🍁🍂November Daily Log-in and Weigh-in Challenge🍂🍁



  • Cindy01Louisiana
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    November 1: 174.4
    November 2: 174.4
    November 3: 172.0
    November 5: Didn't weigh, but did hit 30 minutes spinning! Previous high was 21 minutes.
    November 6: 171.2
    November 7: 169.8 - 20 minutes spinning, and 10 minute lower body that nearly killed me. Body is not used to this!
    November 8: 169 - So far, I've been under my calorie budget every day. 10 minute core workout.
    November 9: Didn't weigh.
    November 12: Didn't weigh. Over calorie budget by 300.
    November 14: 168.4
    November 15: 169.6
    November 17: 169.6
    November 18: 169.8
    November 19: 170.0 - I am frustrated. Since October 13th, there has been exactly ONE day (one week ago) that I went over my calorie budget of 1280 (and most days I'm between 1180-1230). I weigh to the gram and log EVERYTHING.
    November 20: 169.6
    November 21: 168.6
    November 22: Didn't weigh
    November 29: 166.8 - This is surprising. I was going to be happy to still be at 168.6.
  • staceymcmd
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    5'2" 55 years old

    Highest Weight: 182
    Current Weight: 150.0

    November 1 150.0
    November 2 150.2 Not sure what's up. Second day in a row my weight hasn't changed.
    November 3 149.6 Finally, a drop!!:)
    November 4 149.2
    November 5 149.2 Went out for dinner last night. Tried to eat well but I'm sure I had too much sodium. Today is my sons birthday, so there will be chocolate cake in the house...yikes!!
    November 6 149.2
    November 7 149.2 I've been feeling achy and tired from the covid booster I got a couple days ago. Eating well, but I think the vaccine side effects may be playing a part in the weight stall.
    November 8 148.8
    November 9 148.6
    November 10 149.2 Yesterday was my birthday so we went out for dinner.
    November 11 149.0
    November 12 148.6
    November 13 147.4 I'll take that! Had a slow start this month with birthday dinners and illness.
    November 14 147.0
    November 15 146.4
    November 16 147.0
    November 17 146.8
    November 18 146.2
    November 19 146.0 Woke up sick this morning. Boy I hope I can kick it fast because I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner for our family.
    November 20 146.2
    November 21 146.0 Still sick.
    November 22 146.0 Weight is not dropping despite good macros and calories. I'm not too worried about it right now because I'm still pretty sick and taking ibuprofen and cold medicine (and both can cause fluid retention). I'm happy with the 4 lbs I've lost so far this month. I also plan to enjoy turkey dinner with my family on Thursday, but I'll try to limit my food intake ..lol!
    November 23 146.2
    November 24 146.2
    November 25 146.4 Just holding steady for now. I don't really expect to lose any more this month. Still pretty sick with a chest cold. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
    November 26 147.2 Woke up feeling much better today. Hope I'm finally getting over this chest cold. Had a really nice dinner with my family. Now it's time to get back on track with my weight loss. Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.
    November 27 147.0
    November 28
    November 29 147.2
    November 30
  • mhoward685
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    I’m Marsha. I’m 54 years old, 5’9” tall and my first goal is to get under 200 pounds. My ultimate and hopefully maintainable goal is 175 pounds….

    Highest weight: 298 - I've never admitted this anywhere, even my MFP profile shows a much lower weight

    Starting Weight: 205 - I have gotten under 200 but haven't been able to maintain it.

    Current weight: 202

    November weight lost: 3lbs includes 3lbs of water - post cheat day

    November Goals:

    Lose 10 pounds - 3lbs water, 7lbs just under 2lbs per week a bit ambitious

    Continue to Log Daily

    Continue to Weigh-in daily

    'Flash' everything in my news feed (not working because photos won't uploand to MFP 90% of the time) before I eat it for accountability, logging isn't having the same effect. Honestly I don't look at anyones food logs, who has that kind of time?!?

    November 1: 205

    November 2: 202 - the joy of water loss[/quote]

    November 3: 201

    November 4: 202 - water loss is over, the real work begins.

