December 2020 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @FFwife925 Welcome to this group. That's a great goal to start getting back into shape.
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    Tramboman wrote: »
    Regarding cold weather, it's very individual.
    Under Armor makes a good base layer.
    Winter weight tights and a fleece hoodie that zips up and down make a good top layer.
    A wool cap and glommits (cross between gloves and mittens) work for head and hands.
    If frost crystals start forming on the front of your tights and on the back of your glommits, it's probably too cold to be outside. It can take a long time to recover from frostbite.
    Some have talked about putting screws through the soles of your shoes so the tips provide extra grip, but that's too hard core for me. I just slow down if the footing is bad.

    Thanks so much for those tips @Tramboman ! I appreciate it!
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    Goals for December:
    1. Run for fun
    2. Don't eat too much Christmas
    3. Don't melt (it's summer here)

    I LOVE your goals!
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    Welcome @shorkster and @Cricketmad88 ! You'll love this group. Very supportive, no matter your level of running.
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    Welcome to all the new runners!!!
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    Thanks @katharmonic for setting us up.

    I'm in for 125 miles.

    Welcome to the new folks.
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    Welcome to @shorkster and @Cricketmad88