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JUST FOR TODAY -- Daily Commitment Thread for 2021



  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 157 Member Member Posts: 157 Member
    2021 Goals
    Walk or Jog 1000 miles -(at 29/1000)
    consistently track my eating and activity(Logged 12/12 days so far)
    Weight from 230.9 12/31/2020 to 190-200 lbs. by 3/31/2021 (currently 226.7
    undergo IVF (will continue trying to lose weight until I conceive)

    JFT Tuesday 1/12 - I have an annual checkup today, so I'm fasting until my 1pm dr appointment for the fasting bloodwork.:s
    Drink 100 oz water Done!
    walk/jog 4 miles on treadmill Big fail - my back was hurting yesterday and I ended up not doing any exercise.
    Go to bed at 9:30pm, wake up at 6am 10:30pm/7am
    Log food/activity Done!
    Burn 2800, eat 1200, deficit 1600 Due to the no-exercise, my burn was only 2300, ate 1800, deficit 500

    JFT Wednesday 1/13
    Stay on task during work hours, I have 2 year-end deliverables due today and a lot going on
    Drink 80+ oz
    12k steps
    Go to bed at 10pm, wake up at 6:15am, walk for 30 min 1st thing tomorrow
    Log food/activity
    Burn 2800, eat 1200, deficit 1600
  • mermaidnjmermaidnj Member Posts: 112 Member Member Posts: 112 Member
    Just for today I will take a walk🚶‍♀️ . As always KISS 😘
  • azulvioleta6azulvioleta6 Member Posts: 4,097 Member Member Posts: 4,097 Member
    @pridesabtch - I teach honors/gifted sophomores. Quite often they have crafted an identity around being "the smart one." When they encounter material that they do not master on the first try, (a) they may not have developed alternative strategies, and (b) it's an unpleasant experience that they don't have much experience with.

    I talk to my students about the fact that nobody can "do it all." They're getting to a point in their lives at which they're going to have to prioritize some things ahead of others. And that means that things that are at a lower priority may not come out just right, or they may need to let go of some of them. And that's okay.

    Good luck. You'll be in my thoughts. <3

    Yep! High school is the place to learn those lessons and grow from those failures. So many people don't really confront their study habits until the first year of college when failing comes with bigger consequences. It's also very common for good students to be falling behind with distance learning.
    edited January 13
  • azulvioleta6azulvioleta6 Member Posts: 4,097 Member Member Posts: 4,097 Member

    1. Eat breakfast :)
    2. Walk outside at lunch for natural light if possible (heavy rain right now) :( flood conditions
    3. No caffeine after 2PM :)
    4. Do 2 mini-workouts :(
    5. Have a big salad and start counting freggies again :(
    6. at least 8C liquids :)
    7. At least 8000 steps :)
    8. 6 hours not stay up all night listening to salsa DJs :) just barely 6

    1. Eat breakfast
    2. Walk outside at lunch for natural light if possible
    3. No caffeine after 2PM
    4. Do 2 mini-workouts
    5. Big salad!
    6. at least 8C liquids
    7. At least 8000 steps
    8. 6 hours sleep
  • iigauran2766iigauran2766 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member

    1. Log all food intake
    2. At least 10 minutes of movement/exercise
    3. More fiber intake
    4. At least one serving of fruits and vegetables
  • mytime6630mytime6630 Member Posts: 3,664 Member Member Posts: 3,664 Member

    JFT, Tues, 1/12
    1. log alll food :/
    2. mindful eating :/
    3. stop nitetime snacking at 9 -- brush teeth. Make up for cookies last nite :/
    4. concentrate on 8+ water :/

    Not the best day ... got into emotional eating, and I think I ate almost an entire box of ice cream. I know not to buy this .... I have to get back in that mindset to not bring these kinds of things in the house!

    JFt, Wed
    1. log all food
    2. go for walk .. already got in a 4 mile walk this morning, and plan to walk again this afternoon
    3. drink water
    4. brush teeth at 8 .. no more eating!

