2021....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • mermaidnj
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    Monday is here again
    3 rd weigh in
    start weight 214.8 8/21 20
    start challenge 175
    currant weight 177
    +4 week
    -.04 month
    -20.4 quarter
    -32.8 year

    This weeks success was that I did publicly log three out of five days of some really bad choices getting better with honesty and accountability mostly to myself..

    This weeks challenges staying on food plan , choosing food as a coping mechanism for fatigue, stress, frustration and isolation . None were made better by binging and I feel absolute rubbish physically..

    Some may ask how I could gain four ponds in 5 days what can I say I'm an over achiever..🙄
  • 963Nitro
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    Starting weight: 234.8 1/1/21
    Goal weight: 185 (59 total pounds)
    Current weight: 228
    Total weight lost: 6.8
    This week's successes: tracked and completed my diary every night. I found if I complete it, I'm not tempted in a late night snack because I don't want to edit it. Also working towards new PRs at Orange Theory Fitness.
    This week's challenges: portion control, and staying ridgid on what I eat. - for me, every slope is a slippery one. Including alcohol with friends.
    234.8 Start
    232.6 Week 1
    228 Week 2
  • Theo166
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    I need this check-in, helps me feel accountable.

    Starting weight: 304
    Goal weight:<250 (end of 2021)
    Current weight: 302
    Total weight lost: 2
    This week's successes: I started tracking my food again
    This week's challenges: fast food
  • MERJ0
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    Week 3 (Tuesday, Jan. 19th)
    Starting weight: 193lbs
    Last week’s weight: 188.8lbs
    Goal Weight: 141lbs
    Current weight: 188.4
    Weekly weight lost: -0.4
    Total weight lost: -4.6
    This week’s successes: minimum of 30-60minute walks every day, met daily calorie goals, no late night snacking, no alcohol
    This week’s challenges: feeling like time is dragging, wine and carb cravings, missing the gym during lockdown, feeling like I’ve plateaued too soon
  • Lilylady3k
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    49 weeks till 2022 🎉

    Losing weight may be a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up.
    I need to quit losing the same pounds over and over. If you are tired of starting over, STOP giving up.

  • timlangan42
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    Week 2. Bouncing off the floor
    Forgot to post. Last week’s drop was nice to kick things off, but it appears I’m still bouncing off of my current floor of 185. I finally (after months of this) punched through and hit 184.9 after a nice ride. The cooler season’s lighter activity seems more content to maintain my current weight, and eating at (what I thought) was a deficit, isn’t translating as well as I’d hoped. I’ll keep pounding at it…

    Starting weight 1/1/2021: 192 lbs
    Goal weight: 165 lbs
    Current Weight: 186.6 lbs
    This week’s Change: +1.5 lbs
    Challenge weight lost: 5.4 lbs

    This Week’s Successes:

    Managed a 50 mile bike ride on the one day it warmed up enough for me to get out there. Logged all but a couple of my meals and all days were at deficit.

    This Week’s Challenges:
    Weather has been too cool to bike. Only got one ride in this week and had to re-register and sign waivers to re-activate my gym fob, so no gym until they get around to authorizing me again. Booty challenge and ride shredded my legs and hobbled me for a few days; not bouncing back as quickly as I once did. But no complaints, it’s been a while since I was truly sore, so I know I’m pushing myself again.
  • tess453
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    Starting Weight: 11st 7.6
    Goal Weight: 9st 7
    Current Weight: 11st 5.0
    Total Weight Lost: 2.6lb
    This weeks successes: maintained despite TOM and reduced exercise.
    This weeks challenges: Pizza and all the carbs...

    START Jan 1: 11st 7.6
    WK01 Jan 3: 11st 7.6
    WK02 Jan 10: 11st 5.0
    WK03 Jan 19: 11st 5.0 - ok straight up honesty. Last week was TOM, I barely exercised and succumbed to pizza Friday. Tried to cut back where I could so fairly happy to have maintained. Fully focused and in the right frame of mind this week to crack on.
    WK04 Jan 24:
    WK05 Jan 31:
    Jan Loss: