15 pounds to lose challenge August-October 31, 2021



  • 4Lilac
    4Lilac Posts: 9 Member
    Starting challenge weight: 182 lb
    Oct 31st goal weight: 173
    Weigh in on Tuesdays

    August 3: 182 lb
    August 10: 181 lb
    August 17: 182 lb
    August 24: 179 lb
    August 31:180 lb

    A one pound gain this week. I’ll take it. Hormonal stuff and my beloved dad-in-law passed away from Covid two days ago. His first symptoms were August 7th and he’s gone after a week in the hospital. I always gain after a death. If I get through this with only a one pound gain, I’ll be relieved. If I can stay on track through October 31st and continue to lose, it will be a major sign of progress with my emotional eating habit.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your family