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Anyone else frustrated with the CICO mantra?

clairesimpson4clairesimpson4 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
You hear it all the time on diet plans, from your doctor, etc. But it's apparent simplicity is both misleading and unhelpful.

Yes, CICO is true(ish, there are exceptions) But that's answering the wrong question. The question of why someone is overweight is, given that most dieters already know this, why do some people eat too much?

I'm a scientist and I hate this CICO mantra being thrown around like it's something we haven't heard before. Its unhelpful. We don't tell alcoholics that they are alcoholics because they drink too much booze. The answer to the obesity crisis lies in answering the real question.
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  • MerryFit519MerryFit519 Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member
    I believe which calories you feed yourself matter. (macros, keto, high-protein, low-fat..whichever fits your needs) I also believe "when" you feed matters. (yep, I'm an IF advocate) Studies show groups simply counting calories lose less than those who follow IF eating the same calories (metabolism differences) *Not sure I'm allowed to link to the studies? will do if I can.... but at the end of the day yep, cico, kinda. (but I'd rather eat 1500 calories and lose 2 pounds a week, than eat the same amount and lose 1 pound. the food I eat and when I eat can influence the rate of loss) I'm sure other factors weigh in, like genetics, where you started, etc. (without counting all calories in/out 4 days a week....and strictly counting them 3 days a week..I'm down 34 pounds in just less than 3 months...adding that bit for the user above asking for 'scientific solution' lol)
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  • MerryFit519MerryFit519 Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member Member, Premium Posts: 43 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    Should I blame it that it doesn't work for everyone? Can you identify another method that does work for everyone, to lose weight, then maintain a healthy weight?

    That's the million dollar question..."can you identify another method that does work for everyone, to lose weight, than maintain a healthy weight"

    I really don't think you can name..only one. From personal experience I know long term keto followers that lost and are now maintaining, I know weight watcher friends who love their points, reached their goals and are maintaining, I know some that simply weighed/measured each day to keep within macros and are doing great ....everyone is different! (even though their actual "cico" didn't line up)

    My question is..does there have to be just one way? Everyone's chemistry is different, lives are different, schedules are different. Some thrive on low-carb and lose/maintain...some thrive on 'points' and lose/maintain...others thrive on fasting and lose/maintain. Nobody is the same! I personally eat more calories now on IF than I did simply counting calories (and started at a lower weight where it should have been harder to lose) ...yet I'm losing more rapidly (and my doctor's blood tests etc are better than ever) Does that mean my way is the best way? Nope!! It means it works for me. It isn't ONLY cico...if I only count calories for a month...I lose less than if I do IF with the same or even more calories in. I've tried it. My personal metabolism reacts favorably to IF so...I rock it.

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