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    Bex953172 wrote: »
    I think my only goal today is to keep a low-profile.

    On the plus side, I ate breakfast today. Not had breakfast for about 8 weeks lmao.

    I haven't been keeping up on all thats been happening to you Bex with your neighbors .. but wow.. this SO reminds me of 2 of our neighbors! One neighbor used to sit out front on his driveway drinking, and would yell at us, or anyone else that he saw. My husband put up a security camera on our house, and he called the cops on us .. he thought we were sending some kind of shock waves to kill his dogs! So we just kept clear of him.
    The other neightbor used to beat his wife. We had called 911 so many times when we would hear her screaming, and the cops would take him away.. and the next day he would be back home. Thank goodness they eventually moved (so did the other wacho neighbor). Now we are blessed with wonderful neighbors. But I agree... I would just stay away from them, and keep a low profile... and stay safe!
    But I am so glad you are back posting! It doesn't have to always be goals ... just coming on and venting helps us to not cave and eat unhealthy foods (which is what I tend to do LOL!)
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    Hi everyone! I'm back too, even if it is almost 3 pm. Having a crabby kind of day....the kind where everything I say my DH disagrees with, and anything he says I disagree with. Makes for a spectacular day of fun! :mrgreen:

    Anyway, I'm headed to the basement to hide out for a bit and wanted to post quick before I do.

    Oh -- don't I know what that is like! Lately, especially if I mention anything about our daughter coming inside, hubby gets upset. So I learned to just shut up... and go into my sewing room (or, my therapy room). That and taking my long walks really helps! I think this covid virus is getting to us all!!
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    Well, yesterday didn't go so well and I had a massive binge :/

    There are lots of things bugging and worrying me at the moment, some related to covid, some not related to covid.

    I've also been quite busy the last few weeks, both in work but also outside work. Outside work, I've actually been busy with good things (like getting myself my first car and booking and taking a camping holiday). But the collective impact of the busyness is that at the moment I feel like I'm always on the go and thinking about what I need to do next and I guess that kind of pressure builds up.

    Work is challenging, my company remains really disfunctional and there's just a lot of stuff going on at work that is annoying and demotivating. On top of that, there's the pressure and the constant video calls which are just really draining. I end pretty much every day not in a good place. And then somehow I have to transition to evening mode, when evening and day take place in the same space (literally, the same room).

    I've been finding that difficult throughout lockdown and honestly I've often coped by having a drink/ some junk food to enter 'evening mode'. Lately, I've started trying to get on top of that, firstly by going for a post-work walk and playing some happy post-work music, but also by starting to make dinner early and not allowing us to have a drink until we can have one with dinner, or junk until after dinner. That's been quite helpful as normally by the time we've had dinner, the negative mood has dissipated somewhat and after dinner we're not hungry so don't really want junk either.

    But the boyfriend going back to work this week has screwed with that a bit as he isn't getting back till 7 so there's this big void between work and dinner, where I am left alone in the flat with snacks... >:) And yesterday, I had a post-work online social at 5pm so I jumped straight from an annoying meeting into a social event, with no opportunity to wind down/ switch to evening mode beforehand. And, ended up having a big binge. So, yesterday's goals are as follows:
    - Be in the green :/
    - NO ALCOHOL :/
    - Walk 2 miles for Miles for Refugees :)
    - Speak some French to boyfriend :/
    - Only read emails at intervals :/
    - Get prepped for tomorrow's trip out to London (first time in six months, eek!) :)

    I feel pretty disappointed with myself. But i'm going to try not to be too hard on myself as life is tough at the moment. What is more important is what I'm going to do about it:

