When people comment on your weight loss....

It is nice when people notice but maybe its just me but when people say.. "wow you look so different" , etc. I have to admit a part of me thinks how bad did i look before? Lol


  • kds10
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    I have to agree....I find when I meet people that didn't know me prior that is the best because they have no clue I lost weight so nothing is said
  • duxlady
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    I actually feel like speakeasy- I am a little uncomfortable. I feel a little self conscious when people make a lot of comments all the time. While I did want to lose to look better, my main focus was health and strength.
  • Dootzy1
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    I have always felt a bit uncomfortable with "compliments" on weight loss. Yes, @msapplek -- it is weird to ask how much, and depending on how close the friendship is, I would back off from responding with a number. If it is a friend who also struggles with weight, maybe I will say "around "X" amount of pounds." To someone else-- "Enough to feel healthier and more energetic- thanks!!"
  • ahoy_m8
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    mk, when your family makes unwelcome criticisms, does it help to respond with an objective benchmark like BMI?

    Lately I have received a couple "concerned" comments about DH weight loss behind his back. When I relayed to him, he responded that his BMI is middle of the fairway "normal." I did the math, and he's actually closer to overweight than underweight. When I tell family members he's technically closer to overweight than underweight (without mentioning actual numbers), they back off. The people who expressed concern have gained weight FWIW. I sometimes wonder if the "concern" expressed is a projection of concern for self. Anyhoo....

    Ironically, my BMI is lower but it has been that way so long no one ever expresses concern. I think it's just the relative change that people react to. I'm sure your look is seriously different -- in a seriously great way!