    November 5: 201

    November 6: 200 - Cheat Day!

    November 7: 202 - back to working it

    November 8: 201

    November 9: 201

    November 10: 200 - ready to kiss the 200's goodbye, for good!

    November 11: 199 - Whoop! Whoop!

    November 12: 199 - the dilemma, tomorrow is cheat day.Cheat day always results in a temporary weight gain, usually for a day or two. Cheat day has several reasons for being important to my weight loss. Knowing that I have an upcoming cheat day where I can eat whatever and how much I want makes it super easy to stick to the food plan the other 6 days. Also, spiking calories keeps my metabolic rate, thyroid and hormones from slowing down. Teetering on the border of 200's makes me want to put off cheat day. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. It is more important to keep metabolic, thyroid and hormones going for continued weight loss rather than focus on the number on the scale. Cheat day it is. lol

    November 13: 199.0 Cheat day has arrived. Scale has been stable for 3 days. Time to shake things up.

    November 14: 202, post cheat day gain which will be gone in a day or two. To gain 3lbs would require over 12,000 excess calories in one day. Even on my worst cheat days for me that is not a possible number. Also, subtract basic resting metabolism and the required calories for an actual fat gain are even higher. This is why not to get too excited at daily fluctuations. Carbs hold water. A change in food can cause delays in elimination that will show up on the scale but will resolve in a day or two. The scale is only 1 and not the only method of tracking weight.

    November 15: 201 Cheat day water gain coming off slowly, partially due to muscles holding from exercise. I am sore! Don't get excited about flutations, the body has a lot to keep up with and sometimes needs to hold extra fluid.

    November 16: 200 I always weigh daily to see the trends and how different foods affect my body. Knowing these effects keeps me from bring concerned when the scale doesn't read what I want it to :)

    November 17: 200 late dinner then straight to bed showing on the scale today,not my plan. Feeling a big frustrated. Considering have a cheat meal rather than a cheat day Saturday especially with Thanksgiving coming up and that will definetly be a cheat day.

    November 18: 200 struggling this week! Sweets are everywhere! Had 30g of protein within 30 minutes this morning hoping that it is true that will help satiety. I definetly feel full right now. I was really hopeful to reach goal. With 12 days left in the month it does not seem likely. I'll have a cheat meal on Saturdays this month and a cheat day on Thanksgiving and try to lose 2-3 lbs around that.

    November 19: 200 don't know how to make it through this day

    November 20: 201 how I made it through yesterday, eating. I would like to call it an unplanned cheat day but by definition cheat days are planned. This was eating to get me through an up at 4am emotional, physical, raw day preceeded by a hard week. My husband & I own a small business. We are in our busy season. There use to be 6 of us in the business. Now it is just the two of us. Customers want things that are not available. We are not delivering when clients want because let's face it if you keep calling asking about your order I cannot do the work. Some jobs can be done while on the phone these cannot. The machinery is too loud there is too much to pay attention to. Unavailable inventory makes it 4X longer to try to source items for orders that come from all over the country now. All the businesses we work with have labor shortage so if stock runs out we don't get a heads up, we find out when we are going to production. We are going through a sales tax audit and the property assessor came out and informed us that they are moving our accessible rate from 25% to 40% on the building. #meltdownNov

    November 21: 202 it could have been worse and it could have been better, I did not put a lot of pressure on myself based on the way things have been going. Something that I noticed, I ate dinner despite wanting to gag. Why did I do that? It was just a salad at home, a couple of dollars in the trash rather than in my stomach. I need to stop making myself eat because it is time. While saying that I do believe in eating before hangry when blood sugar is low and poor decisions are made. It is Thanksgiving week. A challenging week for many who are concerned with health. I am planning to have some of my childhood favorites and not having others traditional dishes that I don't really care about - green bean casserole and sweet potatoes are 2 that leap to mind. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, strawberry jello salad, these are my favorites. Part of my failure last week was lack of planning and prepping. I will do better this week.