    - Get into the habit of updating my 'achievements' list at the end of the day. This is a log I keep of the key things I've achieved that day. It serves two purposes (1) making me feel good about my day (2) it's a log of things I can talk about in job interviews :smile:
    - Where I have an event straight after work where drinking/ eating is a risk, make sure I take a break beforehand to 'switch into evening mode'/ deal with negative emotions beforehand
    - Review priorities and find a way to be less busy all the time - I may need to say no to something
    - Start the Emotional Eating Toolkit from Half Size Me (when I can fit it in, in the context of being too busy, lol)
    - Adapt evening routine to find ways to 'wind down from work' without alcohol/ food... but new ones that also work when I'm on my own at home between 5-7. Maybe I'll watch Netflix stuff that boyfriend hates, hehe :smile:
    - This is unrelated to yesterday's binge, but in terms of my overall weight-loss, I'm struggling lately because of too many over-eating occasions, like the camping weekend I mentioned. I need to evaluate my approach to these eating occasions. I don't want to avoid the occasions so I need to challenge what I eat and make healthier choices
    - Find ways to boost my mood throughout the day, maybe by reading positive quotes. I'm starting the day well, I'm in a routine of doing my gratitude journal and reading positive quotes before I log on for the day. But the mood goes downhill across the day, need to find a way to keep it up
    - Related to that, finish the positive thinking book I started
    - Possibly re-read Beck Solution

    Anyway, apologies for the overly long post, it's been helpful for me to get some of these thoughts down in writing as they've been swirling round in my head, but it may have been a bit too much for this page...

    Better get on with my day - today's goals are going to be very, very simple:

    - Log everything I eat
    - Be in the green
    - Walk 4+ miles for Miles for Refugees

    Have a good day everyone x

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    JFT Wednesday 9th September

    Log everything
    Stay in the green
    Back exercises
    Foot exercises
    Finish laundry
    Find paperwork required and send off pension application

    Hoping it will be dry enough to get some gardening done today, there is so much to do. I have my own garden (too big), my parents (weeds out of control) and my son's (helping him get it cut back and simplified, he's not a gardener). I like gardening but I'm struggling to cope with it all. I'm also having to do more for my mother, she's basically given up doing anything at all.

    I need to try harder to lose weight. I'm logging 6 days a week, one weekend day I don't but I'm very active. I'm having 1470 calories to lose half a pound a week, and eating all of them. Also eating most of the calories added on for walking. And I'm not losing anything now. So I need to do something different, there's no point weighing everything if I'm not getting results! Maybe start by not eating walking calories.
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    - practice music for wedding🟢
    - meal plan🟢
    - Indoor / outdoor chores🟢
    - finish painting the back of the house (I can’t believe I haven’t finished this yet!)🔴

    Kind of a lazy day yesterday. Instead of painting I worked on a financial spreadsheet. It felt good to use my brain for a bit!
    I logged my food for half of the day and then I got into a bag of chips and just mindlessly ate them. I will do better today!

    - Meet with new music director
    - laundry / chores
    - Make financial decision with hubby
    - Library
    - Farm stand
    - Meal prep

    Have a great day! 💕
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    Tuesday goals
    Stay green✅
    No candy/ m&ms 😝❌😝
    No beer..✅
    1 hr tempo trainer ride✅
    Look at bills✅
    Wash car on way home from work✅

    Wednesday goals
    Drop dog off for checkup
    Stay green
    Start getting papers ready for recertification
    No candy
    No beer
    1 hr sweet spot or harder work
    Pay medical bills

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    Good day yesterday:

    1900 calories. 1749
    Work out 70 minutes. 76 Including a 2.11 mile walk
    Trust the long term results will come if I execute day by day. Watched a Jim Rohn video when working out.
    Support my bride. Top of mind
    Focus on health and flexibility for retirement.
    Walk after dinner. .5 with my bride.

    For Wednesday do the things I’m supposed to do:

    1900 calories
    Work out 70 minutes
    Support my bride
    Focus on health and flexibility for retirement
    Walk after dinner.

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    edited September 2020
    Ive been feeling down about my health in general. But you cant fix what you dont know. So ive had a physical and my triglycerides were sky high. I was put on a statin to reduce them. My initial reaction was that im too young for that! But the numbers dont lie so best to take action. Ive started talking to a therapist regarding my PPD before considering medication. Theres been some improvement. I also went to the dentist and have some work that needs to be done and have that scheduled for November. My weight has gone higher than when I was 8 months pregnant...so I'm back here to tackle that.

