member, Premium Posts: 3,867 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,867 Member
    That stone of weight loss will be mostly water weight and not fat. I would not pay any attention to the hype.

    I passed not a stone but a kiddo who was almost 9 pounds, somewhat PAINFUL!

    Oh... I dont have the "parts" to do that... you win. Lol
  • threewinsthreewins Member Posts: 775 Member Member Posts: 775 Member
    There was a weight loss show a while ago called Thintervention. This was different from the usual weight loss show because the participants lived at their own homes (so it wasn't a Biggest Loser style) and they didn't seem to have jobs. So they could exercise a lot. I would consider this to give the best results from any "normal" weight loss situation (yes, I know some of us have jobs but not everyone has a job all the time).

    I ran the numbers and came up with a model that gave the best fit. The weekly loss could be calculated the following way: take their weight (kg) and divide by 60. That's their percentage weight loss. So a 90 kg person could expect to lose 1.5% or 1.35 kg a week. Obviously the next week they'd lose a bit less.

    I have trouble believing any system could beat those numbers that wasn't a starvation diet. The show had 7 participants and the length of weight loss was 13 weeks.

    The graph I have uploaded shows body weight (kg) vs weekly percentage loss. The line is the best fit line as provided by a spreadsheet.
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  • dawkson2017dawkson2017 Member Posts: 20 Member Member Posts: 20 Member
    Just watched ep 1....... I think the program is ok..... I can easily do 800 calories with a good ratio of carbs to protein to fat.
    However, as I am 68 yo female, 5 ft 2in, and already weigh 115 pounds, I dont have much to lose. I have lost 15 pounds since start of March, when our (Melbourne, Australia) started.
    I will weigh myself every couple of days, and if my weigh starts to creep up, I do a couple of 800 cal days..... simple for me!
    If you feel you need to lose weight.... try different things to see what works for your life situation.
  • freda78freda78 Member Posts: 228 Member Member Posts: 228 Member
    I actually really like Michael. It takes a lot of bottle to stand up to what people perceive is weightloss gospel that they have held onto for years. There is a lot of peer reviewed literature out there that would back up the thesis that restricting calories has health benefits. Im sure these participants will have further support once the TV stuff is done. Worth watching I'd say.

    Not saying that it is not an entertaining and interesting programme, I just have huge doubts it is helpful for an audience that wishes to lose weight.
  • forensicanthropologyforensicanthropology Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    OK, What is it that is causing your doubts? The sustainability? I know the participants were struggling at one point.
  • sofrancessofrances Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member Member, Premium Posts: 140 Member
    I would be more interested in a program that successfully helps people keep weight off for a long period of time.

    That said, Michael Mosley's books and cookbooks have helped me quite a lot.
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