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    Well I busted my streak. I ate spaghetti when I knew I was out of calories. It was a long day. My parents totally forgot the cardiologist instructions from yesterday because of the minor car accident. So I called and found out my mom had an appointment today to get this 24 hour blood pressure monitor. So we drove to Wilmington to get that.

    Then I had my horseback riding lesson. It didn't go well because the horse was extra tired. So we mostly walked.

    Then home to make dinner for Dad. It was only leftover spaghetti, and I ate the last of it.

    Mom has blood work to get done tomorrow morning, and then this blood pressure monitor needs to be returned. I tried to tell her she should wait on the blood work until the cuff is off, but what do I know? The lab might refuse to draw blood with that cuff on. We shall see. Meanwhile they are treating this all like a minor nuisance instead of a major health incident. Not that worrying makes much difference.

    She is back in her spot on the couch. So as long as she takes her pills tonight, all will be as good as possible.

    Time for my dumbbell exercise. I will sleep well tonight if I can stop worrying.

    Annie in Delaware

    Consider that you are continuing to keep track and exercising. Thus, still on your streak.