    Life is pretty good all health issues aside. DH is working from home 3 days a week and office 2 days, so that time apart has helped give my introverted soul a rest. A lot of what @bookmeister86 said resonated about sharing so much time together with me! Ray is 7 months old today! Hes a joy and has been an "easy" baby in that hes a great sleeper and loves to entertain himself. We finally have allowed grandparents to come over and babysit. @mytime6630 my husband has been of the incredibly cautious camp as well, and it was exhausting and isolating and so hard to deal with...i dont know what changed for him...numbers in our area drastically lowered, but other than that is just took a whole ton of pateince. my heart goes out to you and your family.

    My biggest troubles have been night time snacking. I'm still cooking 3 meals a day, usually by dinner time I cant even look at what ive cooked im just so over it. So I dont eat enough of our proper dinner and then end up snacking waaaay to much when I'm hungry a few hours later. We did a veggie csa this year and ive struggled to keep up with all the produce then feel worse when something goes bad. DH job has been more demanding so the amount he helps cooking has been significantly less than usual.

    Anyway ive missed you all a whole lot. I havent had coffee yet so I'll be back later!!!
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    JFT Tuesday (feels like Monday)
    - Don't forget the lunch I packed :smiley:
    - Work by 7:00 :smiley:
    - Figure out where my PO requests are being hung up. 😄
    - Seriously I have nothing to do at work today, find something to fill the time🤪
    - Leave early to pick up V from school😄
    - Peleton after work.❌
    - Watch Tennis, Hockey & catch bits of the Tour de France😄
    - Log everything❌

    Yesterday was awful. I binged bad and didn’t log it.

    JFT Wed
    - Work from home
    - Watch TDF
    - Eggs for breakfast
    - Work meeting at 2:00
    - Meeting with Mom’s financial advisor at 3:00
    - Taking dogs to the pool this evening
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    JFT Wednesday
    1. Smoothie for breakfast
    2. Take meds/vitamins
    3. Self care day; scalp treatment, eye masks, foot masks.
    4. Take a walk
    5. Make bone broth
    6. Find water bottleb, drink Atleast 1
    7. Log food! Good, bad and ugly...get an idea of what my "normal" has been
    8. Submit UE
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    Eek, 51 posts behind! Will have to catch up later, posting goals for now.

    JFT W 9/9 ~ work in conference room day
    1) Move hourly / stairs breaks (3 floors)
    2) Make broccoli soup (perfect weather ~ below normal temps & rainy) / net cals green / 14c water
    3) OAHC PA / request AJNH records once hear from mgmt / clear some of email backlog / save records to flash
    4) Wish aunt happy bday / wash towels / register for Run for Hill of It / one other chore
    5) Unplug 9:00 / FLOSS / RETAINERS / set 6:00 alarm (walk dog before work from home)

    For several days, I have been feeling slightly unwell. Think I'm just battling a cold with sudden change of weather from summer to fall. Drop in temps also triggered the usual check tire pressure light on my car. Feeling better each day so that's good. Also finally concluded GA-IT project at work and submitted yesterday for review which makes me happy. Have a great day, everyone!

