15 pounds to lose challenge August-October 31, 2021



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    Just joined The Sparkle Project (by Rebecca Weller) I am not trying to push Rebecca Weller on mfp hahaha better make that clear....I just love her!

    Slight issue. Its gona involve going vegan for 6 weeks (it's optional, don't have to go totally vegan, but the recipes are vegan, plant based).....If I didn't owe out so much money this month, I would have easily bought all the ingredients without a backwards glance...but alas I'm skint this month 🙈 so, I'm gona look through the Project, and see what it's all about just now.

    Feels good to have atleast enrolled in the course. Little bit of extra help won't go a miss. I could use the information about nutrition anyway, and I have been playing with the idea of going more plant based (although, maybe not 100%).

    Ok I am interested how do I find out more !!

    haha I hate cooking as well

    I am enjoying reading all of your posts and agree what was said about plateaus. Keep going and don’t give up, girls especially since I am now higher than my starting weight 😖

    My weigh in days are Wednesdays
    2018-Highest weight 151lbs
    Jul28-SW 137lbs
    Aug4- 136.4lbs
    Aug 11-135.2
    Aug 18- 138.8 after a week away 😳
    Aug25- 137.4

    I was away last week and I came home sick from my vacation…lots of lazing about but did do 3 days of strength training….

    Had Dental surgery yesterday so now my food has to be NO solids for 2 weeks. I am nervous the scale will just go up!!
    I bought jello and beans and realized after how high in sugar these are. I will have to be careful of sugar next time I’m shopping and read labels
    My goals for this week are to add 45 min daily of cardio, 2 days of ST and 5days of stretching (yoga or Pilates)

    I’ve never heard of her but you know I’m going to change that right now !
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    Sorry you aren’t feeling motivated. Hope you get your groove back !
    @ashleycarole86 good job!
    @vottav21 hoping you can help me figure out more about sparkle project 💃💃
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    Thank you!