Comment here if you want more friends!!



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    In need of more friends!
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    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)

    Hey there, a newbie here..I've had enough of my flabs and desperately want to fit in my old clothes again without looking like a maggot. Would definitely definitely love motivation and new friends...
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    Let's be friends!😊
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    hello everyone,
    i decided to go to a meal replacement and im going to see how it works out.
    Anyone on meal replacements i would gladly recieve advice.
  • Yeah same here
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    Hey there future friends -

    This is my third run at mfp, the first two times were very successful but thing went to pot when I stopped tracking. Imagine that. Well, time to turn on the engines and lose those 28 pounds. Looking for friends, but usually only accept friends, male and female, who show their faces as it makes the "friendship" more real -- just is better that way.

    Good luck meeting your goals everyone. Cheers.

    BTW, it appears that the only way to add friends right now, with the system changes, is to go to Find Members and manually enter the user name.

  • helloitsjjlynn
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    Looking for friends to motivate each other :)

  • Feel free to send a friend request !! Always on need of inspiration!!

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    Could always use some more friends :)
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    Add away
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    Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa from Canada 🇨🇦 I am always looking for active friends to motivate and inspire me. I am also very supportive and gave been here for years. Feel free to add me. 😊
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    I would love to have some buddies
  • karenwheeler8
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    How do i add friends
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    I could use more friends.
  • TattedGemini
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    Feel free to add me. Since the community update I have no idea how to add friends anymore 😡
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    Hi! My active streak here is 31 days and I've lost around 17 lbs.

    But I feel losing a bit of steam as well. Please send a FR if I don't send it first :)

    P.S. This is going to sound a bit sour but for those who ask for friends and then don't accept the FR...why? I guess you need attention? :) I hope you enjoy the 5 second dopamine boost.
  • muscular81
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    How do i add friends

    I dont see a button from the community profile but I figured out that (on the PC browser at least) if you click on the persons profile, go to the URL address and erase anything before "" in the URL which should be https://community. then that redirects to the regular profile of the person and there's an "add as friend" button there.

    View profile address
    Remove https://community. and leave only this ->

    When you hit enter it on that address it takes you to the regular profile.
  • Yes! None of my friends are active so definitely down for active friends on here :)