    2020 Goals:
    1) Get weight below 160# (last time was 4/20/19)
    2) Plan meals most days & prelog meals/snacks whenever possible on MFP
    3) Post weekly weigh-in on JFT for accountability
    4) Take measurements & log on MFP monthly (I stopped as weight plateaued & went up) = 2.1.20 / 2.29.20 / 4.1.20 (forgot 3.31.20) / 5.1.20 (forgot 4.30.20) / 6.3.20 (forgot at ME again)
    5) Exercise 5-6x per week (minimum 4x) ~ mostly walking but include weights/circuit & other x-training
    6) Participate in race events ~ have planned 7 5Ks and 2 10Ks at minimum = Frenzy on the Fox 5K 49:36 ave. pace 15:29 / Seroogy's Valentine 5K 46:26.7 ave. pace 14:47 / Badger State Brewing 10K virtual race w/ dog on 4/2/20 1:44:16 ave. pace 16:33 / Prevention virtual 5K Fun & Fit Team on 5/2/20 I walked 3.48 mi w/ dog in 1:01:10 ave. pace 17:33 / RonaRunOff 5/16/20 virtual walk 5.08 miles with dog in 1:23:15 ave. pace 16:23 / 100 Miles Challenge fundraiser (per fitness tracker) & completed 5/18/20 / Bellin Run 10K virtual race w/ dog on 6/6/20 1:41:03 ave. pace 16:14 dog definitely slows my "race pace" / Hope Isn't Canceled virtual 10K w/ dog 8/29/20 1:43:10 ave. pace 16:36
    7) Be considerate and loving to hubby and have fun together
    8) Make efforts to keep in touch with parents, siblings and friends (most live in other towns or states)
    9) Declutter home office, bedroom and basement = basement (boxes) Jan. / home office desk (some) & more basement boxes Feb. / basement boxes & home office (some more) Mar. / decluttered/cleaned in bedroom & more basement boxes Apr. / basement boxes May ~ very pleased w/ my progress / reorg in basement June & July
    Word for 2020: Persist
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    Just for Today: Tuesday
    • #NoBS 24H Assessment and Plan / Readings: SA, NDNM / Daily Dialog / Take a.m. meds 💯
    • 75 oz H2O ❌
    • #NoBS Facebook live for Day 8 of 21-day challenge 💯
    • Activity. Even 15 minutes. Find something with little to no knee impact. ❌
    • Call billing depts re: resubmitting bills to insurance for July. 💯
    • Color the grays... 💯
    • work on sewing tote bag ❌
    • Evening Routine: Plan and/or Prep tomorrow's B, L & S tonight and pre-log in MFP Food diary / Close kitchen at 7:30 pm / Skin care / Assess #NoBS 24H for today / Readings from SA and DO / Gratitude Journal / Read for an hour and then lights out. 💯
    • Get up at 0630 to establish morning routine. 💯

    Happy Hump Day! 🐪 I have decided today will be a worry-free day! I am going to spend my afternoon down in my happy space, sewing/quilting and watching sappy Hallmark movies. DH is stopping on the way home to pick up primer and paint for the basement, so I hope to start that later today and maybe get that done by the weekend. Then we are going to order some nice plush carpeting to put down there. If all goes well, I'll have a nice, bright, happy space that will be warm and comfortable for winter. I'm pretty excited. I've been asking for the downstairs to be remodeled or fixed up a bit since we moved here. It will make it much nicer to spend time in... 🤩🥰

    Just for Today: Wednesday
    • #NoBS 24H Assessment and Plan / Readings: SA, NDNM / Daily Dialog / Take a.m. meds
    • 75 oz H2O
    • #NoBS Facebook live for Day 9 of 21-day challenge
    • Activity. Even 15 minutes. Find something with little to no knee impact.
    • Message to Dr. P that I'm going off Rx.
    • September budget & bills
    • work on sewing tote bag -OR- pick out pattern and fabric for a 9-patch wall hanging
    • Evening Routine: Plan and/or Prep tomorrow's B, L & S tonight and pre-log in MFP Food diary / Close kitchen at 7:30 pm / Skin care / Assess #NoBS 24H for today / Readings from SA and DO / Gratitude Journal / Read for an hour and then lights out.
    • Get up at 0630 to establish morning routine.

    Ongoing Task List:
    1. Letter to rental company - deliver to drop box on Monday.
    2. Call D. Health and have them call insurance.
    3. Sept budget [Wednesday morning?]
    4. Take pics of H's art
    5. Upload pics of H's art with description
    6. Open H's Etsy shop
    7. Research Blogging
    8. Research Etsy shop for tso
    9. Watch YouTube videos on priming and painting basement cement walls and paneling
    10. Go to Menards for painting supplies
    11. Paint wall by fridge in LL
    12. Ask DH to move deer mounts to different part of basement
    13. Paint bar in LL
    14. Watch for sales for flooring in LL
    15. Read first chapter of "Finding your North Star".



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    So looks like I was right about the commotion, wrong about the day lol!