    November 29: 201 Even though I didn't post here daily I did weigh and log my food daily. Not well, but still logged. Had some weight fluctuatios but overall doing ok with some time off for Thanksgiving. I'm glad to have had this challenge to help me 'stay the course'. Though I did not hit goal progress has been made and that is awesome. Going into December I'm not planning on attending a lot of parties etc. I do plan to be strict during the week and still have my cheat time on Saturdays. I'll loosen up for Christmas and New Years but plan to make a concentrated effort to reach goal 1st Qtr 2022.
  • jm216
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    🍁🍂November Challenge🍂🍁

    Highest Weight: 234
    November starting weight: 212.4
    Current Weight: 209
    November Weight lost so far: 3.4 pounds

    🍁November 1….212.4… this is my jumping off point… October was pretty much a wash…. But I’m happy to have maintained. Here we go!

    🔸Logged & Weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸7,849 steps taken
    🔸ATE UNDER CALORIES…. Without starving myself.

    🍁November 2…211.1…getting back my groove! 💛🧡❤️ Feeling fabulous!

    🔸Logged & Weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸9,460 steps… walked Roxie an 10 minute Up to the Beat uTube warm up video
    🔸ATE UNDER CALORIES… 2 day streak

    🍁November 3… 209.5…am I still sleeping? Is this a dream? 😴 😁

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸10,030 steps
    🔸Ate under calories… 3day streak! Still not starving…. Just more water and less night time snacking.

    🍁November 4… 208.4…everything is working in sync… let’s keep it going! 🙂🙃🙂

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸8,275 steps
    🔸Ate under calories… 4 day streak!

    🍁November 5…208.2… really enjoying this roll I’m on. Happy Friday 🥰

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸Ate under calories… 5 day streak

    🍁November 6…208….😁😁😁

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸10,300 steps…Walked Central Michigan University with my daughter… She had a scholarship competition and a campus tour.
    🔸Ate OVER calories…. But I am so proud of my 5 day streak!

    🍁November 7…208…whew! Glad for maintaining. This may readjust tomorrow, but I’m ready for it. Happy Sunday!

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸5,793 steps
    🔸Ate OVER calories

    🍁November 8…209.2… there is the correction from the weekend. Still happy it’s below 210. Back at it today! Happy Monday!

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸6675 steps
    🔸Ate UNDER calories

    🍁November 9… 209…😁 moving back in the right direction. Only 5 more pounds from my 30 pound challenge!

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸12,034 steps
    🔸Ate UNDER calories

    🍁November 10…207.9…🥰 back on eating under calories and increasing step count. Feeling great!

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t track water
    🔸8413 steps
    🔸Ate OVER calories

    🍁November 11…210…😕There is the correction from yesterday’s Popeye’s lunch. I would have been fine if I ate salad for dinner, but I did not. Ah well, it’s been logged and it’s time to move forward. No guilt monster… just healthier choices today.

    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t track water
    🔸8398 steps from walking the dog, vacuuming, and putting away deck furniture for the winter.
    🔸Ate UNDER calories

    🍁November 12…207.8…😁 kind of shocked to see it go down so far…
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t track water
    🔸7788 steps
    🔸Ate Over calories

    🍁November 13…208.8
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t track water
    🔸8180 steps
    🔸Ate Over calories

    🍁November 14…209.5…OK no more😟
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t track water
    🔸7168 steps
    🔸Ate OVER calories

    🍁November 15…209.2..time to get back into rhythm. Time to move down and not up. Happy Monday!
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Didn’t drink enough water
    🔸7376 Steps
    🔸Over ate snacks! I let my snack 👹 run wild yesterday. Butter pretzels are not my friend. I ate the entire bag of 1,120 calories… and it wasn’t even a big bag…. Ah well, water under the bridge.

