March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    @vs_shine Welcome. Good to have another tennis player here. You're doing great.

    @RunsOnEspresso Yeah for eating before you run! It does make a difference - for me anyway.

    @shanaber I hope you were able to get a run in between the rain shower. Cold and windy would equal treadmill for me. LOL
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    March 2021: Miles and Workouts

    Week 1:
    1st - 2.2 miles, Dance
    2nd - 2.1 miles, Cross training, pilates,
    3rd - 2.5 miles, Tennis
    4th- Rest
    5th- Rest
    6th- 4.6 miles

    Week 2:
    7th- 2.2 miles, cross training
    8th- Tennis
    9th- 2.2 miles
    10th: 3.74 miles

    March Goal: 43miles
    Miles Completed: 19.12
    Miles Left to go: 23.88
    Days left in the month: 21
    Miles needed per day to reach goal: 1.13
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    Sounds like a nice run @kgirlhart !

    You are doing great @vs_shine !

    Nice shoes @polskagirl01 ! I can never find any really pretty ones in my size. That's what I get for having huge feet. LOL I do like their shiny logos though - and the shoe laces.
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    @polskagirl01 I love the color! Bright shoes are my favorite.
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    I haven't run yet today, plan to run home from a work meeting later, but aren't these pretty?
    I bought them a while back on sale, and am really liking the rose-gold colored shiny logo & accents.

    Hooray for shoe porn!!!!!
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    @Teresa502 So sorry your planned weekend didn't work out. In a way, it's good that the race was cancelled because you wouldn't have had a place to stay. It's still a bummer though.
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    March Goal: 100 Miles

    3/1: 1.32 miles
    3/2: 5.32 miles
    3/3: 5.32 miles
    3/4: 5.52 miles
    3/5: 1.40 miles
    3/6: 1.20 miles
    3/7: 10.02 miles
    3/8: 1.43 miles
    3/9: 6.02 miles
    3/10: 6.09 miles
    3/11: 5.41 miles

    49.05/100  miles completed for March

    I ran 5.4 miles this morning.  It was even windier than yesterday. It would have been perfect running weather, but the wind just made it really feel tough. Tomorrow will just be a short run before yoga. I do kind of like having a short run before yoga. I am going to try to get to bed early,  so I may not be able to catch up on the thread until tomorrow or Saturday.


    2021 Races:
    4/24/21: Run For The Children 10K
    11/6/21: Run For 57th AHC Half Marathon
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    @rheddmobile GREAT JOB on your adventures, I mean, the race series!