Women 200lb+, Let's Jump To It This July!!!



  • 57pattycake
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    Age: 61
    Height: 5'4"
    SW: 254 June 3, 2021
    CW: 239.4 June 30, 2021

    7/3: 238.6
    GW for July: 232
    UGW: 160

    Log in day 7/3 Didn't lose a whole pound only .8 -But it was only 3days so I'm taking it as a win cuz it wasn't a gain! I hope to see a bigger loss next week.
    Positivity doesn't weigh anything!
  • M0th3rGoose
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    I weighed daily and report my Friday weights

    Starting weight 5/11 224.9
    7/2 213.
    Monthly goal 208

    This month I am back in the office 50% of the time. I have been using a standing desk at home but hopefully everything being farther away and more walking will result in some balance
    I am in a routine of going to the gym 2x a week and rowing for 30min. I really need to bump that up to 3 or 4
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    @wanderinglight ohh, that cake sounds DELICIOUS, I hope you enjoy every single bite. My MIL asked me to bring over a dessert tomorrow, I'm making a trifle with angel food cake, pineapple, maraschino cherries, and Cool Whip - I got the lower-fat Cool Whip just to make it a *tiny* bit lighter. At least there's fiber in the fruit, I guess...

    @uyister nice! Enjoy that massage and facial!
  • holdthefries
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    Age: 54
    Height: 5'9"

    7/4: 223.8

    GW for July: 6 pounds down please!
    GW for 2021: 50 pounds down
    UGW: 140 by August 2022

    Hello Sunday! perfect summer day for a nice long walk. Wishing everyone a happy day!

  • KeriA
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    Thank you for this thread @RavenStCloud .

    68 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1/2020: 263.6
    10/19/2020: 245.4
    1/1: 251.2 gained after going back to work and being more sedentary
    2/3: 250.4
    2/6: 256.6 adjusted according to my new scale.
    2/7: 255 -1.6 lbs lost of extra new scale weight
    2/27: 254.8 -.2 but I went up to 257 so this is a loss of 2.2 lbs
    2/28: 253.4
    April low: 255.2
    May 1: 257.8
    May 20: 255.6
    Jun 5: 258.2
    Jun 26: 254.8
    CW: 255.2 (July 5)

    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.
    July Goal weight: Under 250.

    Weight loss Goals:
    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    Get 8+ glasses of water, log in calories daily, get enough sleep and stay under my calorie goal.
    Up N.E.A.T.
    Get regular exercise:
    • 1-2 strength training a week
    • 5 days of walking
    Wait to have breakfast until I feel hungry while I am working remotely.
    Up my vegetables and make sure I have fruit daily

    I have logged in enough to keep my log in days but haven't really log every meal this week until this weekend. It is only going to get busier. I have jury duty starting tomorrow but may not be selected. We will start going into the office 1 day a week. I finally planned some meals for the week and went to get groceries for the week. My youngest is doing one each week.

    The end of the last month my son and daughter-in-law was in town, we had record high temperatures last week, our electricity was shut off for an hour on the hottest night ever in Seattle for us. We do not have AC and since our cats are indoor we had to construct cat proofing for all our doors and windows so we could open them up and cool off. We now have a make shift catio off our bedroom so we can safely open our windows. I went into the office last week to set it up for going back soon. It would have been for tomorrow if it wasn't for possible jury selection. So I have been fortunate just to keep my weight down. My July goal is doable but it is going to be hard to concentrate with all that is going on now. I have some medical issues to deal with and my Mom needs more help. My project I am lead on is supposed to be submitted soon. I will probably be working more than 40 hours a week.

    This week I want to get back to my exercise schedule while the temperatures are lower. What I have been better at lately is drinking more water. I drink between 8-10 glasses most days. I just want to keep meal planning and cooking at home 6 days a week. I took out one goal from last month to keep from being overwhelmed.

    I need to think about breakfasts on my in-person days so I am ready for next week and yeah there are lunches to consider on those days too. I can't just walk into my kitchen and eat some leftovers on those days. Warning I may not be posting on here as much this month but I am not giving up the fight.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971
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    edited July 2021
    Now that the holiday is over, I am going to work on getting back on a good sleep schedule. I got up at 8 today and that's much later than I like to get up. Especially in hot weather; I like getting up and getting stuff done in the cool of the morning before everything heats up! Plus not getting enough sleep messes with weight loss. So that's the next thing to focus on.

    And I can hope that everyone with the big house-shaking shells have already shot the blasted things off and won't be disturbing my sleep and spiking my anxiety. (grumble)

    I'm really excited: Girlfriend has decided to work on losing weight too. She is now trying to figure out how she's supposed to eat 2500 calories a day. (I understand; that sounds ridiculously huge!)
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    Last week before vacation. Doing yardwork to hope it's done before I go. I did not do much over the weekend.
    Food not great. Have to start packing for next week.

    DH and I did go to my friend's side of town for fireworks. Big, nice display. Driving back lots of fireworks in the distance in all directions.

    My neighborhood had a long display from folks apparently; 8pm - midnight. I put the dog in a thunder shirt before I left to be safe. When a neighbor then started at midnight I turned my bright outside light out to help deter them further (ha not on my watch). Scared me to death being so close. Dog was fine though. Cats a bit rattled. To many large booms; I don't like them.
  • strongwendysue14
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    Hello my new friends!
    Just got back onboard.

    July Weigh In

    Age: 61
    Height 5'11"
    SW: 220.0
    CW: 221.0
    July GW: 217.0

    7/2: 220.0
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    Welcome, ZeldaHearts! Welcome, StrongWendysue14! I just started this group last month, so I can say they're pretty awesome.