  • clicketykeysclicketykeys Member Posts: 4,655 Member Member Posts: 4,655 Member
    JFT Thursday
    1. 1 set of lifts. Balance work. Feed cats. Meds. Tea! Post class plan right away on screen AND on site.
    2. Pit Crew: Thankful Thursday. NEED SEATING CHART. Mark Es and make recommendations. Print gradebooks. Input green grades for 4th; check target grades.
    3. Classes: Lesson: paragraph structure / details. Homework: add details to previous assignment.
    4. Planning: Grade classwork. Stretch. Philosophy of ed. Research Wed questions.
    5. Lunch: Egg Salad. Buy Hood Feminism and New Jim Crow? Pride & Prejudice notes.
    6. Afternoon: Philosophy of ed; college rec. Walk at park?
    7. Evening: S&F 4. Dinner: Soup. Breathe. Set 2 of lifts.
    8. Drink more water. No, more. Keep the pitcher in the fridge full. You're not actually hungry. Make some tea. Drink more water! Chop celery and pack lunch. Set out clothes for tomorrow. Set up JFT for tomorrow.
    9. Shower. Review papers by desk. File or trash. Pester S about sending emails for characters.
    10. Gratitude journal. Therapy exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. Wed book group. MH Monday check-in; Tough Question Tuesday; Whatever Wednesday AMA; Thankful Thursday. Indochino suit fitting - Atlanta or Nashville?

    Scale goals
    End of 2017: 174.6
    End of 2018: 189.2
    End of 2019: 196.4
    End of 2020: 187.4
    Today: 189.4

    Ongoing plans/ideas behind the cut
    1. Purchases: Look for an "ugly Christmas sweater" and a long-haired doll at thrift stores. Practice French braiding. Go to used bookstore and look for On Writing (Stephen King), Dying for a Paycheck (Robin Hardman), The Prince (tr. Tim Parks, Russell Price, or Robert Adams), The Secret Adversary (Christie).
    2. E2: What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Create vocabulary lists for each unit that come from the texts used: Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, Wes Moore, I Am Malala. Find a way to incorporate changing words from one part of speech to another. Students need to know how to review multiple sources and synthesize information in order to draw a conclusion. Need practice with the difference between transitions and overlapping (at end of paragraph - "another issue is Y" vs "there are other issues besides X"). Quit using "in conclusion" and "I believe" and other writing-about-my-writing phrases. Confusion between direct/indirect objects and prepositional phrases. Use the UDHR and the Declaration of Independence to study paraphrasing; use that to front-load Machiavelli and how to deal with challenging texts. Confusion between everyday / every day and similar constructions.
    3. E1: Need practice with quoting & paraphrasing sources, identifying claims that would need support, use of last names for reference, and capitalization practice (common/proper nouns, titles). Difficulty using possessive nouns in their own writing. Honors: practice subject/object pronouns (my friend and I / my friend and me). Poetry: Revise "Songs are Poetry" handouts.
    4. Curriculum Development: Writing mini-unit. Review scholarly research on 5PE. (I think I can have this as an intro to the research unit so that they also get exposure to how quotes are integrated and cited.) Parallel structure; use of emotional language, specific detail. Use "Write About a Pebble" lesson from Atwell. How long should each unit take? Do research on characteristics: curiosity, persistence, resilience, creativity, responsibility, optimism, courage, integrity, authenticity, leadership, self-awareness, humility, compassion - others? Include grammarly check on essays! Review assessments. What is the purpose for each unit? What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Write 1 reflection weekly; type one in Classroom by Weds. Copy-paste to discussion board for comments due Friday. Homework: Online journal Mon due Tue; Reflection Tue due Wed; C&P journal in class Wed; Comments Thu due Fri. Bonus if you are the first response; further bonus if you respond to comments on your post. Grammar practice Mon & Wed; quiz Fri. Unit plan for research (Idea for regular: comparing same story on sites with different biases).
    5. Professional Development: Write blog post weekly. Comment on 3 posts each week - Tu Th Sun? Check with PSC. Talk with Z about articles and/or conference proposals.
    6. Medical: Dentist call to schedule cleaning – March? ObG schedule for April. Schedule PCP for May.
    7. Theater: Little Princess.
    8. House: Siding. Or perhaps bathroom floor.
    9. Fun: Open beading on Thursdays. Coloring at library on Tuesday. Put jewelry away. Edney Hack Nights alt Weds. ASL? Spanish/Portuguese practice? Practice piano. ROL Secret Adversary. Buy bike rack for car.
    10. Volunteering ideas: Theater. Library. Animal shelter. Community Kitchen. Emerge Georgia training.
    11. Family: Book group. Dinners?
    12. Writing: Blog post: Running, Racism and Rum: Learning to Handle Discomfort. Fanfic: Create a scene list for the Batgirl story. Finish the cafe scene for the Titans story. Open Wordpress in Safari.
    13. Lifting: 15 squats, 15 deadlifts, 10 shoulder presses, 15 arm raises, 15 pushups, 30 crunches, 15 side lifts, 15 back kicks, horse stance for 5 breaths.
    14. Other: Practice hair braiding with D. Check on appts for drs. Remind D to ask his dad about the table and check with home repair contractors. 3 posts/week? Create test for MLA format. Create test for infographics and visual information. Remember that M does not like surprises! Check dates of classes and update semester plan. She Should Run vision statement. Update standards on board. When to change bulletin board?

