March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • quilteryoyo
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    3/1 - 2.75 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/2 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/3 - 2.00 miles - 3.5 mph - Driveway laps
    3/4 - 2.70 miles - 4.5 mph - First run/walk after surgery on the rural road near home
    3/5 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Field walk

    March total: 11.45/62 miles

    It's a little bit chilly today, especially compared to yesterday. Still sunny, but 45°F with a breeze that made the feels like 41°F. Needed long pants and a jacket for walking. It would have been nice without the breeze.

    @martaindale Good luck with your race tomorrow. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.
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    Avidkeo wrote: »
    Morning all!

    14k done this morning. I didn't really want to go out, I decided to embrace the suck and just do it. And as always I really enjoyed it. I was out at 630am, and the sun was just rising. The weather was a bit breezy and the occasional spit of rain but nothing serious. After I got home, it decided to give in and embrace the rain. The heavens opened and down it came. I was a little disappointed because I love to run in the rain.

    After that I packed the car. Its a 3 day weekend here, and I'm working out of town. Leaving the kids with hubby and come to a small town 1hr away to work in the small rural hospital here. What this means is I work 11-3 sat, sun, Mon, and am on call u till 9am tues morning. So basically available to work the whole weekend.

    Work put me up in this little studio flat at the entrance to the hospital (it's about 30 yards from the door to my flat) and is fully self contained.

    I'm actually looking forward to this. The work is generally pretty easy, I have bought along with me my sewing machine, some cross stitch, and my laptop. I'm going to relax, and craft, and watch a lot of crap on netflix/YouTube. And probably be bored out of my tree and missing my kids by 7pm tonight.

    Going to be an interesting weekend!

    Have fun at work!!!
  • Avidkeo
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    @rheddmobile yay well done! Love the pics, absolutely beautiful, and yay for no pain.
  • quilteryoyo
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    @kirstymn I'm glad you enjoyed your unofficial parkrun!

    @Avidkeo I hope you can enjoy your weekend rather than missing your kids and being bored. It sounds like you are well prepared. I also hope there aren't many after hours emergencies.

    @rheddmobile So glad you were pain free during your run and are now! That's great news! You are doing great in the series. It's good that you have those comparisons so you can see that you are doing better than you think you are. These huge changes in temps does take a toll. Love the photos.
  • Scott6255
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    Great job @rheddmobile! You and your husband are doing fantastic in your race series.

    @martaindale Good luck in your REAL HM race!
    And I think @Camaramandy648 has a race this weekend too. Good luck to you too!
  • kgirlhart
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    So glad you are running again @quilteryoyo and I love the shoes!

    Great "race report" @rheddmobile!

    Good luck on your race tomorrow @martaindale and @Camaramandy648!
  • katharmonic
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    Good luck on races tomorrow @martaindale and @Camaramandy648 !!! Can't wait to hear the reports.
    Great work @rheddmobile. Love the photos.

    @avidkeo enjoy your weekend! Even though you are working, sounds very nice.

    Date :::: Miles :::: Cumulative
    03/01/21 :::: 3.2 :::: 3.2
    03/02/21 :::: 2.1 :::: 5.2
    03/03/21 :::: 3.1 :::: 8.4
    03/04/21 :::: 2.9 :::: 11.2
    03/05/21 :::: 5.0 :::: 16.3

    Very indecisive today about the running plan. I debated all the options - rest day, outside run, treadmill, morning, afternoon - and ended up going to the gym in the late afternoon and hitting the treadmill. I was really going to run outside but the wind was crazy and it felt much colder than the 30 degrees that my car told me.

    My trainer and friends started their 4x4x48 (4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours) challenge at 8 pm tonight and i had a twinge of regret not doing it. When I got to 4.8 miles on the treadmill I took a pic and sent it to them as my solidarity run :) but then of course I had to finish out 5 miles anyway. I'm pretty over my regret now because I don't have to get up at midnight to run in the freezing weather. I am sure they are going to be ok and feel very accomplished and proud, but I'm liking being warm in my bed all night.

    Tomorrow should be a long run but I'm also planning a snowshoe hike so we'll see how long I go. Again, it's supposed to be super cold.
  • HonuNui
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    March Goal: Hike/Run the "D's" and "E's"*

    3/1 off
    3/2 2.50 Djibouti
    3/3 2.61 (no travel-video kept buffering....)
    3/4 off
    3/5 3.11 Denmark

    Total 8.21


    *So, my 2021 resolution is to hike/run all 193 (or 195 depending on your source) countries of the world this year. This could be difficult, since I don’t have a passport. But YouTube to the rescue! I have been using the site to take train “trips” recently, and have found them strangely motivating. Why not use Youtube vlogs to hike/run the world (and learn something about each country)?

  • polskagirl01
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    Great running @rheddmobile and husband!

    Excited to hear how the other racers do this weekend.

    I plan to relax today, maybe tomorrow too! Might go for a bike ride with the kids later, we'll see :)
  • quilteryoyo
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    @kgirlhart The weather these days does make it hard to know how to dress. Glad the skunk decided to ignore you. I get you on feeling like one mile is not worth the effort. I guess that is a problem with streaking.

    Nice @RunsOnEspresso . That is pretty warm for March.

    @katharmonic I, for one, think you made a good choice. A warm bed over running in the cold at midnight wins in my book every time. :lol:

    Have a fun day today @polskagirl01 ! Sounds like fun.

    @marisap2010 I hope the migraines are gone and don't come back. Those are awful. Glad you were able to take a day off work and hope you enjoy your run/walk today.