What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • kaspan
    kaspan Posts: 27 Member
    Running around a local park today, I tripped and smacked my face into the track. It hurt. A lot.

    The NSV is that once my son and I had walked back to the first aid point and sorted out my face (stemmed the bleeding and applied ice), we carried on with our run.

    We also remembered to calculate the distance from where I'd fallen to the first aid point and added that onto the total distance as I forgot to stop my distance tracker.

    But we finished the run.

    My face is a mess though, grazed outer lip, chin and nose, three cuts inside my mouth, swollen lower lip and nose. Have to drink through a straw (tea through a straw just does not taste quite right).

    Does this qualify me as a runner proper, now?

    You're my freaking hero!
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