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1980s definatly, and back..Why were people more fit, toned and healthy Looking?



  • cheryscherys Member Posts: 385 Member Member Posts: 385 Member
    I think it's a combination of two things - a massive increase in fast food is one. I remember going to the only MacDonalds in central London in about 1980. I'd never heard of it before. There was nothing like it in my home town. Now there are several fast food places on every high street. Snacks are bigger, high fat and sugar and so cheap. Portion sizes have grown enormously too.

    The other thing is a huge reduction in the amount of exercise the average person takes. There were no mobile phones, no remote controls for TVs, no computers. If you wanted to change channels on TV you got up and crossed the room. If you wanted to tell a colleague something you walked the stairs to their office. Children all walked to and from school, to and from after school activities. We easily walked 10-20k steps every day. Often much more. I know people say you don't lose weight from exercise alone (although I lost 15lbs in 6 months just by increasing activity) but people ate less and moved way, way more.
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    nossmf wrote: »
    I'm from the east coast (well east coast state). We have mountains.

    I grew up Idaho, have lived almost my entire life in the Rocky Mountains. In our considered opinion, the east coast doesn't have mountains, it has hills. B)

    Lieutenant Aldo Raine would certainly disagree.
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    Probably the same reason when you look at paintings from the middle ages they are plump and round...

    that's what people strived for at that time...

    I mean through the ages the ideal of what beauty is has changed over and over..
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    There’s evidence our diets actually make it harder for us to be thin now.
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