11 Of The Biggest Things I Stopped Doing To Lose 90 Pounds - WITH PICS! *What have YOU had to STOP?



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    That is so true !!
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    This is a great conversation. And 1 i needed to read right now. There are so many comments i agree with and know apply to me.

    I feel like I've been giving up on myself with the unhealthy choices I've made and saying that tells me i need to change my perspective and choices. I too have realized i cannot bring snacks such as chips, ice cream, chocolate or pop into the house and think i can control my portions. I can't. Garbage in, garbage stays in..... as fat, self doubt, pity, guilt and poor health. Time to change my ways.

    Just let it be known that you are not by yourself on this journey. Keep in touch with the MFP community. The support has helped me a lot.
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    Go you! Your list resonates with me also - thanks for posting :smile:
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    Good for you!!!! Kuddos to you, God bless you!!!
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    mrsgil49 wrote: »
    Good for you!!!! Kuddos to you, God bless you!!!

    Thanks so much!!
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    Well done, great journey so far.
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    I enjoyed your post and Congratulate you on your results. Thank you for the right mindset.
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    Well done you!!!! <3
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    I love this! Excellent advice that we all need and from a real person who really did it. Bravo.
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    yes I had to stop thinking about what people said, someone told me why lose the weight, you will just gain it back. This really made me mad so I think it motivated me to prove him wrong.

    You go, girl. Use whatever you can for motivation.
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    This was so inspirational and what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!
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    Wow -- so encouraging and insightful. Thanks for sharing!!! That really spoke to me when you talk about the "end date". I do that! You have challenged me to rethink somethings.
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    "Before times me" would be freaking blown away by the progress I've made. The "now me" feels like its not fast enough. Sometimes its all about perspective."

    Oh my goodness! This is so spot on for me... exactly! I have been thinking about this for the last couple of days and it has really helped me relax about losing. It is amazing that I have released so much weight and I know I can continue dropping more.
    Thank you!
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    Like many others, I needed to read this and make application to myself. I'm on my "lost count" attempt to remedy my weight gain in the past 18 months. Baby steps!