Women 200lb+, Let's Be Magnificent This March!!!



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    @ladychr0nic I weigh everyday and I find that I not only find it motivating but sometimes my weight will be multiple pounds lower but when it comes time to officially weigh in, I might have jumped up due to various reasons. If I was only relying on 1 data point, I'd be so unmotivated and wanting to give up. If you think you won't take 7 days worth of numbers personally, I suggest trying it.

    I am actually eating a salad with fish on it right now. I get those bags of frozen white fish (individually wrapped is ideal) and will pull it out so it can thaw. Once thawed, I'll just cover in avocado oil and lemon pepper seasoning and pan cook it. Then I'll throw it on top of my spinach salads. I really like the contrast of a cold salad and warm fish but it could eaten on the side if needed.
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    Love the slew of good updates!

    I love the individually-packaged tilapia fillets. One of my go-to low-effort-but-reasonably-healthful dinners is baked fish fillets and steamed vegetables over rice. I like salt, pepper, garlic, and paprika on my tilapia, and I'll usually drizzle some soy sauce and sriracha over the rice and veggies as well.
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    @uyister You are doing great! Good luck with all your quizzes and exams!
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    Hi Cesse, welcome back! I saw you posted in last year's July thread, was hoping you would find the current one. I think you might have left before I joined this group last year, but the more the merrier I suppose! I like your goals for April, I might borrow a few of those for myself, LOL.
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    @goal06082021 - Love what you said regarding throwing away food... "My body is not a trash can, I am better than that." I am going to tuck that one away into my foodie addict repertoire! :)