January 2022 - Accountability Month



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    So happy to see you!!
    Congrats on the move closer to your parents : - )
    Yes, fast food is a no-no.

    Please let us know how Noom unfolds for you.

    Welcome back hugs : - )
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    @Lilylady3k Snacks are my crutch too. I find it's better to not purchase the snacks at all or purchase smaller bags instead of family size. I can't completely give them up but if they are not in the house, I will reach for the pineapple instead of Doritos.

    @dawnbgethealthy Thank you! I'm glad everyone is doing okay!

    Yes, my mom loves me being closer and so do I but we lost our 10 minute walk to the trail when we moved so we bought a treadmill in attempt to compensate since we have to drive to the closest park now.

    And our 15 minute commute to work turned into 1 hour commute which ends up leaving us with less determination to cook once we get home. We are trying a meal delivery service to at least eat healthier dinner than fast food. Sending virtual hugs!

    @deepwoodslady Love the weight scratch-offs!
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    I hope everyone had a great first week!