February 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @rheddmobile yikes! So glad you weren't injured more than that. I don't have equipment to lift at home other than dumbbells and kettlebells, but that's one reason I don't like to lift by myself outside of working with my trainer.

    @kgirlhart that's a crazy range of temperatures over a short span of time. 83 degrees already???

    Date :::: Miles :::: Cumulative
    02/01/21 :::: 2.1 :::: 2.1
    02/02/21 :::: 1.6 :::: 3.6
    02/03/21 :::: 5.0 :::: 8.7
    02/04/21 :::: 2.9 :::: 11.5
    02/05/21 :::: 8.6 :::: 20.1
    02/06/21 :::: 4.0 :::: 24.1
    02/07/21 :::: 3.3 :::: 27.4
    02/08/21 :::: 3.0 :::: 30.4
    02/09/21 :::: 3.0 :::: 33.4
    02/10/21 :::: 4.7 :::: 38.1
    02/11/21 :::: 0.0 :::: 38.1
    02/12/21 :::: 0.0 :::: 38.1
    02/13/21 :::: 4.6 :::: 42.7
    02/14/21 :::: 13.1 :::: 55.8
    02/15/21 :::: 3.0 :::: 58.9
    02/16/21 :::: 2.1 :::: 60.9
    02/17/21 :::: 3.1 :::: 64.0
    02/18/21 :::: 2.2 :::: 66.2
    02/19/21 :::: 7.0 :::: 73.2
    02/20/21 :::: 0.0 :::: 73.2
    02/21/21 :::: 3.1 :::: 76.3
    02/22/21 :::: 2.6 :::: 78.9
    02/23/21 :::: 2.0 :::: 80.9
    02/24/21 :::: 5.2 :::: 86.0
    02/25/21 :::: 2.6 :::: 88.6

    More treadmill warmup before strength training today. If I could just leave the house 5 minutes earlier, I wouldn't have to stop at weird fractions of miles :)

    I have a little song lyric quiz for you that I posted to one of my run club facebook groups where we often post song lyrics modified to be about running or that already mention running. Today I was listening to this song on Spotify and noticed the stanza about running. Anyone recognize it from just this part (song is from early 90s)?

    She's running out the door (run)
    She's running out
    She run, run, run, run,
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    @katharmonic Yeah for the nice temperatures and run. Sorry about the skiing and snowshoeing though. Around here, if it is cool enough, the ski slopes make artificial snow. Not ideal, but maybe that will be the case in the mountains where you are so you can at least ski.

    @kgirlhart Glad the weather was better for a couple of days and you got in some good runs. The weather really has been extremely unusual this February.

    @rheddmobile That's scary. I'm glad you are relatively okay and had a decent run.

    @Avidkeo Glad you have recovered well. Sounds like you have a great plan to improve for your next HM! You're going to do great!

  • Tramboman
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    2-1 6.1k treadmill
    2-2 5k treadmill + yoga
    2-3 6k slow
    2-4 6k easy + yoga
    2-5 5k treadmill
    2-6 6k slow + yoga
    2-7 5k treadmill
    2-8 7k slow
    2-9 6k treadmill + yoga
    2-10 7k slow
    2-11 6k treadmill + yoga
    2-12 7k measy (between moderate and easy)
    2-13 7k measy
    2-14 5k treadmill + yoga
    2-15 6k treadmill
    2-16 5k dreadmill + yoga
    2-17 6k treadmill
    2-18 6k treadmill + yoga
    2-19 5k treadmill
    2-20 7k slow + yoga
    2-21 7k easy
    2-22 7k slow
    2-23 6k slow + yoga
    2-24 7k slow
    2-25 7k easy + yoga

    February Total: 163.1k
    February Goal: 150k

    Mostly cloudy, lower 30s F, with a wind from the west at about 5 - 10 mph. Was hoping for migratory robins, but didn't see any. Lots of geese, though, as the grass begins to emerge from the snow.

    When you pop in here claiming your December 2021 mileage, what accomplishments will you have made?
  • rheddmobile
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    Avidkeo wrote: »
    Had a bit of a scare yesterday. My right calf and leg felt really tight, and I'm sure it was bigger than my left. Asked a colleague and DVT came up. I didn't have any pain but had cankles (when you have swelling in your ankles and your calves merge into your feet, no ankles) and just to palate my calf was tight.

    Went and asked a sonographer (sometimes working in medicine is a bad thing) and even they were a bit eep. Doing massive activities like a HM then sitting around not moving for 3 days after is a recipe for DVT. I decided to give it overnight since I had no pain. Got home and put my feet up. It felt less swollen by night, and this morning it felt much better. Normal to palpate.

