Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 168



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    musicsax wrote: »
    31 yo female
    5’2” Small frame according to my wrist circumference
    SW 126.2 (April 14th, 2020)
    Highest lifetime weight: 138 lbs. August 2011
    Goal Weight: Stay around 115-118
    Previous rounds: 125.2 -> 122.8 -> 121.6 -> 121.2 -> 119.8-> 119.4 -> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 117.2 ->117.2->114.8 ->116.8 -> 116.4 -> 114.0 -> 115 -> 115.4 ->115 ->113 -> 113-> 113.8 ->114.6 -> 113.6 -> 115.8-> 116 -> 115.6 -> 117.6 -> 115.8 ->118.2-> 117.4 ->116.6 -> 116.8 ->115.6 -> 116.6 -> 115.4 ->?-> 116.6 -> 116.2 -> 115.4->?-> 117.8 ->116.6 -> 116 -> 116 -> 115 -> vacation -> missed about 3ish rounds-> 117.4 -> 115.4 ->117.2 -> 118.2 -> 116.6 -> 118.2 -> 118.4
    Goal for this round: Maintain weight while continuing to focus on strength training and running

    Previous days
    11/8 Forgot to weigh this morning because I was in a hurry. Had a nice non scale victory on my birthday morning though and ran the best 5 miles in a long time, 3 out of the 5 miles were sub 10 minute miles which I haven’t done in a LONG time! So, I’m super excited about that 😊. Another non scale victory I forgot to mention last week was that I took my measurements and lost an inch from my hips even though my weight has gone up and down over the past month and half since starting strength training.
    Today I’ll be catching up at work after being on vacation and then my husband is cooking us dinner while I go get a massage after work. So, it’ll be nice to get home and not have to worry/think about what’s for dinner (we were going to get Indian takeout but we some food in the fridge that needs to get cooked). Either way, I don’t have to think about it so it’s a win in my book. Have a happy Monday all!
    11/9 119.4 Ugh, my body is a ball of pissed off hormones, TOM is arriving very soon and we ended up getting Indian takeout last night after all and then my mother in law surprised me with a couple treats from the bakery for my birthday which I indulged in, so hello water retention. Super tired today because I slept horribly and woke up feeling very sensitive to everything, it’s like all my senses were heightened in a panicky way. It was bizarre and reminded me of when I was younger and just “didn’t feel good” as my 10 year old self would say. I think it was just a borderline panic attack, so I hung out with my cat for a few minutes before getting my butt in gear to go for a nice slow 4 mile run to help recover from yesterday’s awesome but higher intensity run.
    Food choices are going to be tough because when I’m tired I want all the foods that aren’t great for me. Even the Body Battery on my Garmin watch told me it was 43 to start the day when normally it’s 80+.
    On the bright side I did have a lovely birthday and I’m looking forward to making 31 another great year for me!
    11/10 118.4 pre workout 117.2 post workout. Feeling better today and was able to do a nice 6 mile run this morning. Food has been good today and I have pork tenderloin with veggies on the menu tonight for dinner. Not sure about which veggies but maybe some of the ones I already have roasted along with some salad greens and dressing.
    11/11 Did not weight this morning but food was good yesterday and I’m off to a good start today as well. Did a nice slow 4 mile run this morning while catching up with my step mom. I agree with the others, this new update is not great. Not sure what’s for dinner except for another large salad from our CSA greens.
    11/12 Did not post
    11/13 117.something Started the day with a 7 mile long run. Breakfast and lunch were good but I ate a lot of cake batter while making the cake and frosting for the birthday celebration with my in laws tonight. Then, we’ll be getting Thai which is pretty salty so I’m sure there will be a blip up for the next couple of days.

    I too love cake batter ! That and the fact that I would eat too much of the baked cake too means that I rarely bake, although I did bake with my two little DGC last Thursday, but I have to set an example and not dip into the bowl & they each scrapped their own mixing bowl that day which kept me under control !!

    Oooo that is a good incentive for you, I’m glad it worked well!

    This year I only made a one layer cake at least and didn’t start my morning today with cake for breakfast. So it’s already looking better than last year and there is a lot less left over as well (my in laws each took a slice or two for themselves, so we only have a 1/3 of a one layer 9in cake left. So I’m hoping to not gain 3 lbs from birthday cake this year. I’ll have one piece today and freeze the rest for a later date. :)
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    _JeffreyD_ wrote: »
    Male: 64
    OSW: 237.8 (Nov. 2016)
    OGW: 199 (just to say I did)
    Maintenance Range Goal: 200-205

    Goals for this round:
    Generally, keep it under control. Specifically, get some more exercise done.
    Major Goal this round is to just lower my ten-day average from previous ten days. It has been creeping up for 60 days! (would have been more if not for this group!)

