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    YAY Darius...AWESOME Report!!! Keep up the grrreat work!!!
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    pryornotiz wrote: »
    Hi! I've used FitnessPal before, but have been absent for quite awhile. Now I'm back and ready to go! I find that keeping track of my food intake and exercise really helps me stay accountable. (Especially the food tracker!) I'm just wondering about the database though. How do I add an item from the database to my daily exercise list? There's no "Add" button! Any suggestions/help would be appreciated - thanks!

    Hi...when you add you exercise...it just shows up in your Newsfeed..I was looking for that, too...but discovered if you just add it..it shows up!! Grrreat to stay accountable!!! Keep up the grrreat efforts!!
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    edited April 2021
    Hey! My first weigh in was six days ago, I was 216.4 pounds. I’m 5’7 and my goal weight is 130 pounds by March 2022. I’m 212.8 pounds now, so I’ve lost 3.6 pounds already!! I hope I can keep with it. I’ve been eating a maximum of 1500 calories a day and I’m going to start running a mile in the mornings.
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    Hi folks!
    It is such a blessing to come to the realization that MFP has a community! I have used MFP in and out for years but never did I realize there was such an incredible resource in community here - yay! I strongly believe that community is a huge factor in success and enjoyment along the journey.
    So happy to connect with you all!
    Just a bit about me - 33 y/o female who has been in fitness and nutrition for over a decade but recently it has become increasingly more difficult. I'm not sure if that comes with age, stress, what have you. Nonetheless, I want to take the bull by the horns and get back to the predictably fantastic way I've felt in my younger days.
    Thanks y'all for being here and I look forward to making connections :smile:
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    Hello! I lost 30lbs a few years ago but lockdown and poor health have seen it pile back on! 😕 3.6lbs down with 20lbs to go..... let's go! 😊
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    Hi,I have 2.5 years to my 50th and want to be healthier and lighter for then
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to this community, I've used MFP on and off for a few years, always found it helps when I really stick to it but like a lot of people I give up too easily.

    Anyway I'm currently training for the London Marathon so I'm in desperate need of some motivation and support to improve my diet and training schedule.

    Wish me luck!!

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    Hi friends! I've been on and off mfp for years.

    My name is Tessa, I'm 30, from NC & I'm 5'5".

    I started my bariatric journey in Fenbruary 2021. And I am hoping to have my surgery at the end of the year.

    I have struggled with my weight and food addiction my entire life.

    Currently I go to the gym 5x a week. I work on cardio & strength.

    HW 325
    CW 303
    1st GW 250
    2nd GW 200
    3rd GW 175

    I like;
    Video games
    True Crime
    Streaming services
    Nail art
    Board/Card games

    I would love some good friends on here. Whether it's just to chit chat with or have accountability partners.
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    Hello! I am Wilt. Nice to meet ya'll!
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    Hi! I’m Shea! I’m 29 and wanting to lose 115 pounds. I’ve lost 80 pounds in the past and I gained back all of it plus 30 extra. I’m hoping to stick to things and stay in a positive mindset this time around. Feel free to add me - I need more support! :)
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    Hey MFP Fam feel free to add me!!!
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    Hi everyone. Lovely to be in this community.
    2021 is my dedicated year of weight loss and healthy living.
    I have a tough agenda of losing 30 pounds within a short time frame.
    Best wishes everyone.
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    New-ish. Rejoining after leaving because apparently if I don't log and hold myself accountable I'll just eat an entire pizza by myself.
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    Hey I am new to this again. I lost 149lbs but in the past year with school I have gained back 45. I need to get it off because I am miserable. I am looking for accountability. I am a late night snacker. I have to stop this. I graduate from school next Friday so I plan on getting back to the gym before long but this last year of nursing school has been a lot. So my goal is to lose the 45 lbs that I gained.
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    Hello Everyone, I actually joined MFP back in 2015 but I didn't know about this forum back then. I had a friend tell me about MFP to help me with my weight loss battle and health care issues. Initially, I needed to lose 70lbs.+ before some doctors would consider looking at me for a possible Lung Transplant. 6 years later, I still need to lose a good portion of that weight, and now most doctors don't want to touch me for that or any surgery. I really hate all my health issues. I am just looking for some accountability partners, support, advice, and guidance. I hope you all have a blessed day
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    I am 27 years old and I have always struggled with weightloss. I used myfitnesspal before but I didn't feel there were enough product options or the calories greatly differed from calculations I had made so I stopped and just used my calculator. Doing this I lost 56lbs but friends have told me how much myfitnesspal has improved so I am back for the last half of my weightloss.