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    senalay788 wrote: »
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Just a note: I dry my extra sage leaves. Just rinse well and pull off the stem. On a tray, line w paper towel and spread out the leaves. Let dry, could be a week, depending on the dryness of the air. If you have a sunny window, put them there. A tip I got from the village that my MIL comes from--after they're dry, put them in a paper bag and hang in your pantry. I used to put them in a glass jar, but they keep better this way. You can do this with rosemary, oregano, and laurel leaves too.

    I dry herbs in air fryer and it works fantastic - 150 degrees for 1-2 hrs.


    I dry herbs in air fryer and it works fantastic - 150 degrees for 1-2 hrs.
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  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,470 Member

    I dry herbs in air fryer and it works fantastic - 150 degrees for 1-2 hrs.
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    Vegetable pie.znx76i48htp5.jpg
    mtaratoot wrote: »
    I made another pie. This one is not dessert.

    Layers of thinly sliced Yukon gold potatoes (tossed with olive oil and seasonings), thinly sliced onions, sliced mushrooms, and garlic.

    It's cooling now, so I may or may not be able to cut into it today. Who cares. It's nice to look at. I hope it's tasty. I reckon I'll be working on the recipe over the next year so that in November 2021 I'll be able to bring one to friends house when we can once again sit together and enjoy a Thanksgiving festive meal.

    I want to remodel my kitchen to make it more user-friendly. Maybe I should get a lottery ticket.

    @snowflake954 & @mtaratoot

    Those are lovely!! I must get a pie dish! #Inspired. :)
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    Oooo.... Cauliflower and mushroom. Yum.

    Thanks for the kind words @AnnPT77. I wouldn't think of it as inspiring, but I had fun making it. I want to make more. I need to find people to help me eat them, though. That pie allegedly was 340 calories per slice assuming eight slices per pie. Actually a little less because a lot is from the crust, and I didn't use all the dough. Bonus - I have dough I can use without logging because I already logged it!

    I like whole wheat for most things too. I like the flavor/tooth and also the fact that it has improved nutrition. It's just that the flour doesn't last as long because it can get rancid. Things like challah should use white flour though. Well, maybe someone can show me otherwise. I'm totally open to that.

    Making the pie crust was pretty easy. To show how much I like cooking better than cleaning, instead of using my food processor, I cut the very cold butter into the flour by hand. Aside from a little salt, that's all that was in the dough. I separated it into two balls, the smaller one was for the top crust. I still have the smaller one, so I'm going to experiment with a tempeh pot pie tomorrow. I was going to add tempeh to this pie, but it was still frozen, and I wasn't sure how it would go. I'm thinking making a simple roux with butter and flour and then maybe some sherry, then just simple ingredients like celery and carrot. I might pre-steam the tempeh and put it in some marinade. Actually, this might be a project for Friday or the weekend.... Anyway, there ya go.

    The leaves were fun to make. The first ones are flakier because the more you roll or re-roll the crust dough, the more the butter melts into it. The last leaf was like the first pancake; you can just toss it. I want to work on my technique to make maple leaves, too. These were easy to freehand.

    The pie wasn't as good as I expected. It needed a little more salt and maybe some more umami to round it out. I've been thinking about ways to improve it for next time. In a year I plan to bring it to a festive holiday meal when we're allowed to congregate in groups again. One change will be to not layer the ingredients. The potatoes will still lay flat. I might caramelize the onions. I might briefly roast, steam, or saute the potatoes first. I might add vegemite, brewer's yeast, or maybe even Lee & Perin's for some of that umami. I was pleasantly surprised it was a little tastier reheated for lunch today, but still not good enough to "share" with neighbors. Foist. Whatever. They might like it. I'll make it again.

    It's been a long time since I did anything bready. I love to cook, but I've gotten out of the baking habit. I am thinking about getting a starter going and playing around with bread. I used to make bread pretty frequently in grad school. I kept a starter going, and since I also made beer, I had plenty of yeast to make some tasty, tasty loaves.

    I remember this one batch.... I had made some dry-hopped beer. I used the dregs to make bread. It was SO AWFULLY BITTER from the hops. Pretty much inedible. I fed some to ducks. This was before I learned what a bad idea feeding ducks is. I had made a very beautiful braided loaf with a gorgeous egg wash on the crust. Knowing the batch of bread was really not edible, I hung it on the wall. Between living in the high desert and having all the hops in it, that loaf of bread never developed any mold. It hung on that wall over a year until I moved away.

    I have no idea what got into me to make pie. I never make pie. I think I may start. I'm going to mostly focus on savory pies rather than sweet ones. Then again, I have a freezer full of marionberries, raspberries, and blueberries. They also go good in yogurt. I was also thinking about making a crust-less pumpkin "pie" because - crust. But it actually was really easy.

    The crust I used to make was also easy, but not as flaky. I don't recall the proportions, but it was whole wheat flour, vegetable oil, and milk. Just mix, then roll between two sheets of waxed paper. Super SUPER easy; no cutting in. But that really wasn't that hard, and it was even kind of fun.

    When I'm comfortable going back to second hand stores, I'll be looking for a tart pan....
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    Happy Weekend all!

    I had a family request to make root vegetables...

    I just thought there were some pretty colors going on. 💕

    Black Shetland mini potatoes, Okinawa purples & sweet potato. A few white pee wees.. I just like the name pee wees lol :)

    End result cooked in reserved duck fat and rosemary.


    Nailed it on the rainbow 🌈- love the fresh colors!
    senalay788 wrote: »
    A bowl of goodness.


    This would be hard for me to pause and photo. In. My. Face. Immediately!
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    Did some shopping today---greensctx1so3joo48.jpg
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Member Posts: 6,148 Member Member Posts: 6,148 Member
    Bought some pomegranatesm3s0xm9zvz2d.jpg
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    Yum (and mostly stuff I have, hmm).
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