    School run today, ash rings me, police have shown up. Looking for him again.
    Neighbours started hassling us again. Shouting all sorts on the front and blatantly saying they know its us who have been reporting him to the police about his whereabouts. Even though the police said the report came from a shop and another neighbour a few days before.
    But they don't believe it still. But hey, you can't fix stupid 🤷‍♀️

    Were not bothered anymore, were gonna laugh it off because the whole thing is like a running joke! :)
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    🏖🎡💕💕💖 SEPTEMBER💕💖💕🎡⛱
    hope everyone is having a good day. I Had a pleasant day, and got chores out of the way early. Nothing much of note happened.

    Great things are done by
    a series of small things brought together

    (Vincent Van Gogh)


    What am I doing to keep busy? To name a few...
      [*] structuring my day
      [*] morning and evening meditation
      [*] Using the internet to ‘talk’ to family
      [*] crochet, jigsaws, journaling, gardening, reading, writing .......
      [*] HIIT videos off YouTube,
      [*] yoga/Taichi
      [*] Walks with DH
      [*] Cleaning! Cleaning! Cleaning! 😂
      [*] Decluttering
      [*] Stress relievers (search YouTube for Paul McKenna)
      Keep your chin up!
      Turning up is the ultimate success!
      01 Aug 2019: 170.1
      31 Dec 2019: 151.2
      Total weight loss: 19.9lbs
      2020 Personal Weight Challenge
      Name: Terri
      SW: 152.1 (02 Jan)
      GW: 150

      Jan: - 2
      Feb: - 1.3
      Mar: - 0.9
      Apri: +1.3 (not too bad, considering lockdown/Easter/Birthday this month)
      May: +0.7(working on upping my strength to tone muscles, so not unexpected. It's a balancing act! 😂)
      Jun: +0.2

      September Daily Goals: Week 2
      Tues: ✅ Wed: ✅ Thu: Fri:
      Sat: Sun: Mon:
      Weight < 155: 1/7
      1 Aug 2019: 170.1
      1 Aug 2020: 149.9

      01 Sept 2020: 149.4
      Reduce Fat%:✅ 29.3; 27.1; 25.2; 25.1; 24.7
      Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1 30.5
      Calories < in the green 🦄 2/7
      Steps > 7500 🏃🏽‍♀️ 2/7
      Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily🦄 2/7
      Active hours > 6 daily🦄 2/7
      Positive intentions for Today
      🌟Meditation 2/7 Exercise 2/7
      🌟Family Skype 0/7
      🌟Gardening: 0/7 🌟Declutter🦄2//7
      🌟Laundry 2/7 🌟Circuits 2/7
      😜Housework 2/7 🌟Plan shopping (1/7)
      🌟Shopping 0/7
      🌟Write 3 pages or 15 minutes a day 🦄0/7
      🌟Update Journal🦄1/7
      🌟Catalogue poetry🗃(Ongoing)0/7)
      🌟Crochet🦄 2/7 🌟Puzzles 🦄 2/7
      🌟Watch TV🦄 2/7 🌟Read 2/7

    • mytime6630
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      Name: Joan
      69 yrs old
      My weight history:
      SW Year 2017: 217
      SW Year 2018: 195.5
      SW Year 2019 : 206
      SW Year 2020: 182.6
      1st GW: 185.4 :) Met this goal
      2nd GW: 175 - and learn to maintain
      Ultimate goal: 165-170, and maintain

      Goals for 2020:
      These are the healthy habits I would like to do in 2020:
      1. Lose 15 pounds to get to my ultimate goal of 165, and then learn how to maintain it.
      2. To be better with planning my meals each week
      3. to get up in the morning, and have a rough idea of what I plan to eat the rest of the day.
      4. To stop mindless eating. To learn how to eat to live, not live to eat.
      5. To make drinking water a regular habit.. and drink 8+ glasses of water a day

