What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • 7elizamae
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    Crossfit workout -- in the end I did 40 burpees, 40 thrusters with 25# on the bar, and 40 bent rows in 11 minutes.

  • Djproulx
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    For today's workout, my coach gave me the option to do either a 2hr trainer ride, or just ride outdoors. The weather forecast was for high 40s and light winds, so I decided to ride outside. The actual conditions were mid 40s with a strong north wind. It was pretty chilly! Good thing I wore full winter gear, including booties over the cycling shoes, a beanie under the helmet, a wind vest and arm warmers over the compression gear. Rode for about 2.5hrs covering just under 39 miles, a 15.3mph ave. The area is fairly scenic even in winter, so it was a nice change from the trainer.


    Tomorrow's training plan includes a run and a swim.
  • AnnPT77
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    A mere 1163 rowing machine meters to get the blood moving before breakfast. (Apparently failed to warm up adequately at the start, because I also got an exercise-induced cough. 🙄 You wouldn't think a piece that short could do it. Seems it can. 🙄)

    Later, a 5 mile walk through a beautifully snowy park with my (former?) massage therapist, at stroll & chat pace, since he was also taking photos.
  • conniewilkins56
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    Swim swim swim
  • MikePfirrman
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    Skipped Friday's workout to be with family (and took a nice 3 mile walk, very leisurely).

    Back at it today. Did the first 5K in a while. 22:40 for time, very far off my best a few years ago when I was closing in on 19 minutes, but it got the HR up a bit (173 or so).

    Did 30 minutes afterward on the LateralX just to cool down.

    Working on setting up the home (lifting) gym later today. We have one room kind of dedicated to cardio and dog crates, so this will be out in the garage. Doable right now. We'll see in the Summer when it's always over 100 in Tucson.

    My rowing club has a 10K on the slate for this month. That will be interesting. My goal just 3 years ago was break 40 minutes on the 10K. Now, it's more or less just survive!

  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    today my workout was looking for our 2 great pyreneese who walked out of a gate my husband left open. Then I Was followed by 15 goats and we got to herd them back to our farm 1/4 mile down the road. fortunately we found the dogs and they remembered their job LMAO

    it was fun.

    no. not really.

  • Djproulx
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    Survived my first full week of coached workouts. Feels good to be back into normal training mode, with a long bike on Saturday, then a swim/long run on Sunday. Distances are modest for now, but more than enough given my lack of swim and run fitness. Had a 75 minute easy run this am, then a recovery swim of 2000yds of mostly drills and a modest 400yd endurance set. Week one is in the books. Tomorrow is a rest day.

  • fabriziabitesyou
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    Today I did my usual plank in the morning. Then I started this thing a week or so ago (saw it on Instagram) to do 25 squats every time I go to the bathroom. Sometimes I forget, but that's about 100 squats so far today. And then a 40 min hike in the mountains.
  • MikePfirrman
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    6K meter row, 25 minutes on the Assault Bike. HR way too high for what I like in Steady State work (peaked at 80% max, averaged 71% max). But upped the DF (not high mind you, just more in line with what most, on the lower side, use) on the rower and I didn't honestly feel like lowering the SR (stroke rate) down to 18, so the HR creeped up on me, but didn't feel too bad. I'm going to start doing at least one row a week at a higher DF (drag factor, what most incorrectly term "resistance") now to start building back up strength.

    It's interesting to me how much the nature/extent of fatigue can differ from X split at lower rating/higher power vs. higher rating/lower power, and also the extent of stress on particular injury or stress-prone body parts. As you've seen, I'd usually prefer to lower rating and focus on meters/stroke & split, to work on power, rather than changing DF. I don't have a good reason for that: I'd be lying if I claimed it was for simulated boat feel, because I usually row quite a few different boats over the course of a season, sometimes rowing the bigger boats with only part of the crew rowing, so that's a lot of different boat-feels, that probably correlates roughly to quite a range of mid-range DFs.

    I'll be interested to hear how the DF variation works out for you, could be a thing to emulate if you're perceiving benefits after doing it for a while.