    🍁November 16…210.2…yep… there it is. Not surprising. I woke up so thirsty this morning, so I’ve had 32 ounces of water so far! Today is about hydration…let’s see what happens. 💦
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸10,524 steps
    🔸ATE UNDER CALORIES- 1 day streak started

    🍁November 17…209.2…back at it! It’s amazing what proper hydration, a kick start to my morning routine with a dance walking video , and eating under calories can do. Feeling fabulous and back in control. Today I’ll dance clean the house then pick up groceries. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸7516 steps
    🔸Ate over calories by 100. Sa constant work in progress. 🙂

    🍁November 18… 207.9…getting it together!
    Progress with imperfection. 🥰
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸10053 steps… another campus tour with my daughter… glad I had my winter coat on!
    🔸Ate over calories.. 😟.. gonna pay for it tomorrow.

    🍁November 19…207.1… kind of shocked after eating pizza, garlic knots, and brownies for dinner… not gonna lie. Skipped lunch but overindulged dinner.

    I did my usual step on the scale 4 times and divide by 4… just to make sure.
    Today I will make up for it with salad for lunch. 🥗.
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸7960 steps
    🔸Overate hummus and pita crackers for dinner. 😟 Did not feel good afterwards. Logged and acknowledged it, and today begins a new day.

    🍁November 20…207.9…Got my booster shot yesterday and was not feeling well last night at all… especially after over eating hummus and crackers… 🤢
    🔸Logged and Weighed in
    🔸Tracked water… drank TONS of water today
    🔸4401 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 21…208.5…Feeling much better, but achy and a bit foggy 😶‍🌫️
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸6925 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 22…209…Feeling more like myself
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸8615 steps
    🔸Ate at calories

    🍁November 23…209…Last day of work before Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to have my son home from college.
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸9,374 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 24…209.3…Gotta stop the slow creep… after Thanksgiving. 😉
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸11,151 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 25… 207.2… weighed in later than usual… and skipped the popcorn and soda at the movies last night… pleasantly surprised.
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸5,918 steps... Mostly of standing and cooking
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 26…206.1 kind of shocked… may be a correction tomorrow. So tired from Thanksgiving. 🥰
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸8,348 steps from decorating the house for Christmas...
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 27...208...The creep has crept back..I could see it coming.
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸8,025 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 28..209.2...And there it is. The leftovers stop today... no more.
    🔸Logged and weighed in
    🔸Tracked water
    🔸5,034 steps
    🔸Ate over calories

    🍁November 29… 209… progress! The leftovers are gone, and I’m picking up my Kroger Clicklist tonight on the way home from work. Veggie taco soup is planned for tomorrow’s dinner. 🍲

    November 30
  • jm216
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    I just posted the December challenge to the Community Challenge board. Look for the pine tree 🌲 emoji… and don’t forget to bookmark it.
  • Arc2Arc
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    Original Weight: 206
    11/1 Weight: 195
    Goal Weight: 180
    Month End Goal Weight: 191

    November 1: 195
    November 2: 195.4
    November 3: 195.4
    November 4: 194.9
    November 6: 194
    November 8: 196.5
    November 10: 196.1
    November 11:196.1
    November 12: 195.8
    November 13: 195.3
    November 14: 195.3
    November 15: 194.4
    November 16: 194.4
    November 17: 193.7
    November 18: 192.9
    November 19: 192.9
    November 20: 192.5
    November 21: 192.1
    November 22: 193.1
    November 23: 192.1
    November 24: 193
    November 25: 192.1
    November 26: 193.1
    November 27: 191.8
    November 28: 191.0
    November 29: 191.0

    Well, one day to go. I’d love to get under 191.0 tomorrow which would beat my target. We’ll see what the scale has to say about it.
  • ashleycarole86
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    Highest Weight: 293 (01/28/2021)

