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    The last kilo haul of strawberries were variety Driscoll's Katrina which were fragrant but a bit tart. Strangely, when served cold they taste sweeter.
  • Safari_Gal_
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    Another kilo box of Driscoll's Katrina. I am hoping that the new variety called Ace arrives soon in supermarkets. It launched at Wimbledon and friends who were there say they are amazingly sweet.

    Yum!!!! I can smell them From here 😉
  • Safari_Gal_
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    Tried a dutch way to eat strawberries. On a buttered rusk and sprinkled with sugar. My dutch hubby's last serious girlfriend before me was french, and she use to get angry on behalf of the strawberries when saw this.

  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    I didn't think to get photo evidence, but I snacked on the first carrots and zucchini from my garden yesterday afternoon. Tomatoes are ripening, including a handful in the fruit bowl that were knocked off when a crazy wind storm flipped the pot. We've had more eggplant, and today I'll be picking beans, carrots, and Swiss chard.