Women 200lb+, Let's Be Marvelous This May!!!



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    I've had a lot of pain today from my midfoot. I really hope it's not a stress fracture. Of course, if it is, a doctor will tell me to stay off it and wear solid shoes, and I can do that without seeing a doctor. So the next few days my activity will be very carefully designed to avoid too much weightbearing. The bike is probably out, but I think I can do the weight work tomorrow if I avoid any machine that assumes I'm going to push with my feet, or stabilize myself by shoving my feet against something.

    I did get through the shopping today in braces, but was so exhausted by the background dull ache that once I ate I wanted to nap, so I did. I'll probably have a hot bath tonight and four ibuprofen before bed, and see if I can sleep. Because this hurt bad enough that when I woke up at four am this morning to use the bathroom I couldn't go back to sleep for the pain. And that's saying something.

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    @girlinkaz you look fantastic
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    @girlinkaz thanks for sharing your photos! You look great!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! I hope it gets resolved soon!

    @KeriA your scale issue sounds frustrating! I recently bought a new scale and fortunately it was really close in weight to my old one.
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    So I decided to weigh in early this week and change my weigh in days back to Fridays. The scale did go down some which is good since I’m weighing in less than a week from my last weigh and I ate a California burrito last night! I rode my Peloton last night and it was a tough workout. I’m convinced if I use it regularly for the next several months I will have nice, tone legs.
    May 1st- 218.6
    May 8th- 216
    May 15th-215.2
    May 21st- 214.6
    I am under the goal I wanted for the end of May so my next goal is to get under 210. I’m trying to get my workouts in now because I start classes back up this fall online for Speech language and communication disorders and will be a full time student on top of being a mom so I will be super busy. I will have to fit in a workout at least 3 times a week and the rest will be all study time! One pound at a time.

    Nice loss!

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in SLP - what are you planning to do with yours? (I realized I didn't want to work with children with autism or old people with swallowing disorders, and those are basically the only two populations that exist where I am, so I haven't pursued SLP as a career since finishing that BS in 2015. The classes were really interesting though!)
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    Oh that’s awesome! I’m actually interested in working with kids who have delays/autism. My son had a speech delay and as a parent of a child who needed speech therapy the unknowns can be scary. He has since made significant progress but it’s what inspired me to enter the field. I do believe he has some sensory issues so I need to set up an appointment to have him assessed to see if he may have high functioning autism.

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    @Spotteddingo Oh wow, a male SLP! Most men in the communication sciences and disorders field tend to go for audiology (it pays better, these things might be related, IDK). TBI/aphasia is SO interesting but there's just less opportunity to work with those patients in my particular geographic area.

    @SammiGirl1321 good luck! I think you'll find a lot of kindred spirits in the field - like I was saying above, CSD is an overwhelmingly female discipline and there are a TON of people working in the space with personal connections to the kinds of services SLPs and audiologists provide, whether it be children on the spectrum or parents with TBIs. I live in Florida; the year I did my program, the national American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) convention was in Orlando - as a student I was able to get a decent discount on tickets, so I went and got to meet a bunch of my classmates and professors (it was an online program, we were all just words on a screen to each other otherwise). It was really neat! It's usually a late-November affair - if you get the opportunity to go during your program, do it! It's a great networking opportunity.
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    Wow it seems a lot of us are connected in other ways than weighloss.
    I am a special education teacher. The majority of my students have autism. I've worked for a school for children with autism for a number of years while I was going to school for teaching. Now I work for an agency as a SEIT (special education intinerant teacher) and work part-time for a local school district as a special education teacher.

    @girlinkaz Wow! You look great! Your photos are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 I hope your foot feels better soon.

    @CariTJR Happy Birthday!!! Also congrats on the 13 stone club. I hope the house works out for you. That is really exciting!
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    @uyister that is simply amazing! Good job and thank you for sharing how you are doing it!