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  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,419 Member
    Katla - The ink hasn't run out. The cartridges are almost new, but we have printed a few things since we put them in. We printed some song sheets last week. The message is, it doesn't recognise the cartridges or they are not there. The stupid printer is really old now and has been causing DH endless trouble. He tears his hair out whenever he has to print anything.
    Each time he complains, I suggest buying a new one. ;)
    He is not technical, so it would have to be me buying and installing a new one, via an app. Today I had to explain to him how to set his phone to not beep every time he gets a notification. He had the sound turned off almost completely, so he couldn't even hear messages etc. He only hought a smartphone last year. He is also forging on with a terrlible old laptop, which causes him endless headaches. Nearly every week he nearly has a breakdown when there is some fault.

    We also have no central or wall lights in our dining room. It will be me who has to organise someone to fix this. Fuse? When I mention it he just shrugs his shoulders.
    It's like the windows that are jammed shut.

    I tried the paint testers on the walls. One was so light we couldn't see any pink in it at all and the other was maybe a bit too sugary. We are looking at some others now. We quite liked the look of 'Elusive Mauve half'. I am doing the research and will have to send off for testers.
    Part of me likes being the one who is the mover and shaker and part of me would like someone else to do it just occasionally. I am also constrained by not having the money to make unilateral decisions, otherwise I would. That would be easier.

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx

  • teklawa1
    teklawa1 Posts: 272 Member
    Just hanging out and spending most of the time on my left side. Have had two followup appointments since my surgery for detached retina. Next followup appointment is on Tuesday. The past three days I can take short breaks sitting up and walking slowly and stretching. Pain lasted only for the first three days and drainage and swelling are much reduced since Thursday. So far I feel very fortunate and have hope that I'll regain sight in my right eye.

    Carole... I hope you and your DH can get your cataract surgery soon.
    Machka... Hope your DH gets a diagnosis soon.
    Allie... thinking of you having surgery tomorrow. Wishing your surgery goes smoothly and your recuperation is short.

    Betsy in NW WA
  • dlfk202000
    dlfk202000 Posts: 1,083 Member
    Katla49 wrote: »
    KJ: I especially like your idea for a bean teepee for young children. Playing inside would be fun. It would be a good place for storytelling and imaginative play. :flowerforyou:

    Heather: Our printer ink ran out, and we were frustrated. DH was able to get a full set of color cartridges as well as black. It was not inexpensive. We use plain paper for most things and photo paper for an occasional photograph that we want to save and mount in a frame. :star:

    Debbie: We also have a dehydrator. I use it mostly for herbs such as parsley and mint. We also dried cherry tomatoes in the past. They were amazingly sweet and disappeared quickly, like candy. I haven’t grown cherry tomatoes for a few years, but I’m thinking about it this year. :smiley:

    Allie: I hope your upcoming medical procedure goes very well. :heart:

    Have a great day.

    Katla in NW Oregon

    I can't imagine a summer without growing tomatoes(and cucumbers). Really looking forward to getting the garden going. Son and husband picked up 20 bags of composted manure to top off my raised beds and containers so I can get it planted.
    I will have to try the cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator- sounds good.
    I haven't done any herbs(unless you consider catnip an herb). My herbs grow year round so don't need to dry any, except for my cilentro which I have dried some but usually use it all up making pico de gallo.
  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 2,681 Member
    My ego and shin are bruised :'(
    Tried to jump into the kubota and missed-ouch! Iced and rested. Bruise will be pretty-lol! Good thing I wear jeans.
    Steve happy doing stuffs. He pulled out rocks from floor bed edges, lined outside edge of house with rocks(to discourage unwanted residents, ie ground hogs and skunks), edged the beds, trimmed some trees, and is now messing in barn. I cooked, cleaned, vacuumed, mopped, packed truck, and did work stuffs. Also cleared out my email of 450! Sitting outside right now enjoying some sunshine before driving home.
    Rebecca We are allowed those days!
    Thank you for the information on wills.
    Healing thoughts for all!

    Kylia heading back to Ohio where life is more stressful and faster paced......
  • margaretturk
    margaretturk Posts: 4,348 Member
  • TerriRichardson112
    TerriRichardson112 Posts: 12,876 Member
    Machka: - only just read about your scare with DH. So glad you’re both back in your own beds. Praying that it’s nothing serious. (((Hugs)
  • TerriRichardson112
    TerriRichardson112 Posts: 12,876 Member
    Skim reading and too tired to make comments. In any case, I had nothing to say that hadn’t already been said.

  • barbiecat
    barbiecat Posts: 15,079 Member
    :)Michele, I don't know about Instacart, but when we pick up our groceries at curbside pickup there is no delivery charge for orders over $35.00. We shop once a week and order from a list we've made all week. If we forget something, then we just wait until the next week. We keep plenty of the things we use most so there is always a backup for the things we need.

