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    Katla/Debbie - My house elf brought me coffee in bed 😂
    Michele - The vase is Waterford crystal and belonged to DMiL. I have lots of her crystal and good china which I use daily.
    Machka - I feel tired just reading your list. You’re a Wonder Woman and your DH is lucky to have you in his corner.
    Pip - Advance birthday greetings for both Kirby and your mom.
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    Morning ladies
    Ugh went to bed with a headache and woke up with one,this is getting old real fast...spoke with a nurse friend of mine and im going to call and see if i can get into see a neurologist first and get the ball rolling..
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    Good morning all!
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    Allie - Just keep insisting. Or go to ER. Eye problems and headache is an emergency. <3

    Cooked bagels, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and croissants for breakfast. DH had his usual muesli. ;)
    Chatted then went out for a walk around the lagoon and seafront. Stopped at the cheese shop for DSIL to buysomething. We had a coffee at the outside tables at the new café. DH and I have been boycotting it, because the owner is a shyster, but my brother wanted to try it. Because of the weather we were the only outside customers. Photo of the three of us. DH was at the dentist. He had a tooth filled and it dropped out at lunchtime. Not happy.


    Came home and I provided lunch and they've just set off for home.
    Wonderful visit, but I am KNACKERED! :D

    Off for a nap.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    After 4 days, finally got the Singer threaded and the bobbin thread pulled up. Now have to experiment with stitching something. o:)

    Heather ~ Great photo of you and your brother and sis in law.

    Carol in GA
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    edited June 2021
    Barbara we are in for a windy day too. We are in a drought so it makes the fire danger more of a concern.

    Met one of the neighbors at son's house. Nice young man interested in Gardening too. Fun to share gardening info. Turns out he is an instrument maker and works on world class violins. He knew one of our neighbors who is a concert cellist. Small world.
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    Hello lovelies
    Well i messaged my GP and she sent a referral to the neurologist, im hoping i can get in there before seeing the other one.. a constant headache is no fun...Dan gets out at 1 and will pick me up so i can have the car back...
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Machka9 wrote: »
    June is shaping up to be a busy month

    • Pilates - about once a week.
    • Audax meetings - that's the long distance cycling club I'm a part of.
    • Designing another 50 km route for Audax. This one needs to be in southern Tasmania which is challenging.
    • Cycle a 50 km route. Plus shorter rides.
    • Run at least one 5 km distance.
    • Plant bulbs. I've got to get these things in or it will be spring with no flowers!
    • All-day work meeting tomorrow. :neutral:
    • A week off next week - some rest time, I hope! And cycling. I booked this week off to ward off the darkness. :)
    • Back to school! I'm taking a 5 week course called 'Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)' . It's all online and work-at-our-own-pace with no formal assignments, exams, etc.
    • Bees! My husband and I are booked for a course to build a Warre Hive at the end of June.
    • Plus, of course, my 2021 To Do List: getting organise, simplifying, etc. I've got 4 projects on the go right now and I "switch-task" between them.

    That's all in addition to work and caring for my husband. :)

    EDIT: Also ... the stair climbing challenge at work is to reach the height of Mount Ossa, the tallest mountain in Tasmania (1617 metres = 450 floors * 20 stairs/floor).

    It is about noon on June 1 and I've done 20 floors so far. I've got a way to go. :)

    • Attended first Pilates class of June.
    • Ran Audax Tasmania AGM.
    • Planted bulbs. Ran out. That's OK. Stores don't have bulbs anymore.
    • Attended the all day meeting at work on Wednesday.
    • Started week off!
    • Started climbing stairs toward the elevation of Mount Ossa. I've done 90 of the 450 flights.
    • Finished with the Audax meetings.
    • Started short course.
    • Still enjoying time off.

    It's been "all go" here this week.
    • Returned home from holiday.
    • Heaps of laundry & unpacking.
    • 3 days of work.
    • 98 flights of stairs in those 3 days ... I'm getting toward halfway. :smiley:
    • Pilates, again.
    • Rental agency organised for someone to come and replace our back door ... it was kind of rotting away. Now we've got a new solid one with no window.
    • Filled in forms for the Carer organisation - she emailed them rather than going through it all over the phone

    Today, I took my husband for his first Pfizer vaccine. :)

    Then I attended a work meeting via Teams.

    Groceries will arrive later this afternoon.

    And now I've got a list of things I want to do with my day off including doing Module 2 of my course.

    :):relaxed::grin::smile: :smiley::relieved::sweat_smile::sunglasses::tongue: :yum:

    Machka in Oz

    Bills paid.
    More laundry done.
    Half of Module 2 of my course done.
    Ran/Walked 5K on treadmill.

    M in Oz
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    Hello lovelies
    Well i messaged my GP and she sent a referral to the neurologist, im hoping i can get in there before seeing the other one.. a constant headache is no fun...Dan gets out at 1 and will pick me up so i can have the car back...

    Don't forget to mention your kidney issues.
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    I did 40 mins rowing before my nap while I watched the last episode of LUPIN. There will be another series soon, they say.
    Then slept for an hour. :D
    DH is always bit subdued when my brother is here. We are very loud and chatty! He feels a bit left out, I know.
    My DSIL has a problem with her mother, 78, who lives next door to her. She is developing an aggressive and stubborn form of Alzheimers. Refuses to stop driving, despite very bad eyesight and memory. Paranoia. Very sad and difficult for them. They have told the police and the doctor, but no one seems able to do anything. They are notifying the DVLA, but she might not take any notice. At one stage they disabled the car and took her keys away on police advice, but later were told they shouldn't have done that.
    She is threatening them daily.
    However, they keep cheerful and upbeat.

    England v Scotland tonight in the Euros. :o I will watch something else. Uuuurrrrgggghhhh.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    8:28am 84degrees and done with our 8mi walk
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    My mother's excess food shopping drives me crazy, but she isn't paranoid yet and she isn't driving. So it could be a lot worse. Still it's a shame to waste good food. But that doesn't mean I have to eat it!

    My weight stayed even last week, despite the extra last minute lunch out. So I guess that's good. I'm trying not to kick myself for lack of progress. My pants are a little looser.

    Annie in Delaware