    It's incredible how much higher my HR gets right now at higher DFs. I can lower it and up the SR and be fine. I suppose just a sign how bad my strength is currently.
  • JessAndreia
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    3k row.
  • JSLuke59
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    Leg day-
    Cable pull through
    Calf raises w/ hex bar
    Seated leg raises
    Lying leg curls
    Squat w/hex bar
  • 1HugoG
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    I must have pinched a nerve during my last rollerblading escapade. My lower is in excruciating pain. After laying or sitting down, I feel crippled.

    Swimming provides some temporary relief. Otherwise I can barely move. Some recommend acupuncture. But I’m a biT concerned, having had 2 spine surgeries.
    Very scary.
  • drmwc
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    Two days ago, I got a 90 minute climb in. I was terrible, but didn't seem in danger of dying, which was nice.

    Yesterday I did a 10 mile walk followed by leg day, which may be sup-optimal planning on my part. For lifting, I did:
    • 3 sets of 10, squat, 65 kgs
    • 3 sets of 6 deadlift, 100 kgs
    • Loads of pistols

  • jdhcm2006
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    This morning, 20 min. spin class, followed by 10 minutes of stretching.
    Will do another 20 min. ride and stretch class tonight.
    The morning workout was not planned, but I woke up at 3am and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I took a live class at 7am 🤦🏽‍♀️😴.
  • JDMac82
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    500 K Row
    40 Banded Crunches
    15 KBell Swing
    10 Squat Press
    15 Rev Grip Pull-ups
    30 Dips

    Mil Press
    Lat Pulls
    Rear Delts
    Rope to Face
    15 Wide Grip Pull-ups
    T Bar Row
    Front Raises
    Iso Pulldowns
    Dbell Snatch
    Close Grip Pull-ups

    Sporty 40 Abs
    Situps/Hip Lifts/Rower/Flutter Kicks/Crunches/Knee Tucks/ Supine Bike/Mtn Climber/Hanging Leg Raises/ Hip Dips
  • MikePfirrman
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    I hate how technology reliant I am. Went to set up the rower and my I-Phone crapped out. Then I turned it back on and it showed 10% battery life. Just rowed unplugged, no music, which blows -- around 5K. Then went in and scheduled an appointment to replace the battery (as it was plugged in all morning) and then it shows 100% charge, within seconds of showing 10%!

    So finished with around 15 easy minutes on the Assault Bike. Around 40 minutes total. Harder on the rower than on the bike but all pretty easy.
  • JessAndreia
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    Dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts
    Stability ball leg curls
    Dumbbell bench press
    One arm dumbbell rows
    Dumbbell shoulder press
    Decline bench sit-ups
  • AnnPT77
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    Rowing machine, 3 x (2k on, 2' off/CD) at 20 spm 2:30.5 overall (slower on piece #1 that includes WU, 2:29 (-point whatever) on the other two.

    Not really trying for any particular numbers, other than keeping it close to base intensity (got over 75% reserve a little, but barely, maxed at 148 rather than below 145), and working on the technique things I've been focusing on lately (heels down first, hold the body angle out of the catch, avoid excessive layback, get the full forward length right out of the finish).

    I'm now in the mode of wanting to mix things up a bit, in terms of activities, but haven't decided what I want to do, so I went back into "exercise snack" mode, doing sets of things here and there through the day:

    Standing side leg lifts
    Side lunges
    Hanging knee raises
    Seated diamond stretches
    Psoas stretches
    Quad stretches
    Ankle/knee/hip mobility exercises
    Low back stretches
    and some foam rolling

    May do some more, later.
  • 1HugoG
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    Just 1 hour of strong effort swimming to decompress my lower back. It worked a bit.
  • Djproulx
    Djproulx Posts: 3,084 Member
    Starting week two of base building. Swim session this am.
    600 warm up( swim, kick, pull)
    200 drill set (Tarzan swim)
    200 kick set
    1000 main set: 20x50, laps1-4 descending x 5 rounds
    200 cooldown.

    Core work/mobility work tonight...or yoga.