What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Sunburn pain on thighs - do you take acetaminophen, or anything that contains it?? I always attributed that particular symptom to a fibro flare only to find it was actually me developing a drug allergy! I had it off and on for years (don’t take Tylenol often), but it wasn’t until a major surgery when I was prescribed one of the hydro- pain meds that I realized the correlation. It got to the point that sitting on the toilet made me want to cry! Called my doc and they said to stop meds ASAP and to label myself allergic. Thought I would mention it just in case.

    It's good to know that can be a symptom, but no. I don't take any OTC painkillers on a regular basis, just, ah, herbal ones in my nightly piece of fudge.

    I don't take hydrocodones anyway when I have work done on me because they shut my gut down and bind me up like there's no tomorrow. Only thing I've found that doesn't do that is Tramadol.