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Which weight loss method is the most successful?

threewinsthreewins Member Posts: 869 Member Member Posts: 869 Member
I thought that we'd do a comparison of the stats of various weight loss methods. I've never seen a proper comparison done. Let's change that.

First for comparison is Noom, the weight loss app where you get to chat with a 'coach' who will chat with you. Read a review here

Almost 80% lost weight.

Any other weight loss methods you know about?


  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 7,421 Member Member Posts: 7,421 Member
    Like others have said, it really varies based on person. That's why I think understanding that it's calories in/calories out is so great. Once you know that's all it is, then you can figure out what works for your personality and lifestyle and so will be enjoyable and sustainable. Or if really not sure you can try different things to see if they work for you and not worry if it turns out some approach is not a good fit.
  • IronIsMyTherapyIronIsMyTherapy Member Posts: 505 Member Member Posts: 505 Member
    The one you enjoy. You'll stick to it.
  • Dogmom1978Dogmom1978 Member Posts: 1,588 Member Member Posts: 1,588 Member
    I agree with everyone here; the one you can personally stick to and that you enjoy.

    Currently, I am set to lose 1 lb a week and eat 1500 calories a day. I struggle to stay at 1500 without exercising. So I eat what I want (weigh it and track it) in sensible portion sizes and exercise (weights and cardio) to help me lose weight. For me, it is sustainable for life because I did not remove foods that I enjoy. For someone else, they might hate my diet/exercise plan.
  • 4Phoenix4Phoenix Member Posts: 206 Member Member Posts: 206 Member
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Member, Premium Posts: 8,333 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,333 Member
    Like @CharlielCURN
    I lost ~35 lbs on my own...then I joined NOOM and lost the final 36-43lbs.

    I’m still a member as I’ve got a fantastic coach who is a great help with maintenance.

    Note: I also like to do things my own way, so I have logged my food in MyNetDiary for most of the 3 years I’ve been on NOOM. I like the data that gives me.

    The UAC & Building Healthy Habit groups + the Maintenance discussion strands + the monthly exercise tracking discussions by @JDMac82 Have all contributed to my 2 year 1 month maintenance after a lifetime of obesity.

    I just keep tackling the next thing I need to focus upon & find the resources to help me. Currently Insight Timer (guided meditations) & looking into how carbs effect my glucose adversely.
  • cppeacecppeace Member Posts: 752 Member Member Posts: 752 Member
    The one you can stick to is best for you.
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