      Jan 3: 185.4
      Feb 1: 178
      March: 183.6
      April: 181.0
      May: 179
      June: 182
      July: 177
      August: 185
      Sept: 187
      September 1, 2020
      Weight today was 187.6! OK ... self... get back on track! I need to lose those 10 pounds fast!! I was doing so good during this pandemic until the last month, and its maddening how quickly the weight can crept up!
      9/3: 184.4
      9/5: 184.0
      9/5: 183 -- getting there!
      9/8: 187.5 00 too many potato chips over the weekend
      9/9: 186.2

      Personal challenge for myself. LOG at least ONE meal each day.
      Completed: 2/30

      JFT, Wed
      1. log ALL food :)
      2. concentrate on water :)
      3. mindful eating :)
      4. 4+ mile walk :)
      5. help hubby :)
      6. organize one file cabinet :/ -- but working on business bookkeeping instead
      7. work on this quilt!! I am almost finished! :/

      Today hubby agreed that we will try letting our daughter in the patio room!! He is not comfortable with that decision.. but he says he wants to make me and our daughter happy, and said "I hope we are not making a mistake". So I will do everything I can to keep everything clean, and keep our distance, while at least keeping somewhat away from the bugs, and hope that no one gets sick.
      But our daughter worked today, and so tonite she did not come out. But she called .. and said she had a good day, so that makes me happy. She said her boss gave her a bonus, and told her what a good job she was doing, so I think that positive feedback did more for my daughter than anything.
      So tonite I am going to keep busy .. have to stop the nitetime snacking habit!

      JFT, Thurs
      1. log all food
      2. concentrate on water
      3. work on pc boards
      4. work on business bookkeeping .. I am so far behind!
      5. go for 5+ mile walk
      6. clean house
      7. work on quilt!
    • bookmeister86
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      Yesterday was much better. It started badly, I ended up getting a bit upset in the morning, a few things getting on top of me. But, at lunchtime I stopped work and headed off into London to meet up with my colleagues - we had a "team meet up" arranged for team bonding/ morale purposes. (Given none of us have seen each other in person in six months).

      I was a bit nervous about it beforehand, having not taken the train into London in six months, but the journey was ok - not too busy - and it was really nice to see my colleagues. It was weird though, we were joking that it was odd to see everyone in 3D but actually it really did feel weird to see them as real people not just flag tiles on a screen! We hung out for three hours, not really talking about serious stuff but just enjoying interacting with humans and having a bit of a laugh. It felt like a little slice of normality and it was lovely.

      Then afterwards I took the opportunity to meet up with one of my best friends who I also haven't seen in 3D in six months. That was lovely, particularly as I found out that she's pregnant! :) It was funny really because she's managed to get to eight weeks without people realising. In the past, we've noticed pretty much immediately when anyone has got pregnant because they stop drinking and everyone notices. But with us not actually meeting up in person, nobody has noticed so she's got a bit further along... Obviously she's still in her first trimester so I'm going to keep my mouth shut and not tell anyone else for now. I'm super happy for her though because she really wants kids and had been trying for a while and was getting a little frustrated. I hope it all goes well from here.

      So, it was a super nice day in the end and I feel in a much better mood this morning. I am not sure how long it will last, and I really hope it is not another six months before I see any of these people again... But for now I am going to savour the current feeling I have of a nice day out and try to be optimistic about things.

      So, yesterday's goals:

      - Log everything I eat :)
      - Be in the green :| Went c. 170 over, thought I had calories left for a second cider in the pub but apparently not
      - Walk 4+ miles for Miles for Refugees :)

      And today's goals:

      - Log everything I eat
      - Be in the green
      - Walk 4 miles for Miles for Refugees
      - Read emails at intervals only
      - Speak french with boyfriend
      - Laundry/ make bed
      - Next week's food plan
      - Do some holiday planning
      - Have a nice relaxing and restful evening!
    • Bex953172
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      Casey had her first day back at nursery yesterday! And then they rang and said they recorded a temperature and has to stay home for two weeks. THEN I had to ring the school and tell them what the nursery said so everyone's back at home again. But anyway, theyre all coughing and spluttering so one look at them.and the school would of sent them home instantly.

      I need to go to a testing site, apparently there's no home testing kits available but I doubt I'll have the petrol to get there! Sooo.. yeah? Ill have to figure that one out today.