    WFTY: Persistence. It's evening and I remembered! AGAIN!
    Reminder: Last year's WFTY was progress, and I am ... actually, I was going to say content, but it's more than that. I'm proud of myself, and I'm pleased with the progress that I made. Even without the challenges throughout the year, I accomplished things that I should be proud of; and given those challenges, I'm even happier about what I was able to do.
  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,403 Member Member Posts: 1,403 Member
    Wednesday 13 Jan

    I’m late posting today as I’ve been out food shopping for the first time since 23 Dec. I’m so looking forward to a greater selection of fresh fruit and veg and real milk in my tea! (Have been isolating as a result of essential travel).

    Log 😊
    Stay in the green 😊
    5 fruit and veg 😊
    Water 👿
    Fitbit exercise goals 😊
    Weigh 😊 trend ⬆️ 👿 hopefully it’s salt from yesterday’s smoked haddock .......

  • ZizzyBumbleZizzyBumble Member Posts: 1,403 Member Member Posts: 1,403 Member
    Thursday 14 Jan

    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
    Weigh 😊 trend ↔️

  • littleblackskirtlittleblackskirt Member Posts: 488 Member Member Posts: 488 Member

    JFT Wednesday 13th Jan

    Log everything yes
    Stay in the green yes
    Walk? Very icy no, too slippy
    Admin. Just do it! Pay mother's bills! no, didn't even look at it, and mother handed me another bill!
    Back exercises yes, 2 sets (not as great as it sounds, just means I twice got down onto the floor and did the exercises

    JFT Thursday 14th Jan

    Log everything
    Stay in the green
    Admin, no more procrastinating!
    Back exercises

    Word for 2021 Strength

    Lose 21lbs in 2021

  • shenna333shenna333 Member Posts: 100 Member Member Posts: 100 Member

    JFT 1/13 WED:

    Meet step goal✅
    Log food and water✅
    Positive thoughts only!!✅
    Now take digital food scale out of
    Be grateful, rejoice in my many

    Feels good getting back into the swing of things. Paying attention to what I am fueling my body with, and just moving more in general. I'm feeling better physically and mentally.
    Going to be a long day, so expect some challenges today.

