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Less Alcohol - APRIL 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    melled1 wrote: »
    Hello Ladies. I read the entire thread and feel there is a close knit group of people supporting each other. I wasn't going to reply until I read @Womona 's last reply. I am a DH on the verge of diabetes. Just got my lab results back from Doc and got a good talking to. I have carried this app on my phone for lord knows how long and have decided to use it. I like this group because I think they have some of the same struggles I do. I don't have a real plan yet, just know that I need one and am working on it. I had to look up what AF meant!!! LOL, then it dawned on me. Anyhow, since I got my lab results, I have 2 AF days under my belt. Haven't done that in quite some time. I am going to allow myself drinks on Friday. I think it is easier when you know you have a planned day for it. Great advice earlier in the thread. Also - 2 days in a row with exercise!! Previous record was 1. Ha. 100% improvement. I know my personality type and if I can get this to stick, I will be a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, thanks to everyone who shares, wins and losses. It provides inspiration to untold numbers of people.

    So glad you joined in!!! And your words are nice to hear. Yes, we all struggle trying to cut down (whatever cutting down means to us) and it’s definitely not always easy. But it is worth it. The successes are pretty wonderful. So is the support when we trip up!
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    Back to @kelagurl 's inquiry about alcohol and anxiety.... yaaass. I do notice this.

    There were younger years when I drank more than I do now, and I did not notice the anxiety connection. Maybe alcohol is affecting me differently as I age, or maybe I just didn't notice when I was drinking every day. :D Regardless, I definitely notice now. DH is pretty attuned to his anxiety and alcohol affects him the same way. It's a thing.
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