    November 1 - 197.4
    November 2 - 198.4 (It was a special occasion yesterday so I ate around maintenance calories! Had a great day.)
    November 3 - 198.6 (Another birthday dinner last night but calories were where I planned them.)
    November 4 - 197.2 (Food was really on point yesterday. Feeling good working my way further from the 200's.)
    November 5 - 196.6 (Chinese food birthday supper for a friend last night but I got good exercise in and planned around it.)
    November 6 - 197.2 (Burger and chips dinner with Mom last night that I planned for. Today is the last day of birthday celebration events.)
    November 7 - 196.4 (Last birthday celebration last night - my friend is an amazing cook but it's always healthy too. There was homemade amaretto cheesecake for dessert so I planned ahead to have the room.)
    November 8 - 198.8 (Food was good yesterday and my exercise was the most it's been all month. Time of the month started.)
    November 9 - 198.6 (Donated blood yesterday and had a great food day. Lots of exercise already today so hoping to see the scale down even more tomorrow.)
    November 10 - 199.2 (Odd week on the scale this week. I did eat a big salty snack before bed even though it was within my calorie range. Trend weight is still down for the week and no days spiked back into the 200s so still feeling great.)
    November 11 - 197.4 (There we go, body finally released that! Things have been busy but my husband and I continue to stay on track. Looking forward to making some progress for the rest of the month.)
    November 12 - 196.6 (I got lots of exercise yesterday and had a good day of eating. My husband and I got a massage as well.)
    November 13 - 195 (Got my steps and exercised too, ate well. Happy the weekend is here!)
    November 14 - 192.2 (And with that I have officially surpassed the 100 pounds lost mark! Huge flushing of weight that I was holding onto last week.)
    November 15 - 192.8 (Our hiking plans didn't go ahead yesterday but we found other ways to be active. Busy day today so I'm posting late, sometimes the days just get away from me!)
    November 16 - 193.6 (Holy wind Batman! It's hard to get out for steps today with how windy it is, but I'm about half way to goal already. Yesterday we had our volunteer commitment at night and tonight I am sewing with a friend so I'm fitting my exercise in around those other things.)
    November 17 - 193.4 (Had a fun night sewing after work, rode the Peloton before bed.)
    November 18 - 192.4 (Finished my Christmas placemat sewing project last night - two very late nights. Back to regularly scheduled evening programming here although my husband is coming home from a business trip so he may be late and that may keep me up again.)
    November 19 - 192.4 (Found I did a lot of exercise yesterday and enjoyed it. It's just natural now. My husband did bring bakery treats home to try so I made the extra effort to move in order to partake.)
    November 20 - 194.2 (Planned day of eating just below maintenance for my mom's birthday. Did my Peloton FTP test for the first time too. Can't wait to track my fitness progression!)
    November 21 - 194.4 (Had a mini road trip yesterday, ate two bigger meals instead of my normal 3+. Did exercise in many forms. Going hiking today!)
    November 22 - 193.8 (Did a really fun hike yesterday in Banff National Park in fairly deep snow.)
    November 23 - 194.2 (Went to Zoolights yesterday and rode my Peloton for 50 minutes.)
    November 24 - 192.4 (Off work now until Monday - time to have some fun!!)
    November 25 - 192.2 (Fun day, we took today and tomorrow off so we watched football and had a turkey too. Nice visit with family.)
    November 26 - 192.4
    November 27 - 192 (A new low. We were out yesterday at the Banff Christmas Market, and then we had a nice dinner out. When I got home I did quite a bit of exercise to make up for it.)
    November 28 - 191.6 (I am in a mental funk, we were supposed to be getting our Christmas tree today but things went off the rails. Anyway, I'm happy with this weigh-in as it's a new low and we went out to dinner with friends last night and I'm proud at how things went.)
    November 29 - 192.4 (Long day at work, didn't move from my desk for about 10 hours.. not the way I like to spend my day but I got my exercise in at night. Tomorrow is another day!)
    November 30

    Current Weight: 192.4

    November Weight lost so far: 5
  • Bemybestby60
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    Highest Weight: 204
    Current Weight: 186 lb
    November Weight lost so far: 2 lbs⬇️

    November 3 184.5 lbs ⬇️
    Wednesday is my normal weigh-in. Glad to see some change going down. So far 1.5lbs

    November 10 185lb
    I have been having problems logging into Community with the app. I have to go through the internet. Wednesday is my normal weigh-in and I lost.

