Less Alcohol - NOVEMBER 2020 - One Day at a Time



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    @dawnbgethealthy NOW I am the envious one listening to your harvesting stories. I so miss have a huge veggie garden. It was 60' x 40' feet. I was literally showering everyone I knew with fresh vegetables daily. But my most favorite thing was digging up my root veggies. Oh...the surprise and wonder to see what the earth would give me in exchange for seeds. Such a satisfying task, enjoy your dug up booty.
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    Just want to toss it out there...I never count. I really stick with just making one choice at a time.

    That has led to adding more water into my evenings. It means I now have some ingredients for mocktails, low-cal and AF beer options. Having options for better choices has led to “less”.

    This group is casual and always open. Welcome to the new and returning folks.
    {from a 6-month newbie}.