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  • solieco1solieco1 Member, Premium Posts: 1,553 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,553 Member
    Yesterday, I had a terrible night's sleep the night before. Woke up grumpy, eventually took a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. I kept trying to drum up the willpower to work out, but it was a no go....UNTIL 2 am. I was still wide awake and feeling pretty good. I decided it was the perfect time to get it done, and so it happened! I was up until about 4 and then got up at 8:30 (thanks kittens!), but I'm planning on another one today and no nap. It's good I found a workout I really enjoy and I'm so proud of myself for doing it! Also, my pants that were already a little loose now just want to fall down. It's a good day :)

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