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    Thank you for sharing that. It’s the inspiration I’ve been needing. I have begun something similar in regards to reducing what I eat. I tell myself that I can always have more if I really want it but I start with a smaller portion. Most of the time I don’t go back for more.

    I'm really pleased my earlier post has inspired you, and your response has also helped me as it's nice to know that someone else is trying the same sort of things. I'm always convinced that I'll want more, especially biscuits, but I use the time walking back to the biscuit tin to talk myself out of it (it work most of the time but not always)

    I sometimes think that I should be following this plan or that plan rather than doing my own thing, but so far I'm 17lbs down which is more than I've ever achieved when following a fixed diet plan, so it seems to be working.

    Good luck going forward

    Good luck to you as well!