To Date Your Biggest Non-Scale Victory

My Santa belly has gone from 60" to 50"!!

I can see my feet again


  • The look I sometimes catch on my husband’s face sometimes when he’s looking at me.

    Good for you
  • Maybe not biggest, but lost memorable:
    Working out in the garden in last year's jeggings, I stooped over to heft a heavy bag of mulch, and when I stood up, the pants slid down to my knees-- providing the chimney repair crew much hilarity

    Wish I could have seen that one!
  • Terytha wrote: »
    My double chin fully disappeared.

    Bet you loved that
  • tinalongworth
    tinalongworth Posts: 16 Member
    Terytha wrote: »
    My double chin fully disappeared.

    Good for you! Yay!!!!
  • I have collar bones! 😄

    Yes that is what we are talking about!!
  • JustJenn68 wrote: »
    Dropping two sizes in my pants.

    Still waiting for this one