    Historical Averages:
    R 94: 210.7 (20191108 = date of the last day of the round)
    R 95: 210.3
    R 96: 210.5
    R 97: 211.3 (20191208)
    R 98: 212.7
    R 99: 212.5* (some ghost vaycay entries)
    R 100: 215.0* (ghost vaycay entries) (20200107)
    R 101: 216.0* (some ghost vaycay entries)
    R 102: 212.6
    R 103: 211.9 (20200206)
    R 104: 210.9
    R 105: 212.5
    R 106: 211.2 (20200307)
    R 107: DNF
    R 115: 215.6 (20200605)
    R 116: 213.7
    R 117: 213.1
    R 118: 212.1 (20200705)
    R 119: 212.4
    R 120: 211.5
    R 121: 207.9 (20200804)
    R 122: 207.4
    R 123: 207.3
    R 124: 209.4 (20200903)
    R 125: 208.9
    R 126: 209.6
    R 127: 209.1 (20201003)
    R 128: 210.0
    R 129: 210.6
    R 130: 210.7 (20201102)
    R 131: 211.5
    R 132: 209.2
    R 133: 211.7 (20201202)
    R 134: 211.0
    R 135: 211.5
    R 136: DNW (20210101)
    R 137: DNW
    R 138: DNW
    R 139: 215.7
    R 140: 215.2 (20210210)
    R 141: 213.6
    R 142: 212.8 (20210302)
    R 143: 211.5
    R 144: 212.2
    R 145: 211.6 (20210401)
    R 146: DNW – scale broke during this round.
    R 147: 213.1
    R 148: 212.3 (20210501)
    R 149: 209.7 (vacay 2nd half)
    R 150: 210.4 (vacay 1st half)
    R 151: 210.7
    R 152: 211.0 (20210610)
    R 153: 210.7
    R 154: 210.6
    R 155: 210.0 (20210710)
    R 156: 210.9
    R 157: 210.6
    R 158: 207.8 (20210809)
    R 159: 207.9
    R 160: 205.9
    R 161: 206.2 (20210908)
    R 162: 205.9
    R 163: 206.8
    R 164: 207.1 (20211008)
    R 165: 207.0
    R 166: 207.3
    R 167: 207.8 (20211107)

    I like to track averages due to my wild fluctuations. For the same reason, I like to weigh daily so I can see the lows from time to time. It gives me hope.

    Round 168 Posts
    Month/Day: Exercise / Comment

    Previous posts:

    11/8: 207
    I have NO explanation for this bump up from yesterday. Ok, yes I do but it involves an overabundance of information.

    11/9: 206.6
    Marginal day of following my self-imposed rules yesterday.

    11/10: 205.6
    Important work being done here. I wish I could remember that every day.

    Had a spinning class last evening after work. I was there a few minutes early so I decided to do some upper body dumb-bell exercise. Very proud of myself for staying in my lane. The young lady next to me was using twice the weight I was lifting. Others were at many multiples more. I put my ego in my pocket and wasn’t even tempted to “look strong,” or “feel week!”

    Very satisfying muscle soreness this morning and no injuries. Getting wise in my old age.

    11/11: 206.2
    I am totally fine in this neighborhood. I need to train my metabolism to like it here. I need my metabolism to trust me. “No Mr. Metabolism, I will never starve you. So, you can burn away at your heart’s content. No need to hoard calories and store them for later!”

    OK, that was weird.

    11/12: 205.6
    This new format reminds me what it feels like to unexpectedly see friends from back home while you are on vacation.

    11/13: 205.8
    This reading is better than I deserve after yesterday’s behavior. Regardless, I am at my lowest 10-day running average since September.

    Looks like they have reinstated things so I can at least post the way I usually do. I keep a Word document and copy/paste from it each day. And the spoilers are back, 😊

    Still can’t check in on your posts with my phone.

    11/14: 205.2
    Worked my buns off yesterday in the yard. (too bad buns are not my “problem” area. HA!) Ate half a frozen pizza and still lost weight! The rest of yesterday’s food was reasonable.

    Today will be another story. Pizza out with folks to celebrate Mom’s birthday, then a turkey dinner+potluck for supper at church before the annual meeting.

    Still can’t check in on your posts with my phone.


    Do you have an Android phone? I think I remember reading they were still working on glitches with them. I’m currently on my iPhone and it’s working on which is so weird it’s working for some and not others.