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Share your story with MyFitnessPal! What are your New Year’s resolutions?



  • FeelinFooFooFeelinFooFoo Member Posts: 4,738 Member Member Posts: 4,738 Member
    New year, 2021 resolutions ~

    1. Lose weight
    2. Change to the Mediterranean diet
    3. Start exercising
    4. Stay well hydrated
    5. Stay e-cigarette free
    6. Stay alcohol free
    7. Stick to a routine

    That will do to start but plan to work in, meditation, joining a yoga class once it's possible to do so, get my anxiety under control, read more. 🙂

    Check a local studio or gym. Many are offering Zoom classes.

    It’s a good way to sample various instructors or styles, and gain some experience in privacy. You don’t even have to run video on yourself during zoom if you don’t want, although some instructors will provide feedback if they are able.

    That's a good point !

    Thanks for that. 👍
  • LisaGetsMovingLisaGetsMoving Member Posts: 669 Member Member Posts: 669 Member
    Goals for 2021:
    -Consistent tracking of food AND water intake (increase water intake!)
    -Move my body more through enjoyment of simple activities like walking, biking, hiking, dancing with the dog, etc
    -Minimum two days a week spend some time building muscle
    -Get my sleep schedule back on track

  • happimess01happimess01 Member Posts: 7,889 Member Member Posts: 7,889 Member

    Hit 109 kgs by February
    Hit 99 kgs by April
    Get to onederland by June
    Hit <20% bf by the end of the year
    Do dumbbell workouts 3 times a week till gyms open
    Join a gym(when they open) and follow a beginning lifting program continuously for the rest of the year
    Learn to cook at least 12 new healthy recipes
  • benhmorris63benhmorris63 Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    Get my body fat percentage to between 15% - 16% and keep it there without sacrificing too much weight. I'm under 17% now and progressing. I'm not trying to look like Captain America, but I don't like jiggling when I walk. I also plan to hike more this year at new places.
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Member Posts: 2,114 Member Member Posts: 2,114 Member
    no comfort eating, food is not comfort, go to something that is good for me.
  • qwertyujnqwertyujn Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I started losing the weight a month ago.. My Resolution would be to continue to, "take back my life!"
    Not only physically but mentally and emotionally, as well. I strive to be more aware of what I consume and how much. I told myself not to be discouraged by weight gain. I'm only human.. This just means I have to work harder to lose the weight,, so for this reason, I will continue.
  • BlobE1BlobE1 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    1. To carry on with my weight loss journey no matter how many "bad days" I have.
    2. To go through with my life changing surgery, and try my hardest to recover for the rest of the year.
    3. To get started on my portfolio for work, and actually ask for help when I need it.
    4. To meditate and reflect more.
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