What did you learn using MyFitnessPal that changed your habits?



  • djorgeburrito
    djorgeburrito Posts: 2 Member
    Tracking my calories led to me realizing that on a regular basis I wasn’t eating enough. Which led to binges, and thus weight gain. Counterintuitive. But that’s my AhHa moment.

    I've just realised this recently too. I calculated my daily calorie goal using a BMR calculation, instead of sedentary. So I've been eating like 400 calories less than BMR (as I'm trying to burn fat), which ends up being more like 800-1000 less calories a day than maintenance!

    I've still been losing weight, but I probably could've made it easier for myself had I realised my mistake!
  • yvonne5669
    yvonne5669 Posts: 5 Member
    Betty wrote: »
    Let’s Hear About It: Your ‘Ah-ha!’ Moments

    MyFitnessPal’s nutrition insights have the power to spark all kinds of positive change. By using this data to better their habits, members have overcome health conditions, improved sleep, boosted moods, and gained confidence.

    For many members, success starts with an ah-ha moment:

    A surprising tidbit from a single meal (that salad I always order has HOW many calories!?)
    A revealing pattern over days (oof, my diet is seriously lacking in fiber)
    A telling long-term trend (my energy is way higher when I eat low-carb)

    What were your ah-ha moments—and how are they helping you live a healthier, happier life? Share in the replies below!

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  • yvonne5669
    yvonne5669 Posts: 5 Member
    Just wanting to let you know a little more about why I like MFP. I weighed 171 lbs. about a week ago, now I am down to 167-168 lbs. but if I keep eating the ice-cream and all that fatty stuff, I know I will not lose but gain again. The MFP helps me see how much fat I consumed and how much more I can eat or not. I do not exercise, maybe twice a week and sit in my car all day (because I Doordash) or on the couch like a couch potato (hahaha) and be on the internet. I am almost 62 years old and can't wait to get back to my 125 or 135 (if it has to be) when I was 35.
  • fr3smyl
    fr3smyl Posts: 1,418 Member
    Stay encouraged 316Judith, you got this!
  • jafferfaisal
    jafferfaisal Posts: 3 Member
    fr3smyl, having a lifestyle change intent about weight loss, should really be the objective, otherwise diets are become just temporary fads.
  • dubonnet480
    dubonnet480 Posts: 14 Member
    starting to see the mental BS was I doing. weighing and measuring has made me so much more well aware of density of calories and what that looks like in different foods. it also seems to make me much more accountable. I have a ways to go.
  • suemcaulay
    suemcaulay Posts: 2 Member
    I found out that it is possible to eat too little. I started out putting my body into a starving state. I also found out that I was not eating enough protein and made a conscious effort to eat more of it. I also learned that cottage cheese, which I love, has a lot of protein. I also had been fasting (intermittent fasting) and realized that it caused me to eat too little and decided that it was better to eat breakfast most of the time.
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