    JFT 1/14 THURS:

    Meet step goal
    Log ALL food
    Positive thoughts!
    Battery for food scale
    Enjoy my interactions with others

    Hope everyone has a good day!
    These are trying times. To those struggling, Love and hugs❤️
  • WellingTXWellingTX Member, Premium Posts: 612 Member Member, Premium Posts: 612 Member
    Solid day on Wednesday

    For Wednesday:

    -I'm grateful my late 80's parents received their first COVID vaccine. Haven't seen them in - person since Thanksgiving '19.
    -1800 calories, continue to make progress on the weekly average:1759 Working down the average from Monday's bump in the road
    -Work out for 80 minutes: 84 including a 45 minute, 2.29 mile outdoor walk. Nice to be in the sun
    -Eat between 8 and 6: Done. Sticking to the 6:00 cut off kept me from going over on calories
    -Eat dinner at the table:Done
    -Invest 15 minutes in professional development:Done with YouTube for workout time and podcasts for walk
    -Spend 30 minutes on the house: Started organizing for taxes
    -Read books at night:Meh

    For Thursday:

    -Grateful for technology, today Zoom. Spent time with my father yesterday helping him with a computer issue. Not being able to see my parents in person is hard but Zoom helps.
    -1900 and get my week to date average under 2000:
    -Work out for 80 minutes. Full day so will be difficult to work in the walk and work out:
    -Eat between 8 and 6:
    -Eat dinner at the table:
    -Invest 15 minutes in professional development:
    -Invest 30 minutes on the house:
    -Read books at night versus scrolling the web:
  • iigauran2766iigauran2766 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member

    1. Log all food intake
    2. More fiber
    3. Prepare my own lunch and dinner
  • Smschaefer04Smschaefer04 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Well I haven’t blogged since last week, However, I have logged my food, exercise and water everyday except 1. Not to shabby

    1st week- I stayed at my 173 weight (a little sad about this, but I Will NOT give up)
    **** I didn’t gain this weight in a week, so I Must keep going****

    Word for the Week **DISCIPLINE***

    Good Luck Everyone 💪💪
  • lcyfrnxolcyfrnxo Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    1. Log food intake
    2. Go for jog before work (on night shift)
    3. No snacking on chocolate etc throughout night
    4. Stick to food plan for the day
  • pridesabtchpridesabtch Member Posts: 911 Member Member Posts: 911 Member

    JFT Wednesday

    - Work by 8:00, :smiley: Actually 6:15 with doughnuts because I couldn't sleep
    - Get Moisture machine up and running in Molding area. :smiley:
    - Review CUSUM loops for area labs :(
    - Ride my trainer for 71 minutes :smiley:
    - Dinner with the fam & watch Forged in Fire with the hubby :smiley:
    - Bed by 11:30 (after the news, if I make it that long) :smiley:

    WFY: Forgiveness (of self)

    Y'all have a great day and tell people how important they are to you.

    Yesterday's food choices weren't great, but I logged them and I was under calories. It has been a long time since I've spent more than 30 minutes on the bike, 71 minutes seemed daunting. Funny thing is I used to ride for hours so 71 minutes should be no big deal. Really it wasn't, I did it on the spin bike rather than the trainer so I could set a resistance and a cadence and just go. I can do this on my trainer, but my cadence sensor needs a battery. Anyway, the ride went well. no stopping, no slowing just a nice 80-85 cadence for my steady state at 30% resistance. I needed this kick in the pants.

    We also scheduled our summer vacation this year for Cocoa Beach in Florida. Rented a nice house a block from the beach, and we'll take our kids plus a friend for each. It is always more fun when they have friends. Swim suits and such, another motivator. AND it will be my 30 year class reunion this year. It may be virtual, but I still wanna look good.

    JFT Thursday
    - 7:00 am Global Call :smiley:
    - Feed 4-legs :smiley:
    - Take meds & Vitamins (forgot last night) :smiley:
    - If nice (not raining) go for a long, cold, hilly walk
    - If raining ride for 71 minutes - my new thing
    - Log all food
    - Stay in the green

    Have a stellar day, y'all!

