Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 168



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    11/14: 205.2
    Worked my buns off yesterday in the yard. (too bad buns are not my “problem” area. HA!) Ate half a frozen pizza and still lost weight! The rest of yesterday’s food was reasonable.

    Today will be another story. Pizza out with folks to celebrate Mom’s birthday, then a turkey dinner+potluck for supper at church before the annual meeting.

    Still can’t check in on your posts with my phone.

    Do you have an Android phone? I think I remember reading they were still working on glitches with them. I’m currently on my iPhone and it’s working on which is so weird it’s working for some and not others.

    Yes, Android.
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    @ashleycarole86, Congratulations 🪅 on your 💯 lb loss. 🥳