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What was your final push to get serious?



  • I have lost track of my goals so many times I lost count. I have always been overweight and started 2020 by exercising more and attempting to get on track. Then the lock down started and I was working from home sitting at my kitchen table... Not a good combination. I know what I need to do but still struggle to get on track everyday.
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    Katerr1kk wrote: »
    I noticed that friends around me, of a similar age (so early 40s) were starting to have health problems earlier this year. I realised that I could be next and really it was down to me to make a change. Who knows how much time we have. It was really a bit of a wake up call.

    I'd made excuses for years but no more. Even if I do have health problems in the future I'm sure that being 40lb+ lighter won't be a bad thing, even if it doesn't directly help.

    Plus I am a figure skater, and being lighter obviously helps with that.

    Figure skaters are awesome and tough! My daughter skated for years and I was so impressed by her discipline. You go girl!