    WFY: Forgiveness (self)
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Member Posts: 11,674 Member Member Posts: 11,674 Member
    ❄️⛄️JANUARY ⛄️❄️

    January 2021
    🔹Word - Balance
    🔹I am in tune with my dreams
    🔹I know what is right for me
    🔹I will pursue my dreams and greatest passion
    January 2021
    Life Affirmations

    🔹I live in congruence with my authentic self
    🔹I am mindful
    🔹I am creative every day
    🔹I foster positivity
    🔹I am compassionate
    Keep your chin up!
    Turning up is the ultimate success!
    • Name: Terri
    • Age: 74
    • Height: 5'2"
    • SW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    • Joined MFP: Jan 2015
    • 1st Goal: 190 Sept 2015
    • UGW: 145
    • 01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    • 31 Dec 2019: 151.2
    • 31 Dec 2020: 145.6
    [*] 1 Jan: 147.2
    [*] 8 Jan: 144.2 (lowest in many years)
    [*] Total weight loss: 82

    January Daily Goals: Week 2
    Fri: ✅ Sat: ✅ Sun: ✅ Mon: ✅
    Tue: ✅ Wed: ✅ Thu:
    1. Weight < 150: ✅6/7
    2. Reduce Fat%: ✅ 29.3; 27.1; 25.1; 24.5; 24.2[/s] 23.4
    3. Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1; 30.6; 30.7: 30.9: 31.1
    4. Calories in the green ✅ 6/7
    5. Steps > 7500 ✅ 6/7
    6. Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily✅ 6/7
    7. Active hours > 6 daily ✅ 6/7
    Positive intentions for Wed 13
    Positive intentions for Thu 14:
    • Meditation ✅
    • Daily Yoga/tai chi practice
    • Outdoor walk
    • Laundry✅
    • continue work on Hobbies room clear out
    • Daily Chores ✅
    • Puzzles: Watch TV:
    • Ch 2 'Travels with Charlie, John Steinbeck ongoing✅
    • Keep up to date with email ✅

      Terri 🦄
  • mermaidnjmermaidnj Member Posts: 112 Member Member Posts: 112 Member
    Most of you are probably to young to remember having to write something one hundred times as the good Sisters at SHS called it a reminder not to repeat bad behavior but hey it worked then lets see if it gets me back on track after two slips..✏

    1 food plan 2 food plan 3 food plan 4 food plan 5 food plan 6 food plan 7 food plan 8 food plan 9 food plan 10 food plan 11 food plan 12 food plan 13 food plan 14 food plan 15 food plan 16 food plan 17 food plan 18 food plan 19 food plan 20 food plan 21 food plan 22 food plan 23 food plan 24 food plan 25 food plan 26 food plan 27 food plan 28 food plan 29 food plan 30 food plan 31 food plan 32 food plan 33 food plan 34 food plan 35 food plan 36 food plan 37 food plan 38 food plan 39 food plan 40 food plan 41 food plan 42 food plan 43 food plan 44 food plan 45 food plan 46 food plan 47 food plan 48 food plan 49 food plan 50 food plan 51 food plan 52 food plan 53 food plan 54 food plan 55 food plan 56 food plan 57 food plan 58 food plan 59 food plan 60 food plan 61 food plan 62 food plan 63 food plan 64 food plan 65 food plan 66 food plan 67 food plan 68 food plan 69 food plan 70 food plan 70 food plan 71 food plan 72 food plan 73 food plan 74 food plan 75 food plan 76 food plan 77 food plan 78 79 food plan 80 food plan 81 food plan 82 food plan 83 food plan 84 food plan 85 food plan 86 food plan 87 food plan 88 food plan 87 food plan 88 food plan 89 food plan 90 food plan 91 food plan 92 food plan 93 food plan 94 food plan 95 food plan 96 food plan 97 food plan 98 food plan 99 food plan 100 food plan

    Just for today ,I will be aware of living in my body as well as my mind...
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