    :) Jake was able to have everything saved for him from his computer thanks to a friend of a friend The man wouldn't accept any payment so Jake is going to buy a gift certificate for the computer guy and for his friend who put us in touch with him.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
  • Anniesquats100
    Anniesquats100 Posts: 900 Member
    Allie - thoughts and prayers for your surgery!

    Machka - hoping for good news about DH's episode.

    Another slow afternoon here, with too many calories. I'm reading a Jack Reacher book. Wish I could write like that!

    Annie in Delaware
  • LisaInArkansas
    LisaInArkansas Posts: 450 Member
    CJ, I'm so sorry.
  • ginnytez
    ginnytez Posts: 643 Member
    Good evening all:

    Finally caught up. Had evening engagements 4 nights last week and discovered that doesn't leave me much computer time.

    Machka-glad they ruled out the big issues for your husband-good luck with the follow up.

    CSSJ-sorry for loss of your cat. Saying goodbye to pets is never easy.

    Allie-good luck!

    Kids in Phoenix and I picked out resort for all of us to stay at for two nights while we are all together (son and his wife, youngest son and his gf and of course the two grandkids). It has a tremendous waterpark. We will be renting a cabana suite the second day right by the Lazy River-it has ac, fridge, tv, etc. After the year we have all had decided we all needed a treat. There is a possibility youngest son is proposing to gf there.

    Got many of my papers sorted and organized today. Need to go through old house stuff-don't I need to keep some of the old stuff. Feels like a weight off my shoulders.

    Tired and heading off to bed. Hope to get into work a bit early tomorrow since I will leave early to go to gym. Am just doing bike, treadmill and stretches. See PA for leg follow up the 27th-may wait on weights til I see her (will have her double check lower back from the fall). Feels good just getting out and walking. Things are feeling about 98%.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

  • KetoneKaren
    KetoneKaren Posts: 5,486 Member
    CJ. I’m so sorry. My heart is hurting for you.

    Karen in Virginia
  • barbiecat
    barbiecat Posts: 15,079 Member
    :'(<3CSSJ, so sorry about your cat.
  • okiewoman510
    okiewoman510 Posts: 1,138 Member
    CJ - so very sorry!!

  • Snowflake1968
    Snowflake1968 Posts: 5,619 Member
    Heather - I have to make all the financial decisions and wish I didn’t. All I get is, “it’s up to you” and then I’m accused of being controlling. I have to say though that, about 6 months ago, I sort of let it all out how I felt and I don’t think I’ve heard it again. He will fix anything I ask anytime though and will tackle any project except plumbing. He just really hates it. It’s not that he couldn’t if there was an emergency, he just wouldn’t for a planned thing.

    CJ - sorry about the loss of your furry friend.

    I went into work again this afternoon, I have a lot of competing deadlines and don’t feel I can catch a breath. All entries and such for residents will be due on Wednesday, payroll is due tomorrow and more meetings about the new payroll system on Tuesday. I didn’t even have 6 new residents entered except for the emergency contacts. I was hoping to complete it all today, but still have a bit to do for a couple of bank deposits. They won’t take long though. I was hoping that without any interruptions I would get it all done in 4 hours but it was 5.

    We have had a true Spring day, woke to fresh snow, then some sun, then rain and it just kept changing off and in all day.
    Tracey in Edmonton
  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 13,047 Member
    Stat for the day-

    Other- dust, vacuum, laundry, 2hrs 21min 47sec= 657c

  • pipcd34
    pipcd34 Posts: 13,047 Member
    CSS- I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart is with you
  • kymarai
    kymarai Posts: 2,681 Member
    Home again. Bags unpacked, coffee set up for morning, curled up in bed.
    Never fails! Asked if anyone had plans on giving up living room furniture any time soon. Everyone said no. Bought new loveseat and couch on Friday. Plan on those staying in Ohio and taking the set from home to KY. Today a friend said their son was looking for a new hone for his couch and Love seat. Oh well. I think Steve really wants them, but we don't need them. I know how ours have been treated. Ours are basically new since I don't sit on them. They are leather and cold. The new set is microfiber, yay! Told Steve we still needed a place for my comfy chair in living room of KY. (Yes, I am a spoiled princess. I hate being cold)
    CJ HUGS!
    TRACEY We both really need jobs that we can just leave at end of day! I tend to get more done undisturbed, but always takes longer than I think it should.
    Ginny-Sounds wonderful!
    Kylia home sweet home in Ohio
  • dlfk202000
    dlfk202000 Posts: 1,083 Member
    CJ- I am sorry you had to go through this today- we went through almost the same thing 3 weeks ago yesterday(ours was FIP)