    November 17 184.5 lbs ⬇️ My regular Wednesday weigh-in. This month has been more consistent in the weight fluctuations. I am down 1.5 lbs mid month. A couple things I have noticed for myself is not drinking enough water does make a difference in the peaks of my weight gain. Always been a big water drinker but I have to be more diligent. Also reduces the carbs in the morning have been helping. Carbs are my weakness.

    November 24 182.5 lbs⬆️
    My regular Wednesday weigh-in. Not a bad week. Consistent and some actually weight loss.

    November 25 182 lbs⬇️
    November 26 182 lbs ⏹
    November 27 182.5 lbs ⬆️
    November 28 185 lbs ⬆️⬆️
    November 29 184 lbs ⬇️
    November 30
  • Bemybestby60
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    jm216 wrote: »
    I just posted the December challenge to the Community Challenge board. Look for the pine tree 🌲 emoji… and don’t forget to bookmark it.

    Thank you!
  • 39flavours
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    F41, 5'4
    Heaviest: 180.8 (5th July '21)
    December GW: 142.8lbs
    UGW: 130

    September challenge 9.4lbs lost
    October challenge 4.4lbs lost
    November challenge 4.2lbs lost

    🦔 tiny hedgehog = loss 0.2
    🐿 cheeky squirrel = no change
    🦉 grumpy owl = gain 0.2

    10/30 - 147.0
    10/31 - 147.2
    11/01 - 146.8 🦔🦔 Let's go!
    11/02 - 146.0 🦔🦔🦔🦔 Nice!
    11/03 - 146.0 🐿 Squirrel! 👀
    11/04 - 145.0 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 What?!
    11/05 - 145.0 🐿 Squirrel! 👀
    11/06 - 145.2 🦉 Not too bad
    11/07 - 146.6 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉NooO!
    11/08 - 146.6 🐿 darn.
    11/09 - 145.8 🦔🦔🦔🦔 Phew!
    11/10 - 145.2 🦔🦔🦔 Good stuff
    11/11 - 147.0 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉oh dear
    11/12 - 148.6 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉Ridiculous!
    11/13 - 147.2 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 c'mon hogs!
    11/14 - 146.2 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 ok...
    11/15 - 145.0 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 Relief!!
    11/16 - 145.2 🦉 smh.
    11/17 - 146.2 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉 Grrrr.
    11/18 - 143.6 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 Whoa!
    11/19 - 143.8 🦉 I'll take it!
    11/20 - 142.8 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 Holy moley!
    11/21 - 142.4 🦔🦔 Yay!
    11/22 - 141.8 🦔🦔🦔 Gosh!
    11/23 - 141.4 🦔🦔 love it
    11/24 - 140.6 🦔🦔🦔🦔 !!!!
    11/25 - 140.2 🦔🦔 !!
    11/26 - 140.0 🦔!
    11/27 - 142.0 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉Back to reality?
    11/28 - 143.0 🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉 Eeek!
    11/29 - 142.2 🦔🦔🦔🦔 Phew
    11/30 - 143.0 🦉🦉🦉🦉 Sheesh.

    (🦔=72)-(🦉=47)=4.2lbs lost

    Made it to the end of the month! This is my 3rd month on this challenge and I love it, thank you so much @jm216 Jill for keeping this going for us all ❤

    So the second half of this month was a rollercoaster, spiking back up in the last few days due to air travel and lack of movement I expect. 0.2lbs off my goal on the scale this morning but my trend weight is actually 142.7lbs so I call that a win 👍

    I want to end next month at 140lb trend weight so am aiming for 138lb on the scale, I was planning a month of maintenance but as the scale is now back up I'm going to soldier on. It's gonna be tough but we're in this together!
  • Lullaby2021
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    Goal 3.2 lbs. for November
    Est 136lbs by November 30th

    Height 5'6
    Nov SW 139.2
    Nov GW 136.0(Range)
    -2.6 lbs. lost this month. I forgot to mention, I'm at -0.5lbs per week.
    which equal 2lbs per month, it all adds up. A little over 2lbs this month.
    Now closing November, Losing little by little is better than a complete Halt : )