    But this mornings run. Omg.
    I am scheduled to do 6.5k at race pace. So shoes on, set out. The first 1.5k I thought I was dieing. It was so hard to breathe and I thought I was going to be sick. The idea I had a Pulmonary embolism crossed my mind (DVT can turn into PE). I kept going, reminding myself that often the first couple of km can the the hardest. And sure enough by 2k I was feeling great and the rest of the run I was flying! I'm training my race pace at 5:50/k and I absolutely nailed that pace today.

    So no, nothing is wrong with me. But that was still scary. I think i had a lot of oedema from water weight (currently carying about 2kg extra water weight) and the fact its hot atm.

    Can you get a d dimer? That would at least rule out dvt and it’s cheap and quick. Since dvt can cause intermittent symptoms and it’s too serious to ignore I would really feel better if you ruled it out!

  • angmarie28
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    2/8-2/14-Far to cold to go out running. -20 to -40 out, NOPE
    2/15-1.25-Finally above 0 (barely) still very cold but hit 100 miles this year

    February Goal-42.5/60
    2021 Goal-123.5/634 miles

    January-81 miles
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    @katharmonic @TheMrWobbly @shanaber
    Whatever makes you happy
  • skippygirlsmom
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    @shanaber glad you were able to get the MRI so you can see what exactly is going on. All the hardware stays in permanently.
  • quilteryoyo
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    @Teresa502 I'm loving this weather too. I dread the rain that is coming in. I like the horses too.

    @Avidkeo That is scary! Glad you are okay and had a good run, once you got going.

    @skippygirlsmom Yeah for the cast coming off and getting to start PT on Monday.

  • katharmonic
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    shanaber wrote: »
    She's running out the door (run)
    She's running out
    She run, run, run, run,

    and you are so ****** special @katharmonic (hopefully that doesn't sound weird 🤔)
    I don't know @TheMrWobbly you may be a Creep! 😁
    @katharmonic @TheMrWobbly @shanaber
    Whatever makes you happy

    @TheMrWobbly - I *WISH* I was special

    Love it <3!! Well done, all. :smiley: (For those who don't know, the song is Creep by Radiohead).
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    February Goal: Hike/Run the "C's" *

    2/1 off
    2/2 3.50 Cote D'Ivoire and Cape Verde Islands
    2/3 off
    2/4 3.35 Cambodia
    2/5 Life
    2/6 3.55 Cameroon
    2/7 4.30 Canada
    2/8 off
    2/9 2.10 (no "travel")
    2/10 3.35 Chad
    2/11 snorkel 2.5 hours
    2/12 3.10 Central African Republic
    2/13 3.60 Chile
    2/14 off
    2/15 4.29 (no travel)
    2/16 off
    2/17 2.00 China (part 1-Beijing) and Comoros
    2/18 4.20 China (part 2-3 Gorges and Yangtze River
    2/19 2.02 China (part 3-Silk Road)
    2/20 off
    2/21 3.20 Croatia
    2/22 off
    2/23 4.00 Cuba
    2/24 3.10 Columbia
    2/25 2.00 Cyprus

    Total 51.74

    @quilteryoyo Glad to hear cousin is better. Can you check your pulse rate. Vascular surgery could induce atrial fibrillation-causing an irregular heartbeat and syncope (passing out) if it goes too fast. ? Might avoid driving for awhile?
    @skippygirlsmom; hurray for a castless state
    @avidkeo: d-dimer is a great idea
    @rheddmobile: glad all is well after that episode


    *So, my 2021 resolution is to hike/run all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not use Youtube vlogs to hike/run the world (and learn something about each country)?

  • katharmonic
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    @shanaber glad you got the MRI done. Hope you'll get some good answers soon!

    @skippygirlsmom yay for getting the cast off! Oh your poor foot and ankle. It's healing well though it seems! Weird question but do you feel the hardware in there?

    @avidkeo hope everything is ok, that's scary.

    And @quilteryoyo - you too! Hope it's nothing but glad you are getting checked out. And I'm happy to hear things are better for your cousin.

    Everyone stop having scary symptoms now OK? Hugs and health vibes all around!
  • Avidkeo
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    @skippygirlsmom pretty pictures! I expected another screw but it's good they did the medial ligament like that! Very cool.

    Hmm never considered a d-dimer. Calf is fine today, and I spent most of it on my feet. So maybe was just too much sitting around. I'll keep an eye on it
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    Well, I know what band I’ll be listening to on the way to work today! Love me some Radiohead.

    @rheddmobile I’m glad you weren’t hurt too bad during your lift. Be careful!

    @skippygirlsmom Yay for the cast being off!

    @Avidkeo, I’d definitely get checked out to make sure nothing is really wrong.

    @shanaber Hope you get good news from the MRI.

    @quilteryoyo Take it easy!

    Nothing new to report here. Worked late last night and then studied when I got home for a certification I’m trying to obtain. The weather should be nice this weekend, so hopefully I can get out a bit if work isn’t too crazy.