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Lose a stone in 21 days with Michael Mosley - opinions!



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    But the studies cited challenge that view. The NHS in England are now paying for people to go on these very low calorie diets because of the evidence that it seems to help in the longer term. Yes, it goes against the grain of what we have thought for years! But I do think it's good that the thinking is open to change.

    800 calories isn't as hard as it sounds, as the people on the programme showed (especially combined with lowish carb, intermittent fasting, etc., which maybe help with hunger).
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    Fuzzipeg wrote: »
    He qualified as a doctor some years ago since when he has been a medical journalist. His wife is a dietitian who worked in collaboration with a University team, I did not realise I would need to remember which one. I doubt very much if you have seen any of his broadcast output nor read any of his books. He is in the UK and I am fairly certain you are in the US.

    A good chunk of UK television shows and books actually make it over to the colonies via the magic of re-broadcasting, video streaming, and international publishing deals. It's why I've got cookbooks by Nigella Lawson and have seen every episode of "Sherlock." I've actually watched a lot of BBC shows via BBC America, including some of the diet/lifestyle shows.

    I wouldn't assume an American hadn't seen a show from the UK any more than I'd assume someone from the UK had never seen "The Biggest Loser" or read about the Atkins diet.
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    As far as I can tell, he's recommended 800 cals & a keto approach


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    The Fast 800 recipe book.
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  • czmiles926czmiles926 Member Posts: 126 Member Member Posts: 126 Member
    My parents are going to start this diet next week. I feel like it's going to be a challenge because it's so drastically different from how they currently eat.
    They are both obese so I'm really glad they're doing something about their health, but I'm not looking to living with them while they do it!
    I'm going to join them on the diet for a bit because I have 6 or 7 vanity pounds I want to lose but I'm going to have to eat bread and pasta while their not looking!
    Has anyone here actually done the diet?
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