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    Hi everyone!
    I was just wondering what people's sizes typically are at a certain BMI. I'm at a 22 BMI which supposedly just above middle (21.75) of the healthy range and I wear a size 8,10, sometimes 12. Usually 10 these days. Here are my stats:

    145 lbs.
    BMI 22.0
    BF: 23.6%
    Size: 8-10-12 (it's all over the place depending on stores)
    I usually have to buy Women's Large for shirts, men's small.

    I guess i'm asking because when I started I was 175 and size 14, women's large. I don't know if it's my tall build or what but I don't fit into those other sizes anymore but i'm still pretty large in the women's department.
    I imagine I have another 10-15 pounds to go until I get to be fit looking and get my BF down to 20% or so. But going from 36%-23.6% and my size isn't too much lower! I know people who are 5'2", 135lbs. and wear size Small, but that's crazy to me since their bmi would be 23.9.

    Can we get a sample aggregation going? I'm curious if it's my body type or if tall girls just end up wearing bigger sizes?? I'm very lemon shaped..small boobs, thin legs..large middle. HAH!

    4' 11"
    112 lbs.
    BMI 22.6
    BF 17.8%
    Size: XS or 0

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    138 lbs
    BMI: 23
    BF: 18.7%
    Size: US 2 (Small)

    I'm currently bulking
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    what a great question. I don't have stats on my BMI, so I cannot really respond. But kudos to you for putting this question out there. Kelsey's numbers are pretty much consistent with my experience when I was at 128 pounds. I was wearing an extra small and size 2-6. Mostly 4, but some 2 or 6s which may or not have been mislabeled, because I do all my shopping at discount stores and on sales.
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    BMI 19.2

    Most of my jeans are 27/34 and dresses are French size 36, it being a US size 4 I think. I generally cannot wear too closely fitted dresses because my shoulders are broader and hips narrower than awerage. Shirts and jumpers I have in S or M, whatever got sleeves long enough.
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    I think this thread is great, but don't get too hung up on size. I work for a large Sportswear manufacturer and size is determined by each Brand's base model with a certain amount of inches added for each size. So if the Designers base model is a Size 6 and he adds 1.5 inches to it for each size, you will be in a larger size quicker than a Designer whose base model is a size 8 and who adds 2.0 inches for each size.
    My closet contains everything from a 14 to a 22 at a weight of 246 and a BMI of 39.7.
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    CW: 150
    BMI: 23.5

    Even at my heaviest (~170) I was around a 10/12. Now I’m in the 8/10/12 range, right there with you. Usually a women’s large & men’s medium because I’m a bit top heavy. Every store is different. Some like Old Navy I can comfortably fit into a medium, and others I can barely get over my head.
  • height 5'5 and a half
    weight 117
    bmi is like 19 point something
    size bottoms 25
    dress 0-2
    tops 00-2
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    I think it really depends on your body! I'm 5'9" and 145ish. The top of my frame is pretty skinny and I carry my weight in my lower body. I can easily do a small in tops (not a lot of boobs to fill them out lol), but for bottoms I am a medium or large, depending on the brand. I shop almost exclusively at Express, and I am a 6/8 in jeans. In dresses, I really can do a range of sizes (depends on the cut!).
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    I’m 5’0”. At a BMI of 23, I wear a size 4.

    At my more recent pre-pregnancy BMI of 27, I wear an 8.
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    It would probably be fascinating to catalogue the responses to this thread over time, considering it was started back in 2011. Vanity sizing and all.

    Women's clothing sizes are utter arbitrary bullsh8t, as is BMI - don't get hung up on either one of them. BMI doesn't account for body composition, to say nothing of proportions, and arguably proportions are going to have a bigger effect on the fit of a given piece of clothing than anything else.

    What even is a "size 4," anyway? Check out this tool that shows how closely your actual measurements fit the measurements for the different sizes in a given brand's range:
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    Women's sizes are ridiculous.

    What size do I wear? 8-16 bottoms and 12-20 tops.

    Height? 5'5" . Weight, 153. BMI 25.something.

    Size? Again, LOL. (Seriously I bought two styles of shorts, in 2 sizes, from 1 company thinking ONE would fit. They are. Exactly. The. Same. Size. Both fit. 12 and 14. Thanks. Really helpful.
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    I have jeans in my closet labelled in sized 8-12 that all fit well. That's a big statement on how women's clothes sizes work.
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    So interesting reading through these comments and how bodies can be so different.

    I am 5'7"
    Currently up to 220lbs
    BMI 34.5
    Currently wearing sizes:
    Pants between 8-12 depending on fit, 31-33 waist in most jeans
    Tops Medium (sometimes large depending on fit)
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    I don't remember the website address but there is a website where there are people who post pictures of their bodies along with their weight/height so that you can actually see how different the same weight/size can look based on each individual person. And BMI is a pretty dicey way to determine good health or not.

    Sedentary job - but I walk, hike and run (5-6 miles 3x per week)
    I have a Renphro scale that gives a BMI estimate (not sure how accurate it is) which is currently 20.7. I am a size 0 (and in some brands I'd say I could let my pants/shorts shrink a bit in the wash and still be fine). Last January I was ~150 and a size 10/12.
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    My guess is taller girls probably wear bigger sizes. I'm 5'2.5" (I gotta put in that extra 1/2 inch!) and about 127 pounds. I wear a size 4-6 in pants depending on the store/brand and I wear an extra small women's shirt or a girls XL shirt. My boobs are small and most of my fat is in my lower tummy, butt, and thighs.
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    Height 5'7"
    BMI: 18.4
    Pants: 4-6
    tops: men's xxsmall or woman's medium
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    BMI 28
    Trousers size 16 (uk)
    Top size 14 (uk)
  • stephie_nyc
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    AROUND 155 lbs (I don't weigh myself)
    BMI 26

    Jeans: 8/28
    Dresses: 6
    Shirts: S/M
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    Hello! I'm starting this again. My jeans are size 24 for now. Lol. Shirts are 3xl. I don't wear dresses. I'm starting a keto/low carb diet tomorrow. I would love some of yall to add me as a count buddies. I have been on this app a while but deleted everyone that was inactive after I came back again. Please add me and we can help each other! <3